Posted by: masterwarlord | May 1, 2012

MW Top 10s – Minis

Not gonna lie, scraping up 10 minis was harder than I thought – there’s only a single mini that was under consideration that ended up getting cut from the list. Remotely memorable minis are few and far between – some aren’t nearly as good by themselves as they are in the context of what mini they were made for, as under rare circumstances people can make the best of one of the many terrible mini week choices. None the less, this is typically a contest for which things are the best individually designed that the game should be centered around it rather than visa versa, and mini preference almost always goes to flashy ones when they’re so inherently bland.

10 – Rapist Santa by SmashDaddy – MYM 9

The fourth mini ever made, Rapist Santa deserves to be on the list in some form due to the sheer memorability of it more than anything. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s a stage that takes place on a painting of an overmuscled Santa, with Smady drawing blast zones onto it. . .And there are extra blast zones in the form of his nipples and family jewels. Not just regular blast zones, mind you, much worse is in store for characters who come into contact with these areas, as well as those who come into contact with the actual Rapist Santa hazard on the Rapist Santa stage. And all of this is told in the form of a rhyme far more clever than the Elves’ moveset to give a far more awkward atmosphere, not outstaying its’ welcome due to being a mini.

9 – Everything Must Go by Smashbot226 – MYM 10

Event Matches seem to be one of the best breeding grounds for more interesting minis, as shown in this random underappreciated mini by Smashbot. You play as Tom Nook on the Animal Crossing stage here as a bunch of items spawn initially, with your ultimate goal being to get rid of all the items before you get killed in a nasty FFA. Throw them off the edge, batter the enemies’ infinite stocks with them, your choice. If an enemy gets something like a Beam Sword and holds onto it forever, though, you’re going to have to go out of your way to KO them to end the match. This is a rare Event Match that manages to be interesting without making itself obnoxiously hard in the process, being one of the better designed early on Event Matches.

8 – Heffalumps and Woozles by MarthTrinity – MYM 10

It’s an event match (What the week required), yes, but it also creates a new stage in the process, killing two birds with one mini – actual ambition is incredibly rare in Minis. The stage is pretty cool and actually makes use of most of the various Heffalump and Woozle types to great effect as hazards and actually includes most of them, regardless of the actual terrain being a token walk-off.  It may not be that elaborate given the source material, but after you see David make a far, far, far worse stage for Disney Rumble that barely takes advantage of anything this provides, this stage seems like a work of the gods. In any case, the other half of the mini, the Event Match, is actually quite interesting, as you play Hornet Man and must defend your honey from being devoured by the Heffalumps and Woozles throughout the match, with them having a horde of attacks specifically meant to guzzle down your beloved honey.

7 – Adios, MAFIA! By Davidreamcatcha – MYM 10

And this is the sequel to the Mini that defeated Heffalumps and Woozles, because Pictures of Spider-Man could not be included. This mini is honestly just as clever in its’ own right, though, if far more hilarious to imagine as he uses guinea pigs to torture foes and hides inside random teepees to ambush them. Various photos of Turkish Spider Man must be taken as you play Donna/Anne to prove his existence, and he has a boss moveset with which to fight you. While his attacks are fairly few and fair between, he has fellow Turkish gang members Jafar and Bald Bull to fight for him, with Jafar obscuring the photos into Red Smoke and there being some direct interactions with his minions in the attacks, them being required for some of Turkish Spider Man’s more powerful.

6 – Gravity Lever by FrozenRoy – MYM 12

A very clever item and a great mini considering how incredibly awkward the mini that week was (Lol mess with physics), this has an unmovable lever item spawn on the stage that can be pulled either one direction or the other by anyone to make gravity either weaker or stronger. It can create a large king of the hill scenario if certain characters specifically benefit from gravity being a certain way, or heavyweights guarding it out of fear of gravity being made stronger getting used against them. While not much writing was put into this mini, it’s a very clever concept and wouldn’t be all that hard to implement into even a Brawl hack, considering options for changing these sorts of things are customizable even when playing the game.

