Posted by: masterwarlord | May 8, 2012

MW Top 26s – Overpowered Sets 26-14

We’ve come a long way from the old overpowered list that had Meta Knight still be on the list – nowadays he pretty much only wins in MYM Brawl via planking if you can somehow still imagine that MYM Brawl uses the 8 minute timer. In any case, being overpowered/underpowered does not automatically mean a moveset is bad if the balance is very easily seen as fixable with minimal effort – AKA number crunching. However, if several of the set’s core ideals would be compromised if the balance issue was fixed or it’d be underpowered if it was edited, then we have the term “conceptually broken”. Sets that are number crunching issues will be included on this list none the less – this is not top 26 conceptually broken, or otherwise underpowered sets would also be present.

Jokesets (Half the characters on this list beat the Ultimate Chimera anyway) and 3v1 bosses are banned for this list, as 3v1 bosses aren’t overpowered for what they were intended to be used in. Yes, 3v1 bosses that are overpowered for 3v1 are banned regardless, as that’s kind of an alternate set of qualifications to be judged by regardless.

26 – Necky by BKupa666 – MYM 9

This is not one that would occur to you immediately if you were not there at the time of Necky’s release, and Kupa’s generally very good at avoiding making more overpowered sets. None the less, Necky has a disturbing tendency to win most match-ups he’s put in, as he just has so many methods to prevent foes from getting knocked off his back. Taking foes off the top is more just something to do against chars who have too good of recovery to die otherwise, though it poses less risk to Necky – otherwise Necky can just bring foes under the stage to kill them. His tendency to be in the air at all times and camp at foes when they’re not on his back makes it pretty easy for him to “aggressively” camp to lure foes in close to him to begin the main phase of his game. This in combination with taking foes away from the stage hinders a good chunk of non aerial characters, separating most of MYM from their beloved stage obstructions.

25 – Arbok by Hyper_Ridley – MYM 7

For how much I like Arbok’s basic concept of attacking the Z planes, it in combination with attacking shields does go pretty far when to top all of this off Arbok has a fantastic KO move that flows into his poison damage (Which is essentially required to use it) making it a bad idea for enemies to stall. There is no single broken move that’s the culprit here more than the overall scheme the moveset goes for, he’s just a bit too good at punishing any sort of defense and his dashing attack enables him to approach through anything, essentially. Leer is kind of bad none the less in banning traps, because Arbok doesn’t have enough ways of dealing with them already. While he can’t plank, Arbok doesn’t really need to, considering how quickly he tears through his enemies while leaving minimal chances for resistance.

24 – Gruntilda Winkybunion by KoppaKirby – MYM 8

The brokenness of this particular set largely stems from a simple Stun special that stuns the foe for 7 seconds, which is about 5x as long as the start-up for the Warlock Punch.  While you’d think this would be a very very easy fix, the stun enables Grunty to easily push the foe into a podium to start up her stupid quiz show, which is far more conceptually broken. This quiz show would presumably have hundreds of questions that people would have to memorize in order to fight Grunty competently, and some of the examples he provides of questions are so obscure that one is an In-Joke from Mumbo’s Final Smash, and you can rig the podiums quite easily to ensure the hard questions always show up. Upon their losing, they’ll be dealt 30% and knockback that KOs at 65%, and it’s pretty easy to do it again and again considering Grunty otherwise is a fairly fast and strong heavyweight with good recovery and magicy disjointed hitboxes.

23 – Sid’s Toys by MasterWarlord – MYM 10

Difficulty in being played is not considered a factor in being overpowered, and with a proper supercomputer the toys are painfully difficult to kill – it’s largely the only Hugo set where everybody needs to be killed to take a stock due to this group of characters having no established leader and not forcing a mechanic for the sake of it. Their quantity is difficult enough to dispose of, but the toys are very good at saving each other from death, and even if one is going to go down it will probably try to use a suicide KO on you for a quick and easy kill to subvert their own difficulty in dealing damage. That’s the thing that really prevents them from going higher, the toys aren’t all that competent at dealing damage to foes, having to distract them to build momentum before rampaging over foes, which are more intended as KO moves but due to a lack of damage racking moves must be used as damage racking tools as well. Damage is pretty important here, given how many grabs the toys have and how easily they’ll be escaped if the toys cannot pile on the damage, but they have all the time in the world to do it.

