Posted by: masterwarlord | May 23, 2012

MW Top 20s – Best Individual Moves 20-11

This list is more systematic than the original in that move interactions are allowed in determining a move’s quality, and thus individually creative moves, unless they contribute a lot to the playstyle single handedly, are very unlikely to be found in this list – that is even more subjective than a list like this one anyway. This means foundational moves/Specials are very common in this list, though there still has to be –something- from the move itself – something as bland as the Mummy Men taking out a building block is unlikely to make the list, regardless of how many fantastic move interactions it has. A little of both is needed, though move/playstyle interactions are heavily favored.

20 – Luxord’s Dashing Attack by Katapultar – MYM 12

While not remotely fitting for its’ input Luxord’s dashing attack is one of the more intruiging moves in the set. Aside from enabling him to actually buy the time he needs to get his proper set-up, it gives the many, many, many moves where he manipulates cards in the set a lot more context when he can turn himself into a card via this move, enabling all sorts of new set-ups and making all of the useless blank cards all the more relevant as they hide not only explosive cards but Luxord himself. Ignoring the input the move’s on, it’s still not exactly flawless, though, as Luxord has far too little reason to not constantly be in card form, having very few actions that he does not have access to while using it.

19 – Sandslash’s Up Special by Kholdstare – MYM 7

Sandslash is Khold’s original set where one basic idea is all you need to make a bunch of bland ones interesting, and Sandstorm fits the bill quite nicely for this list. Obscuring the screen and even the stage makes for some standard backtstabbing invisiblity mindgames, but more importantly obscures any traps Sandslash sets up, leaving the foe rather mortified to be anything but defensive. While this sounds rather awklwardly overpowered, Sandstorm does not last forever and has a cooldown period, during which time Sandslash is the more defensive one, making a constant shift of power throughout the match as both characters take turns in hitting and running.

18 – Klink’s Side Special by LegendofLink – MYM 9

This is the move of Klink’s where one gear rotates around the other, giving a very intuitive method of controlling the positioning of the two gears all on one move without just swapping control over to the other character, all in a way that makes sense, is in-character, and intuitive. This is particularly important to be such a good move given how most of Klink’s relevant attacks are moves that create projectile hitboxes between the positions of the two gears, bouncing projectiles back and forth between them. Even if the gears aren’t separated, this still essentially lets you choose the way you will “aim” several of the attacks, them being aimed in the direction the second gear is angled out from the primary gear, meaning this isn’t just some useless mechanic based move.

17 – Cloudman.EXE’s Grab by Nicholas1024 – MYM 11

Cloudman’s grab summons a dark cloud and a dark chip. The dark cloud can be manipulated like any of Cloudman’s other clouds, but is more powerful with a multitude of added benefits, many of them move specific. The catch is that the dark chip that is created, which has no positive benefit, is what powers the dark cloud – if the chip is destroyed, the cloud is destroyed as well. If you throw the chip at any cloud, though, that cloud must be destroyed to unearth the chip, and needless to say Cloudman has a multitude of ways to manipulate clouds, even able to become one himself should he so desire. This adds a much larger layer of mindgames to Cloudman’s attacks and gives them all a much greater context. There’s just one simple thing that prevents this move from climbing the list, and that’s the fact that this move randomly is cockblocking the floating HMA known as Cloudman from having a full grab-game.

16 – Raven’s Neutral Special by Half_Silver28 – MYM 6

Raven’s Neutral Special is largely the only thing preventing the set from being completely and utterly forgettable, as her melee moves’ purpose is largely to serve as moves to poke foes with while using her Neutral Special – it creates a duplicates that she can control while she stands back, and while it dies in one hit there’s no penalty to it being attacked. While many duplicate sets exist now, this one is different because it’s not trying to mindgame the foe in any way, and simply lets Raven fight the foe without any risk involved. This becomes more interesting with Raven’s walls as you can safely tuck away the real Raven behind some cover while fighting with the duplicate, and this serves as her main means of camping due to a large lack of projectiles. Many movesets have indirectly done similar things, but for whatever reason this has not actually ever been a focus in a set aside from the vague focus of this MYM 6 set. Perhaps moves flowing into it is too boring? In any case, this means that there’s a fairly decent chance this won’t ever be directly invalidated by another set.