5 – Rainbow the Clown by SmashDaddy – MYM 12

This creates a clone moveset for Mr. Mime, something we haven’t seen in ages outside of stuff like those various K. Rools in MYM 5 and that one mini week which unfortunately wasn’t as successful as it could’ve been. In any case, this clone is actually rather clever, as it’s Mr. Mime’s form before he became evil and inverses a lot of the moveset. Yes, it turns everything from colorless to too colorful, but the more shocking thing that just “works” is simply making all of the props Mr. Mime mimes visible to make the set feel incredibly different while still being a blatant clone. It’d be a very tacky moveset by itself, but it makes far too much sense in the context of a clone of a character that is typically just another form of him, especially with the changes which make Rainbow the training wheels version of Mime. The Event Match included with this pack puts good use of Rainbow as it forces him and Mime to paint as much of the stage as possible with their over/desaturation to see who can paint more, something which I’m kind of surprised has not been done in an Event Match already.

4 – Potara Earings by KingK.Rool – MYM 12

Now, this is an item that goes pretty out there in the realms of the unimaginable as far as Minis go – which in a cesspool of minis that are boring and not worth reading even taking their short nature into account, is a breath of fresh air. This item is particularly clever given the terrible source material, though honestly I think the mini is so terrible that week that it was a good idea to try to get around it rather than participating in it – Team Healer was the worst item added to Brawl.

For this mini, two characters fuse together to create an eldritch abomination. Rool breaks down an example of a Golem/Slowpoke fusion here, and does a good job of explaining how it’d work for the most part. The main thing that comes across awkward in the mini is the fact that both characters can attack at the same time somehow despite sharing only one body, though it typically works for gameplay and it’d be generally terrible if the players had limited influence inside of the body. I only wish that Rool’d given more examples just to imagine more amusing possibilities, though that’s a lot to ask of a mere mini.

3 – Customer Service by Davidreamcatcha – MYM 12

This is a mini that not only puts all of those various enemies and bosses from your local SM to use, but introduces a new method of summoning them to boot even better than Gcubedude’s Minion crates. This mini has a giant screen show up in the background as the infamous Nightmare Enterprises sales rep shows up in the background showcasing a random summonable character, with everybody else able to bid on it with their own health by inputting up taunt. If nobody wants a particularly crappy character put up for sale, the sales rep’ll put up another one, and he’ll leave once he’s sold something. Of course, this also makes coin matches far more interesting as health is replaced with the new obvious currency.

For all that’s great about this mini, though, I have to mention one obvious flaw – Fiends and Bosses will not be loyal to the person who summoned them (Directly stated in the Mini), in which case I ask, what’s the point of the auction? Somebody simply pays 10% and the character is summoned. It kind of kills the point of people going out of their way to pay huge amounts to summon strong characters. . .

2 – Wailord by Half_Silver28 – MYM 9

I’ve always though that Wailord should be a stage since the dawn of time, preferably a playable one. Either way, this is a far better use of Wailord than the likes of FA’s forgettable moveset, as Wailord is a pseudo stage despite the limiting nature of the Pokeball Mini Silver was given. Here, Wailord Body Slams the stage to destroy it, then Water Spouts to cause water to come up onto the stage as it and Wailord replaces the old stage! Eventually the stage will come back, but until then Ganondorf’s dair reigns supreme as Wailord’s back serves as the only place to perform standards/smashes/grabs. There’s not a whole lot to say with this Mini, but how much it accomplishes despite being a Pokeball Pokemon makes it come across far better than if Wailord was just a stage by himself.

1 – Geri’s Brawl by LegendofLink – MYM 10

A rather obvious choice, given that this won the only successful top 30 minis contest we’ve had so far. This Event Match doesn’t have Geri himself spawn in any way, but rather takes inspiration from his short as you constantly swap control from your character to the foe’s every 15 seconds in an Event Match, playing against yourself. If you defeat the enemy or get KO’d, you lose/win regardless of whom you’re controlling, forcing you to be highly strategic. Many strategies come up from playing against yourself in such ways, such as biasing it towards one side anyway and simply fleeing from the character you’re trying to make win until you regain control, or simply trying to KO very early without racking up damage percentages. You can pick any character, so choose wisely as you keep in mind that Snake’s ftilt and utilt can just as easily be used against you. Perhaps pick a character with poor recovery and go to suicide as you’re about to swap controls, even? Winning ultimately is fairly easy, it’s more about how many different fun ways you can come up with playing the Event Match multiple times.



  1. How is Minion Crate not included?!

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