22 – King Hippo by KingK.Rool – MYM 6

King Hippo is really a terror with his superarmor mechanic and his surprising competency in comboing – not particularly versatile comboing, mind you, with lots of true combos, which is good as far as making him climb the MYM tier list as these tend to be the more broken ones. He has plenty of faster moves to serve as combo starters so he doesn’t have to risk exposing himself under the superarmor, and there really is very little reason for him to ever leave himself remotely vulnerable. . .As far as for damage racking that is. Once the tacky “smelling blood” mechanic kicks in at 75% or so, he turns into a token heavyweight and things become a lot more complicated for him, as he loses his more safe options for KOing, and when he finally messes up he pays big, taking double hitstun in a wacky set with very difficult mechanics to picture working with in the balancing process. This is particularly bad for the hippo when a lot of his fellow overpowered characters are either super heavy, have broken recovery, or both, and thus require more damage to kill properly. Still, god pities the poor sap who can be killed by this super heavyweight by the weaker forms of his KO moves before he “smells blood”, as he can very easily combo into them.

21 – Envy by MasterWarlord – MYM 6

This is one of a grand total of two movesets recurring from the original list – he’s fallen a ways down the tier list due to so many new entrants since his debut, but he’s still going pretty strong. Very few characters are in the death of a thousand paper cuts genre who can’t KO until 200% and specialize in reaching that damage percentage, others either attempting to gimp, use KO mechanics, or KO earlier but struggle more to damage rack, all of which Envy is largely immune to thanks to his absurd weight. Aside from that there’s not much to say, as he has plenty of generic “creative” broken moves for either KOing or damage racking and give him plenty of awkward disjointed/grab hitboxes. He also is able to adapt to fighting other overpowered sets significantly better than a lot of others on the list largely thanks to his ability to copy the foe’s most broken move as he sees fit.

20 – Dark Star by n88_2004 – MYM 11

The Dark Star is a set that generated much critique of its’ balance, and even after n88 edited in some answers to my main complaints Junahu found some a rather awkward flaw with the balance in the roundtable review. . .The reality tear in the moveset can make foes fall forever and ever if they enter helpless, with no way to get out of it if the Dark Star uses his token Dark Line walls to properly block the foe from DIing to the ledge in a fairly easy process, considering the foe cannot resist while in helpless. It’s not exactly hard to make the foe use their recovery to enter helpless, either, given he can have foes attempt to jump over reality tears to reach him while he camps at foes with his many invisible and powerful projectiles. His best tool for making foes approach, though, is undoubtedly the shadow clone, as once created he can just beat up on that to hurt the foe without having to deal with the actual foe whatsoever. Many balance-related matters in general come up to general underdetail, such as Dark Star’s ability to attack while moving to be even more defensive, and the usual short timeframe he makes sets in and n88’s general difficulty with balance contributed to the set’s problems.

19 – Arche Kraine by Junahu – MYM 6

This set’s never been criticized for balance before really, but it rather sticks out to me thinking back on it today. Heaping helpings of gigantic flashy disjointed magicy attacks to go around is bad enough on its’ own, with plenty being very powerful. The real thing that makes the set awkward, though, is the ability to use these very intimidating looking spells at the same time via a mechanic. In combination with Arche able to create some “traps” that are generally unremovable by foes and destroy their traps with things like lava pools, Arche has more than enough hitboxes going around to create a much more practical version of “bullet hell” – just enough huge hitboxes that the foe can’t dodge, and all of them being insanely powerful. Her infinite on-stage flight and actually having plenty of melee attacks to defend herself with when foes do reach her (She has far more inputs than a Brawl character) doesn’t help matters.

18 – The Flying Dutchman by Davidreamcatcha – MYM 10

This set is like Arbok in that there’s no real individual move that’s to blame here (Blaming the fly may as well be blaming the entirety of the set), and the set is simply too good at what it does in general. He has too many spacers to the point it reaches into overkill territory, as he can effortlessly bring foes into the fly then use them to gimp foes once inside of it without having to damage rack them at all. Emphasizing his lack of a need to so much as touch the foe’s percentage is his KO mechanic with stealing souls, which also can even lure foes into the fly as a nice bonus. The Dutchman has a massive tendency to do far too good in match-ups than he has any right to, his mass spacers proving too versatile and his ease with which he brings foes into the fly forces foes to play his game early on. Only characters with very good air-games that don’t rely on stage obstructions can really hope to compete – among the match-ups written against the Dutchman, even the Dirty Bubble who’s a rather prominent aerial character who drags foes he devours off-stage ends up losing rather badly to the Dutchman.

17 – Yanmega by LegendofLink – MYM 10

Yanmega is a character that hovers just out of range with obscene movement capabilities that nobody can possibly catch while spamming short range projectiles at you, having a couple of them to use, but also able to attack foes due to how fast he is by going through the projectiles so they cover his hurtbox. In addition to these hitboxes, some of which move more slowly specifically for this purpose, Uproar is a move that generates a hitbox around Yanmega every 2 seconds, giving him even more defense. Yanmega can even go offensive with these tools he’s given, and with how incredibly fast he is Pursuit enables him to loop around to hit the foe multiple times with plenty of true combos, especially if he can get the foe into the air. Yanmega has a period where he begs to be killed, of course, during his 2 second recharge, but the powder hitbox covering his hurtbox and Uproar are good at alleviating this should Yanmega anticipate this period and play extra defensively, which he can do should the match-up call for it, while in others he doesn’t even need to bother considering how nigh invulnerable he is while in the air.