15 – Spadefox Remix’s Side Special by Hyper_Ridley – MYM 7

This move causes a horde of tentacles to be summoned to the stage from the blast zones, blocking foes off from accessing it. Foes will be killed if they reach the tentacles, but the tentacles will just generically throw Spadefox back towards the stage if he goes to them. Unfortunately, this does not mean Spadefox is invincible, as he can die in a stamina KO style manner as a negative mechanic. I have nothing against stamina KOs, but the fact that he cannot be KO’d by knockback is rather awkward should he fight someone who specializes in gimping or someone who is good at KOing via knockback and bad at damage racking (The heavyweight stereotype), showing bias towards these characters. That said, there’s other things to like about this move, with Spadefox able to use the tentacles to teleport around his scythe (Throw it off the left side and it will spawn on the right side, still going to the left) and HR thankfully not making this a move which is just an automatic mechanic – Spadefox can use this move multiple times to further close in the tentacles closer to the stage, but with the penalty of making himself easier to KO.

14 – Kamek’s Down Smash by n88_2004 – MYM 8

Kamek’s Down Smash causes a section of ground to start going up and down of its’ own accord at random, seen in the second Larry Koopa boss fight in NSMB Wii. One would think that this would just be a move to “create random chaos”, but creating a multitude of these can create a constantly shifting cage arena that foes cannot accurately avoid due to the randomness of it. Kamek’s teleport and flight capabilities enable him to constantly maneuver himself to stay at the edge/top of the shifting arena, while he sends down more projectiles into the arena to badger foes as they deal with his versatile Shy Guy army that can be given a multitude of buffs. Granted, this not being a Special when the other Specials are rather bland is somewhat awkward.

13 – Gengar’s Neutral Special by KingK.Rool – MYM 10

The interaction seen with Gengar’s Neutral and Side Specials is very organic at the start before the set delves into the tackiness later on, as the Will-o-Wisps serve as centerpieces for Gengar’s Shadow Balls to center around. While this might seem a bit strange, it makes more context when the Will-o-Wisps are assumed to be the only source of light in the stage and cast shadows, and thus control where the Shadow Balls go. With proper wisps set up, shadow balls can potentially go around infinitely. I also brushed over the primary attraction of the Shadow Balls, as they are your tool to manipulate the otherwise realistic shadows on the stage, something Gengar manipulates so utterly that it borders on rape.

12 – Larxene’s Down Special by Junahu – MYM 12

Like Raven’s duplicate special, this duplicate is not made for the purpose of mindgames, and unlike almost all other duplicate sets, Larxene’s duplicate actually is a hurtbox that fully damages Larxene when attacked. The purpose of this duplicate is for combos and gangbanging more like a set with multiple characters in it rather than trickery and mindgames, something so obvious that it’s pretty bad we haven’t really had a duplicate set dedicated to it before Larxene. There’s plenty of other good things about just how the set combos such as the portals and knives, but probably the best part of the duplicate itself, making a very strong addition to the set without being foundational.

11 – Cyrus’ Down Special by Smash Daddy – MYM 11

Cyrus’ Down Special seems rather unimpressive at a glance, simply turning the stage into colored sectioned off blocks from its default form, seemingly being only aesthetic. These blocks are destructible, though, by both Cyrus and the enemy, bringing a massive new layer to Cyrus’ game as he zones foes out by giving them no choice but to go to the portion of the stage he chooses by making that the literal only portion of the stage. That’s not to say that said portion of the stage won’t also be blocks – Cyrus can curse blocks with his Smashes to have a multitude of effects. Most notably, Cyrus can enlarge foes so that the lack of stage can actually be a legitimate problem for them, and the microscopic size of Cyrus’ balls (No pun intended) means that they can possibly hit foes multiple times as they go through them.



  1. I actually like that N. Tropy move (CRS)

  2. Regardless of you not having played the game and thus not being aware of how awkwardly implemented it is, please tell me a single thing it contributes to Tropy’s playstyle outside of raping various people in match-ups single handedly.

  3. Unsettled by how many of these sets I don’t recognize. I like the approach you take to this list, though, and the diversity of MYMers that make it onto it. This is a very personal thing (because there are so many great choices) and I find your list is making me look again at the Gears and the Sandslashes that hinge around a single brilliant attack.

    Anyway, it makes me realize that there’s a lot of MYM 11 and 12 that I need to catch up on.

  4. You forgot the best part of Spade 2’s side special: It links to the song it’s named after (h).

    On that note, looking forwards to the second half, considering who won last time.

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