Posted by: masterwarlord | May 16, 2012

MW Top 26s – Overpowered Sets 13-1

13 – Captain Ginyu by MasterWarlord – MYM 9

Ginyu’s gimping game is far from overpowered, and he’s not even that horribly difficult to kill in comparison to a lot of the other characters on the list, with his Up Special being very predictable and his float only being as effective as Peach’s (But letting him float up) if he has out his levitation field, his main mechanic he has very little reason to not have up. What makes Ginyu overpowered is nothing other than the body swap, which swaps percentages in addition to movesets. Swapping the foe’s moveset for your own by itself is a very, very powerful tool, and essentially means Ginyu has no bad match-ups – “Counterpicks” are characters who would have fairly even match-ups against him, so immediately body swapping has minimal advantage. Ginyu’s playstyle in general also highly encourages the body swap, as his attacks do minimal damage as he attempts to get the foe under the stage or just gimp them traditionally – this means that foes will be racking up his damage while he’ll be dealing minimal damage to them if he doesn’t gimp them traditionally, and he’s pretty bloody good at gimping.

12 – Subaru by Darth Meanie – MYM 7

Subaru attempts to loop de loop around again and again while ramming foes with her KO moves to damage rack as well as KO, getting boosts to her power based off what gear she’s currently in. This is of course horribly predictable as Subaru has very little response to the foe dodging, and the rest of her moveset (Everything outside of the smashes, the gear change, and the Up B) is filled with filler that you’d use if you were playing her as a Brawl character, not even moves that are simply redundant with the playstyle like you’d expect when you hear the term “filler”. She has good recovery, at least, right? That good recovery is key to why Subaru is so good – there’s nothing stopping her from stalling at the top of the screen once she gets into the lead with damage, as Junahu of all people so benevolently pointed out so long ago. This is the kind of forgetful thing you’d expect in a rushed forgettable Khold set like Lakitu, not the moveset which single handedly gave DM any credibility.

11 – Hypno by Tanookie – MYM 5

There are four moves and four moves alone we’re going to look at it in this set, The Side B, The Up B, the grab, and the dsmash. The Side B and grab stun foes for insanely long periods of time, 4/7 seconds respectively, during which time Hypno can reposition foes as he pleases. He could simply put them under the stage where they can’t recover, but if they’re a DBZ character he can just use this time to force them into his dsmash trap for free, dealing 25% and great knockback. If for whatever reason this is too difficult for you, poke the foe once then DI off the stage, then use your Up Special to hover under the stage forever. Tanookie balances the fact that the recovery lasts forever by how slow it goes, but stalling is all too common a strategy in the MYM Brawl metagame. Even ignoring that, the Up Special makes a fantastic recovery regardless – DI away from the stage, Up Special to get high into the air too far away from where the enemy can hit you, then slowly make your way to the stage and drop down to safety.

10 – Espeon by KingK.Rool – MYM 6

Increasing the lag on all of the foe’s attacks forever by a good chunk by itself is very horrifying (Especially when Espeon has a strong healing move), but during the increased lag Espeon gets a nice telegraph of what the foe’s doing. And the majority of Espeon’s moves reward Espeon for predicting what the foe’s doing correctly. . .At which point it’s reactionary, not prediction based like it’s supposed to be, despite how cool the concept sounds on paper. Espeon gets rewarded with incredibly powerful attacks for accurately “predicting” what the foe is going to do, and with all the healing he’s going to do he can mix in some mindgames to significantly damage the foe with an identical move that damages foes instead. The only thing preventing something so horrific and conceptually broken from climbing up the list higher is the fact that Espeon has to land the move first, and some of the sets on this list are so broken (Mainly ones that never leave the air) that that’s easier said then done.

9 – Mikami by Kholdstare – MYM 11

Mikami is most comparable to TAC, and TAC’s stealing attacks have a tacked on 5% that they deal to the foe to attempt to make him viable while Mikami has attacks that actually function as attacks with a good bit of variety of them, with many packing some actual power behind them, at least damage wise. That and he has a free KO method in his Death Note, and with his brawl character-status and his grab preventing foes from fleeing it’s fairly easy to pressure foes to not dodge the death note. . .That is, a foe with no actual attacks with which to defend themselves. All of Mikami’s attacks that hit aside from his specials and grab cause the foe to lose the same input. Foes do not even regain these inputs on death, instead regaining them on Mikami’s death, giving Mikami vast potential for landslide victories, considering he’s an alright Brawl character and benefits massively from an easy to pressure foe. Needless to say, Mikami is far better against MYM characters, as ones who want to escape to long range will be unable to and will lose many their beloved move interactions even on the few moves they’ll have left. If Mikami is intelligent enough to know the match-up, he can eliminate core moves in the foe’s moveset right off the bat to boot.