16 – Mouse Man by KingK.Rool – MYM 11

I have a soft spot for this set, if only for it being one I’d blatantly main in an actual game, though I can only really appreciate it by MYM’s standards if I pretend it’s a 3v1 boss set – he has several interactions with multiple foes inside of his mouse holes, among other things in his grab-game. Rool loathes 3v1, though, and said the Duck Twacy sets he made were for more of a FFA environment, which I can’t appreciate nearly as much given how little “balance” there is to FFA. While he’s not quite strong enough to be a boss set, it’s largely just due to the weakness of his very brief set-up phase – he has to poke a hole in one side of the stage and then make his way to the other side and poke a hole there as well, all the while leaving his gigantic frame massively vulnerable. Once he’s set-up, though, he wreaks absolute havoc with almost infinite melee range as he leans forward, then uses a multitude of heavyweight combo moves that leaves King Hippo green with envy that he doesn’t suddenly lose access to at a certain percentage via some arbitrary mechanic. The pancake status effect far exceeds the prone abuse of MYM, giving foes a unique hitstun animation for when fighting this terror.

15 – Houndoom by UserShadow7989 – MYM 7

Let’s talk about a 100% defensively played Houndoom – you create hitboxes en mass that completely cover your hurtbox and are all quite powerful, and they get further empowered by Houndoom’s flash fire mechanic constantly activating as he stays inside of them. He can camp at foes while remaining largely invulnerable and generating more invulnerable patches of fire to approach foes into, these moves doubling their purpose onto the same input. This alone is all pretty horrific, but Houndoom also has a fairly competent anti-defensive melee game should he lose his patience and stop hiding in his flame. He has plenty of more powerful KO moves thrown into the mix, with the side-effect of his usmash Overheat leaving him weakened being easily offset by going off to hide inside of some fire until the weakened state wears off.

14 – Demyx by FrozenRoy – MYM 12

While it’s sad Demyx can’t make the top 13, though it was either him or the. . .-Other- recurring set from the original list aside from Envy. Foes who intend to defeat Demyx must murder 6 10 HP clones in 12 seconds, and he can also summon an additional two 40 HP clones for the sake of mindgames. You’d think this would be some sort of set where once you kill them Demyx dies instead or something, but once you destroy the clones Demyx can use the lagless move once again to start the painful process over and over again, giving foes less time to breathe than even the likes of Yanmega, King Hippo, and Arbok. Demyx himself is fairly competent too, and is able to push foes away with his FLUDD-esque fairly strong pushing moves to get them away from his clones, grab them to delay them, and make puddles to decrease their traction to make it more awkward for them to move about the stage and kill the clones. Even if this was balanced for 12 seconds, which it’s not, why would you make a character that ideally kills foes 12 seconds within when the match starts. . .?



  1. Well, I can’t comment too much on the list not having read most of this set, what I know if it seems fine: Dark Star definitely seemed broken for me when I read it and…well I don’t remember much about Mouse Man. The Top 13 portion shall be interesting.

  2. I’m… not quite getting how you think Houndoom’s flames protect him. They don’t cover his hitbox, negate attacks, cause flinching or stun, or keep him from being grabbed. They do 3% damage per second, lingering for three seconds after a fire attack hits, and keep anyone other than Houndoom from grabbing an item or opponent that is on fire. Neither of which is a particularly effective deterrent to an opponent on the offensive.

    The reason he’s terribly broken is he can do absurd amounts of damage and knockback per attack (multiplied by 1.5x when he’s touching something on fire), can attack several times in rapid succession, and can move fairly fast to boot, all without any real drawback. He does deserve a place on this list, but not for the reasons listed.

  3. >mfw Keroro has seven votes

  4. Interesting bit of trivia, Houndoom is at the exact same spot on both Warlord lists he got on. 15th on this list, 15th on Top 20 Pokesets. To be fair, IMO I’d move him down a bit lower (probably like Necky/Arbok level, I don’t really think he competes well with even Envy or Dark Star), but all the same I just found that kind of amusing.

    It’s also pretty impressive that the set can be considered that OP and still get plenty of respect despite being simple. Good to have you back UserShadow.

  5. I wonder if Galaxy Man is going to make this list. He’s got probably the strongest projectile game I’ve ever written, with a ridiculous recovery, and a special move that singlehandedly murders pretty much every other camper in existence. (Still one of my favorite sets, but there’s no denying how overpowered Black Hole Bomb is. XD)

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