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M7G2 Sub-Zero Emitter Device: Model 7 Generation 2 (Freeze Ray)


• Two firing rates available for compatible users: a rapid fire mode that shoots several small icicles in short amounts of time- around eleven per second that deal 1% damage each- at the cost of immense 3/4s of a second kickback once the user discontinues firing, and a beam mode that can be arced. Difference between modes is simple; rapid fire mode deals more damage, even without taking freeze damage into account, while the beam lacks the recoil on the machine gun.

• Due to the required wielding of freeze ray (I.E. constantly at waist/chest level, depending on user), beginning lag is almost non-existent, with the only limiting factor being the weapon’s weight. May be able to freeze projectiles on reaction.

• To access stream version, simply hold down the trigger. For the machine gun, rapidly tap the trigger.

• Capable of snap freezing any surface regardless of temperature, so long as it’s inside the three Bowser-length firing range. This includes walls, ceilings, floors, and edges. Concentrated fire can increase the durability of frozen surfaces up to 70%.

• Due to the sub-zero temperatures in tandem with the off-screen arctic wind machine, layers of ice cannot melt; they can only be broken by enemy attacks or from knockback via Freeze.
• Testing suggests that any foe’s trip rate over frozen floors quintuples, while foes that make contact via momentum with frozen surfaces absorb an additional five percent damage while breaking the contacted surface. Freeze is the exception, though ice layers still break.

• Foes are unable to grasp onto frozen edges. This speaks for itself, really, though foe’s recovery moves can break the ice and grab onto the edge at the same time so long as it’s in the same move.
• Opponents CAN escape the Freeze Ray and thaw out; however, should they escape into the mist, it will take three times as long for them to thaw. Should they wish to reduce the time necessary to cool down, they should stay in a visible zone for three seconds, which is more than enough time for users to strike at their enemies.

• Runs on a constant refreshing unit, ensuring continuous stream of particle beam at sub-zero temperatures. However, rate or refresh decreases over time so the particle beam decreases to the size of Ganondorf’s jab. Each mode of fire can sustain a consistent range for at least three seconds before their output begins to decrease, minimizing just below four seconds. This is particularly troubling with the machine gun version, as the kickback remains the same regardless.

• Objects, be it an opponent’s fireball, a psychically controlled thunder ball, or a crown, can be frozen in a matter of milliseconds. After freezing completely, said items can be broken or carried/thrown by the user.

• Particle beam can also cover teleportation or transportation devices, including Death’s portals and Mouse Man’s holes, preventing them from being used until the covering layer is broken. Users may also cover their own traps with no penalties. Tests have suggested that this is excellent in combination with mines, since it hides their trademark glow while keeping them active. Activation of traps will not break layers. Setting traps will not break ice either.

• The ability to freeze objects solid extends to opponents, though users require a concentrated stream directed for one and a half seconds before they fully freeze. Afterwards, frozen adversaries can toss them like crates/barrels. Tests suggest that victims may escape from their predicament at five times the normal frozen difficulty from, say, a Freezie. Additionally, victims are dealt a single percent of damage for every one tenth of a second while fully frozen.

• While not recommended, users maintain limited movement during active use of Freeze Ray. However, manual recommends users to limit their movement to a maximum of three steps or face technical difficulties including but not limited to: backfiring, explosions, horse AIDs, and Battleheartitis. Users are still able to turn and aim the ray up to ninety degrees with the movement stick, taking a quarter of a second for the former and an eighth of a second for the latter.

• Elaboration on previously mentioned stick is still required. Suspicion of tampering with data, will look into later.

F42 Latitudinal Hovering Mechanism: Fries #42 Jet Pack (Arctic Booster)


• Activation of the jet pack differs for when users activate it.

• When used on the ground, pack dispenses miniature crystalline jacks that disintegrate after fifteen seconds of undisturbed existence. Foes that stray over the jacks, either by walking, running, tripping, crawling, falling, or attacking, will alert Mr. Freeze due to their distinct cracking.

• Jacks are dispensed over a period of three and a half seconds.