8 – Onix by Plorf – MYM 7

Envy was kicked off the technical top -13-, so Onix is the only one to stay on, and he sure as hell deserves the recognition. Mewtwo was never that broken to start with, and it was more us just getting used to how blatantly many MYM sets give the finger to other MYM sets in match-ups at the time – he can disable projectiles and has a good bit of range! Sound the alarm! In any case, this guy was the winner of the original list, ignoring Valozarg (Boss set) and Ultimate Chimera (Jokeset).

Onix was inspired by and very regularly compares himself to Valozarg (Who would still be at the top of this list were he allowed), and despite his broken stats Plorf decided to make him a 1v1 char (Though to be fair, Valozarg, the genre starter for 3v1, was the only moveset in the genre in existence at the time). Plorf has clarified since the original list how exactly Onix takes knockback – wherever he is hit on his body is knocked backwards, and then the rest of his body is pulled along with it in a logical manner. This wouldn’t sound that weird if not for how under-elaborated it is how Onix takes stun. . .He says if his midsection is attacked, he doesn’t take stun, implying that perhaps attacking his head will make him take stun, but he also says that “[enemy] attacks mostly don’t cut it”. Onix of course has an obligatory 40 weight, and if his head actually does take stun he can hide it underground with Dig while attacking foes with his tail. You would think that Onix’s attacks would be easy to dodge because he’s so slow, but the real kicker is the fact that he’s solid, meaning you’ll be dragged along with him when you try to dodge and just get hit once you come out of it, making dodges largely useless. Onix also has a 10/10 movement speed because of his sheer size, meaning it is very easy to push foes to the side of the stage and force them to dodge Onix’s attacks with the constant threat of the bottom blast zone.

7 – Burter by MasterWarlord – MYM 9

Burter’s character design is inherently broken – a speedster who just so happens to also be a heavyweight male antagonist. And he can fly, because every character in the entire series can. It’s only natural to see where the moveset’d end up. Burter typically has more than enough room to build up speed for his strong powerful hits, and he also has enough methods of dealing with how pathetically telegraphed his ever-so predictable mass ramming attacks are, unlike Subaru, and he actually can do things if he misses anyway by creating earthquakes as he crosses the stage via dsmash. Perhaps most important, though, is Burter actually has a damage racking phase that consists of something besides ramming the foe over and over, by bringing the foe inside his tornado to commence a unique damage racking “mini-game” inside. While he can’t stall forever, he doesn’t have to resort to such tactics, instead playing off his sheer durability thanks to his weight in combination with his broken recovery, which can even save himself from self-KOs with his momentum.

6 – Jeice by Smash Daddy – MYM 9

Jeice is pretty much the strongest of those characters who hover up in the air and camp at you from down below in comparison to sets like Galaxy Man and N. Brio, being too good at what he does in comparison to the others. For one, he can stay up in the air and move faster around in it to flee from foes far faster than pretty much anybody can get to him, especially in the air, and this also doubles as a way to make him nigh invulnerable due to having perfect and ungimpable recovery (Why would Smady randomly give him -2- uses of his Up Special when he already has the standard issue DBZ float?). Jeice is also too good at what he does in the sense that he doesn’t rain down mass projectiles (But he can do that too) and rather simply has complete and utter control over an incredibly fast moving, large, and powerful projectile, enabling him to not only chase foes down easily but also defend himself with it to make getting to him even more difficult. The projectile can even turn into a grab-hitbox and contain foes within itself, enabling Jeice to move foes far, far away from him in the event they were actually about ready to hit him with an attack, or simply take them off the stage so Jeice can do some simplistic gimping made easy by his sheer recovery prowess.

