Posted by: TWILT | April 24, 2012

MYmini Voting: Week 10 (Revote)

Welcome gentlemen to week 10’s session of voting.

This week, we got a I’m so Jet-lagged I’m using Kholdstare’s suggestion. Basically, you had to make an event, item, mode, etc. that changed the physics of Smash Bros. Either that, or change the game’s physics the way you want them. It got an alright number of entries, with 9. You get 2 votes, so get to it!



  1. Thank you, whoever is voting for Momentum Physics. You have absolutely no idea what a decent mini is.

  2. I haven’t read any of these but I’m voting for Momentum Physics anyways.

  3. Upon special request of ForwardArrow, the mini of “Momentum Physics” has been removed from voting and a new poll is up. That is all.

    EDIT: Yes, I realize the poll says week 9 instead of 10. My apologies. *facepalm*

  4. I am specially electing to write-in vote for Momentum Physics by ForwardArrow.


  5. (CLAP)


  6. …bahahahaha DM I WANT YOU (CRYING).

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