• The pack does not require dedicated immobility on the user’s part and as such, is able to do as he pleases while the pack takes a full second to release its payload.

• Packs require five seconds of recharge before being able to release more jacks. There is no limit to the amount of jacks users can place.

• Jacks are continuously dispensed even while users are being attacked. However, the jacks themselves will not deal any damage or stun.

• A helpful audio cue will help users determine where adversaries are; trodden-upon jacks send a white audio signal from the original source toward the user, creating a spherical sound wave that alerts the user to the trespasser’s previous whereabouts. The pings themselves take three fourths of a second maximum to reach the user.

• Should the pack be activated in the air, crystalline jacks replaced with high horsepower dual streams of liquid hydrogen. Users are propelled at high enough rates to keep them airborne for a maximum of five seconds. Movement equal to user’s typical aerial speeds.

• Users are able to use other means of attack while airborne and are not rendered helpless even after the five seconds are up. The pack requires another five seconds to recharge, however, discouraging continuous use of the hover feature.

• Causing direct damage to the jet pack will cause the hovering period to end prematurely. Due to the small target for such an action, premature occur, on average, at a lot rate for the user.

M3 Hertz Sensitive Cluster Bomb: Model 3 Motion Detector (Icicle Mine)


• User fires a spherical icicle mine from right wrist compartment, capable of sticking to any surface it sticks to. Users may hold down the trigger to adjust the trajectory of the mine. However, users must remain still during this time and attacks will knock users off balance.

• Mines are released quickly and do not leave adversaries ample time to retaliate. Users may have a maximum of two icicle mines on the field at once; placing a third one instantly detonates the earliest laid mine. Any victim that strays near the bomb within a H.A.R.C .radius is subject to a trio of heavily keratinized icicles that deal 33% overall, 11% icicle. As of now, there is no way to determine the trajectory of each icicle, but rest assured that nearby foes within who activate the mine will always be hit by one. Tests indicate killing potential around 100%.

• Mines are not limited to fixed placement in the environment; successfully striking a foe with a mine freezes them solid after a three second delay while dealing the optimal 33% damage.

• Each mine emits a rather noticeable flash of light every second and a half as well as an annoying beeping sound. Luckily, users may use additional equipment (Including the freeze ray) to cover up mines, hiding the flashes altogether and heavily reducing the range of the beeping to right above mine.

• Covering mines with ice layers does not render the mine useless. They detonate upon contact with enemy projectiles as well.

P.E.B.B-L Self Defense Device: Personal Energy Burst Bubble Burst Mechanism (Suit Burst)


• User activates emergency self-defense protocols, initiating a lengthy five second process that ends with a large Titan-enhanced H.A.R.C-sized bubbles that resonate from the user. Said bubbles are made of pure kinetic energy, knocking foes away a great distance but dealing minor 5% damage.

• Adversaries will know when users activate the process, as signal lights surrounding user will flare and beeping that gradually ascends in volume and frequency appear. Fortunately, starting the process itself is very simple and quick, with no penalty on the user’s part once the mechanism itself is active or activated.

• There are a total of three bubbles that burst from within the mechanism; one made of strong kinetic energy that has the most killing potential of the three, with two slightly smaller and weaker bubbles following suit.

• While the time span between the start and activation of the mechanism lasts five seconds, the bubbles themselves last a full second. Time span between bubbles are very short, as any viewer can see.

• As of now, there is no discernible way to interrupt the lead up toward the eventual burst. This is quite helpful for troublesome foes, as it wards them away and gives users time to analyze their opponent’s tactics.


Suit Schematics:

Suit analysis system upgraded: speed, clarity, signal strength, and awareness. All attacks on the suit will kick start an automatic process during which the suit automatically consumes one second of time to analyze the last attack landed. After a full second of analysis, during which users may do as they please, said attack will be permanently marked. Bibliography refers to such moves as “stale”. Additionally, foes can continuously assault users to keep refreshing analyses. Accompanying equipment may prevent or take advantage of this, due to the suit maintaining the stale nature until destruction.


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