5 – DarkMega by Darth Meanie – MYM 10

DarkMega is conceptually broken in that if the amount of time for foes to knock a darkchip out of him is too long, DarkMega sucks, and if it’s too short (How it actually is in the set) they won’t have any chance to see what chip DarkMega is actually using, in which case the foe won’t want to take the risk considering certain chips are only useful to certain characters, considering some of the chips even overwrite moves when foes pick them up, some of them can be nightmares for foes to pick up. On top of all the side effects, if they pick it up DarkMega gets a free Final Smash if he can land his grab anyway. Thus, DarkMega is free to go through the start lag of his attacks in peace while foes have to awkwardly attempt to interrupt him. DarkMega’s campy nature means that foes will be a bit jumpy in their attempts to interrupt DarkMega, meaning they may interrupt him early and have to rush to destroy the darkchip before Darkmega picks it back up again.

Once foes actually get him to high damage from repeated pressure, DarkMega transitions into his broken endgame where he heals all damage en mass, becomes invulnerable and doubles his speed and power, and becomes what Muk is to the goop genre to the momentum genre by being literally unable to stop moving – unlike Bubbles, though, he can actually turn around. . .Foes have no excuse to survive this phase other than stalling/insane amounts of durability, AKA being one of a handful of other sets on this very list, and even then durability can certainly be brought into question. Fully healing only comes at the cost of 5% (stacking) per second, so he can potentially even get by with that a couple times before going into his suicidal berserker rage. But really, even if he uses it four times or so, he’ll only be taking 20% per second – irrelevant to the combination of the Up Special full heal and the Down Special berserk mode, where he’s taking 100% a second (While invulnerable). Both moves are largely lagless to iniate, so these two moves alone really provide all the argument you need. Unfortunately he struggles to chase characters off-stage, so he still loses horribly to broken MYM aerial characters.

4 – Nappa by MasterWarlord – MYM 9

The most obvious broken thing to talk about here is Nappa’s Great Ape Form, which is largely an insta win button for not only that stock but the entire match if it’s reached, turning Nappa into a run of the mill boss character. Reaching Great Ape Form is difficult, but it’s an absolutely constant threat that’s up not unlike Demyx’s water clones, foes constantly being obligated to hit Nappa. The 10 seconds of staring at the fake moon without getting hit wouldn’t be that broken on another character, but when Nappa can go up into the air for as long as he can he only needs to bother evading the foe for about 5 seconds before going up into the air higher than foes can reach – his uair even enables him to circle the fake moon while staring at it as a constant hitbox. In any case, this constant threat, whether or not Nappa is super actively trying to achieve it, enables Nappa to camp far better than he has any right to, as foes will be absolutely forced to approach as Nappa plays like Jeice if he so feels like it, sending down Energy Bombs on foes from on high. Even ignoring Great Ape form, Nappa would have a place on the list somewhere or other, as he is perhaps even more durable than the likes of Garbage Man due to his recovery being so insanely good in combination with his perfect weight. Nappa’s no slouch offensively either, having a perfectly good offensive game too with his ground chunks giving him a nigh unstoppable approach and being heavy damage rackers all the while. Nappa makes the Dutchman look flowcharty in the sheer amount of options he has (He has more inputs than a regular character and his grab-game doubles as extra moves to his set as well as a real grab-game), all broken, enabling him to adapt to almost any match-up.

3 – Garbage Man by MasterWarlord – MYM 12

The brokenness of this set comes more than anything simply from the fact that it’s a realistic sized garbage truck. That can fly, just for good measure. Just picture that, even if you haven’t read the moveset. In Brawl mechanics, there’s no real way of going about that without making it not feel anything like a flying garbage truck anymore. In any case, simply pushing foes to the edge of the stage with the oil slick and the flamethrower is more than enough to kill some characters single handedly. If they survive that, they’ll have to jump over the solid truck, at which point you use one of your many methods to ensure they fail that and land in the garbage container, at which point you can compact them for heavy damage, in the very least. Later on in the match-up when you have mass garbage and burning oil up to make traversing the stage hazardous as foes are backed away into a corner, compacting them can slide them off incredibly far, potentially for an outright KO if they have enough damage and you have a proper set-up. If, god forbid, their recovery isn’t perfect, you may not even need that much damage to kill them, just sending them a bit farther than they can recover. Garbage Man is vulnerable somewhat from the back, but getting behind him involves jumping over his massive frame time and time again, and risking getting knocked into the garbage container. This whole time, we have not so much as once brought up how difficult Garbage Man is to kill. Seeing how good Garbage Man is, he doesn’t really need to use his Up Special on-stage unless he’s a tad bored, meaning he can use it strictly for recovery, at which point Garbage Man weighs 22.5 and has 5 seconds of free-flight. Good luck with that, much less considering how –you- are the one who is under constant fire in this match-up.

