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Majora’s Mishaps – Ne-Gok-Sa (MYM5)

* * * NE – GOK – SA * * *

Marro Warlord



It is little wonder that the most vicious warlord from the planet Marro aligned himself with Utgar, the most vicious Valkyrie General. Bloodthirsty, brutal, and single-mindedly obsessed in his quest for power, Ne-Gok-Sa is never unprepared for battle; his head, arms and shoulders are implanted with permanent armor, his right hand technobionically forged into a lethal weapon.

But Ne-Gok-Sa’s most fearsome power is invisible, insidious, and impossible to resist: it is the power of mind control. With this extraordinary gift that is wasted on wickedness, Ne-Gok-Sa enslaves the minds of followers and foes alike. Though the strange chittering of his native language is foreign to Valhallans, Ne-Gok-Sa gives orders telepathically, in the native tongues of his captors.

* * * STATS * * *

SIZE: 8.5

* * * SPECIAL MOVES * * *

Neutral B: Water Cloning
Ne-Gok-Sa will enter a vulnerable state for two seconds, and will create a Marro Drone from his own body. The Drone, 10hp, will wander the stage and shoot at opponents it sees for 6% damage. The drone will attempt to continuously clone itself every five seconds. It will clone instantly in contact with water, and will actively seek out water sources. Water will also remove startup lag for Ne-Gok-Sa’s water cloning.

Side B: Marrden Hounds
Ne-Gok-Sa summons a pack of four Marrden Hounds which will run around in a group and pick out whichever opponent has the highest damage. If all damages are the same, it will be the opponent with the lowest stock. If all stocks are the same, it will be the nearest opponent. The hounds will swarm the opponent, lashing out and attacking them mercilessly. They deal 5% damage per hit, move at Sonic’s run speed, and have 3 hp of their own. Two packs of Marden Hounds can exist on the stage at once. If two are summoned more or less at once, no more packs will be able to be summoned until they are both defeated. If the hounds are left alone, they will create one clone in their pack for every ten seconds they are left alone. When a hound dies, the timer resets. They will also clone instantly in contact with water, but cannot swim well.

Up B: Marro Hive
A large hive appears under Ne-Gok-Sa, giving him a platform to stand on and jump from. If used in the air, the hive will fall into the pit. However, it will not disappear; it will spawn Marros at a rate of one every four seconds. If this sort of event occurs, Ne-Gok-Sa can constantly stack hives upon each other. Marro Drones will constantly spawn on the sides of the hives, and will climb up the tower to the stage. The hives have 100 hp, but can be destroyed. One can be placed every ten seconds.

Down B: Mind Shackle
Hope you’ve got a d20. … Kidding. Ne-Gok-Sa’s signiture Mind Shackle tactic allows him to take control of his opponent’s mind permenantly. In the game, you had to get a perfect 1 on a 20-sided die to actually get it to work in the field of battle. But here, it’s a lot easier. The opponent simply has to be in a one-battlefield platform area in front of Ne-Gok-Sa. A note, this area is actually about a character width away from him. You can be too close to be mind shackled. There must also be line of sight, so no obstacle between you. Not even a rolling crate or whatever happens. And to make it more obnoxious, the opponent has to be facing you and can’t be sleeping. Them’s the breaks. The attack has an ending lag of a second and a half, but has little to no startup. You’d better not miss! If an opponent is hit and mind-shackled, they have a chance to break out of it by mashing A as if escaping from a grab. But if they have too much damage, it’s much harder to escape. If the opponent succumbs to Mind Shackle, Ne-Gok-Sa will win the match in a 1v1. Otherwise, the opponent will become CPU-controlled and will become on Ne-Gok-Sa’s team.



  1. And here I thought I was the only guy ever to think about Marro sets. I’m not crazy about the extent to which you use minions here – it seems more fitting for a Marro Hive set (which could be interesting indeed). I think it would be best to bring in the Marro Warriors and leave it at that. It’s understandable that you delved into the minions, though, since Ne-Gok-Sa is easily the most difficult Marro to work with – Mind Shackle is pretty cool in its native game, but translating it into Smash in an enjoyable, logical way? Tricky. And he doesn’t have much else of note to work with. Though that crazy high defense stat, combined with the armor, makes me feel like he should have some tanking prowess.

    • Yeh. I didn’t worry about it much, but I just saw the Marro Warlord as being an icon of the Marro strategy of mass-producing mindless soldiers to overrun the opponent. Admittedly his tanking could be put into play, and mind shackle does not translate well. 😛 But I wanted to do this to maybe throw stuff out there if someone decides to do a Marro Empire set or something.

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