2 – Volcarona by Katapultar – MYM 9

I only need to talk about 3 moves with this one – Down Special, Up Special, and fair. Down Special is poison damage that lasts forever of 7% per second. There’s an insanely tacky effect on it that is extremely poorly worded that can potentially heal foes of all damage. . .How do they do this? By hitting Volcarona with a move that “surpasses flinch resistance”. The only moves that I know of that would get past superarmor would be grabs, so that’s what we’ll have to assume. Not even that many MYM chars have aerial grabs anymore, they exist, but they’re not widespread. This means foes will typically have to catch Volcarona on the ground to grab him. That’d be real nice, but his Up Special gives him completely infinite recovery. Unlimited stalling is nice by itself, but in combination with that poison damage it’s pretty hilarious. In any case, Volcarona’s fair does 28% and knockback that kills at 70% in a largely lagless move (Though it has nasty recoil damage), and even if said recoil is unappealing foes will get such high damage that any move of your choice will probably kill them. It’s not like the rest of Volcarona’s moveset is bad either, he has a very broken tornado similar to Burter’s, except he can prevent the foe from doing anything inside of it by putting in mass stun powder, poison powder, and fire inside to utterly wreck them.

1 – Dr. Strangelove by Wizzerd – MYM 7

Firstly, Strangelove has an instant 50/50 match-up button somewhat like Ginyu by using dair on the bomb three times to detonate it and kill everyone, giving an equal chance in whether or not he will be the victor. Unlike Ginyu, Strangelove doesn’t have to beat the foe as the other character, it –literally- becomes 50/50. . .It is also far, far worse because if things ever turn sour for Strangelove, he can go hit the berserk button and immediately win. This would be bad enough in its’ own right, but if the foe isn’t another character on this list who can properly pressure him and control the flow of the match, and Strangelove is allowed to get his set-up, Strangelove can set off a chain reaction of bombs to the doomsday device before hiding inside his bunker, killing the foe guaranteed while he survives. Then again, there’s not much need for elaborate chain reactions – just set up a single bomb or two, set one off, then immediately go into the bunker.

As I alluded to, isn’t a character like this vulnerable to pressure, though? Can’t the likes of Garbage Man and such plow him down before he has a chance to do anything? Well, even in those cases Strangelove is competent enough to dair an inanimate object, not the foe, three times, but Strangelove has another obscene tool up his sleeve with the nair. The nair causes a portion of the stage under him as wide as he is to become a “neutrality zone” – no hitboxes in it will do anything. These neutrality zones last forever, aren’t particularly difficult to make, and there is absolutely no indication that Strangelove has successfully done this. Ideally, Strangelove will want to cover the entire stage outside of an unknown 2 or so plots of land to plant bombs on to detonate the doomsday device and the ground on top of the device itself, since this also nullifies Strangelove’s hitboxes – a small price to pay, seeing how few of them Strangelove will be making. Even with so much as one neutrality zone up, Strangelove can completely control the outcome of the match by simply retreating to it should anything ever go awry, and can obviously just use it for stalling purposes – he can use his usmash to get a free Ray Gun item if he wants to quickly get ahead in damage at the start of the match should he choose to go for such a simple route. There are plenty of other less important insanely tacky tricks in Strangelove’s moveset, and for good measure he even somehow has a decent recovery despite being an old man in a wheelchair.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to play some MYM Brawl.



  1. I take pride in making the simplest broken moveset ever made. And I really liked both parts of this list. Go figure.

  2. To be fair Rool, Volcarona was pretty simple too.

    And yeah this list was really enjoyable. There are some entries I disagree on (Subaru is underpowered if anything, feel there are plenty of sets that could take a spot instead of Necky or Arbok). But for the large part, the list was pretty good, even eye opening in some cases(Strangelove), and while I recognize you are proud of having OP sets it’s nice to see you admit that said sets are in fact extremely broken(particular kudos for putting Nappa and Garbage Man above Dark Mega and not just being spiteful).

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