Posted by: masterwarlord | May 30, 2012

MW Top 20s – Best Individual Moves 10-1

10 – Mr. Banbollow’s Down Special by SmashDaddy – MYM 10

Banbollow’s Down Special is the main thing that causes most of the flow in the moveset, as otherwise the gas clusters in Banbollow’s wire would essentially just be a fancy animation. This move has Banbollow stomp down on the wire in whatever place he so chooses, causing him to be able to bottleneck the gas clusters from going further down the wire and reaching the nozzle. This is even more essential when in later moves in the set holes can be poked into the wire which the gay clusters can leak through, and can give Banbollow an even greater degree of control if he wraps a portion of the victim’s body up in the wire.

9 – Zexion’s Side Special by ProfPeanut – MYM 12

Zexion’s duplicate generation implements something I’d been meaning to put in a set for a while but never got around to, something very obvious – fake damage. The fake damage adds some more layers to the playstyle, along with the fact the duplicates can actually have their HP be built up to be somewhat durable makes them much more convincing fakes than before. If they ever do start catching on, the utilt reverses whether you or the duplicates are the ones dealing fake/real damage, and the fake damage can even be turned into real damage via the grab!

8 – King Boo’s Shield by BKupa666 – MYM 9

While not a traditional input, it’s still something that the character can input freely rather than a mechanic, so it counts just as much as a Special Smash or something would. In any case, King Boo’s shield has him use all of his boos to form one gigantic boo to defend himself with, giving him an almighty shield that can even spit in the face of grabs. King Boo must invest some of his Boos offensively to really do much, though, thus he can’t keep up this almighty shield without paying a price. King Boo’s shield is largely the basis of a offense vs defense game, letting you go as much in either direction as you like based off how much you invest. The norm is of course a balance between the two, but the ability to go one way or the other as you see fit in the match-up and/or how the fight is currently going is a big plus.

7 – Kang’s Down Special by n88_2004 – MYM 12

Kang’s Down Special is as wacky as it gets, essentially. It takes him a certain amount of time into the past in the match, as well as the foes he’s fighting, to turn the 3v1 boss match into a 6v2 match. If Kang is feeling particularly daring, he can try to leave things in past Kang’s capable hands by going back into the future without the future foes to build up an army to fight said future foes there. That serves as the main function of the move while Past Kang essentially stalls for time, though you still need to leave some minions behind to help him less he gets bested by the six foes – if Past Kang dies, you logically do as well. The only less appealing thing about this move is how minimal of a reason there is to actually fight in a 6v2 manner aside from just generically adding to the chaos, though if we’re to assume that team attack is on the foes will inevitably end up hitting each other en mass during this phase due to the sheer quantity of themselves and the chaos in general. Kang however can also end up accidentally hitting Past Kang and cause Past Kang to want to betray him, which pretty much –forces- Kang to pack his bags and attempt to make an army in the future.

6 – Krillin’s Down Special by Junahu – MYM 10

Krillin’s Down Special must be passively charged to 90 seconds to get the truly relevant effect, otherwise simply stunning foes in close range facing Krillin. This long charge period requires the incompetent Krillin to do a lot of stalling via his duplicates and hit and run tactics, him having to do a lot of elaborate cowardice to survive long enough given he’s too incompetent to camp properly. Once this does go off, the camera will zoom in on the foe from them being blinded, and won’t zoom out unless the foe reaches Krillin. This enables him to pester the foe with duplicates (Which don’t count to zoom out the camera) and his projectiles to finally camp in a competent manner, and finally rack the foe up to 200% or so for that KO he’s so badly been waiting for the whole game. Unlike other sets for protagonists, this one actually captures the feel of the underdog story in Krillin’s playstyle, and while it’s somewhat underpowered as is it feels far from conceptually so, something tremendously difficult.

5 – Spadefox’s Down Special by Hyper_Ridley – MYM 6

Spadefox’s Down Special brings out a spirit (Or “soul”) that can be killed if enough damage is dealt to it, but foes can simply just grab it to re-absorb the soul. This is already a very, very entertaining individual move to imagine, but it flows into the rest of the set by one very simple part of the move – all status effects that are on the main character’s body will also be on the soul, making it potentially far easier to kill the soul and giving those status effects all the more meaning. It’s somewhat of a shame that the second Spadefox went in such a different direction from this one, as the original just needed a good polishing in the execution department.

4 – N. Tropy’s Neutral Special by Smash Daddy – MYM 10

N. Tropy’s Neutral Special is easier to appreciate if you’ve read Father Time – Father Time has shown you a multitude of ways to not do time travel, and there’s a reason so few people actually attempt it nowadays. Smady decided to have only the projectiles be the thing that traveled through time in this moveset, though, and it works far better as Smady animates inanimate objects rather than living characters. Giving Tropy a multitude of set-ups he can store and later make use of really gives way to a very awkward amount of legit versatility for a camper outside of something as basic as bullet hell, especially with the variety of the projectiles with moves like the fsmash in there.

3 – Jin-Gitaxias’s Neutral Special by ForwardArrow – MYM 11

Jin’s 3 other specials have him put mutations onto himself, while this move has him inject the foe to put these mutations onto the foe. These mutations have varying effects, but they typically increase the size of the foe’s hurtbox in some way or other effects that make them easy to combo. You would think this would be a very flowcharty moveset, but all of these status effects must also be applied to Jin himself, who in many cases will take a bigger hit from them than the foe – he already has a very, -VERY- large and awkward hurtbox from his stance despite already being very big. That said, the mutations also offer some various advantages (Which Jin takes advantage of in his moveset while the foe obviously does not), so it’s a very complicated balancing act. In any case, probably the best and most intruiging start to a great combo character.

2 – Flying Dutchman’s Down Special by MasterWarlord – MYM 10

While a move by me, it is contained in a moveset not by me, thus it is fair game to be used. The fly in and of itself is a fantastic concept that we are currently waiting on to be emulated – changing the stage into a literal completely different one through a transition rather than terraforming/stage control is incredibly appealing, as well as the endless aerial scrolling combat that the fly brings up. The spacers that flow into the fly by either knocking them in or gimping them once inside are a great addition to this lush feast, although my favorite part is probably knocking the foe’s soul into the fly to give them no choice but to follow you in.

1 – Baron K. Roolenstein’s Neutral Special by BKupa666 – MYM 10

And this is the epitome of a versatile set-up move, as the only limitation really is you’re making a straight line – you set up the ends of the line at point A and point B, and the middle is filled in with a giant electric barrier. You can make it as big as you want, but you have to be willing to take a risk factor, seeing you’re also vulnerable to it. The interactions with the electric barrier are surprisingly not hard ones, and are simply based off spacing 99% of the time, such as pulling the foe magnetically to pits, hopefully with an electric barrier happening to be in the way, or increasing their hurtbox via the throws. In any case, in the move itself being able to choose exactly how much you want to risk for a proportionally increasing reward makes it stand out, as well as the sheer versatility factor, makes it astonishing that the moveset still flows into the barrier so very well.



  1. First of all, I can’t tell you how nice it is to finally get somewhere on a positive Warlord list. It’s a bit of an honor really, especially in as high a position as 3rd.

    Aside from that, yeah most of the choices on here were pretty obvious, but none-the-less that’s because they are in fact brilliant moves which made for some very fun sets. Hell, I think I might even completely agree with the number one spot for what it’s worth, such a brilliant concept…

  2. no octillery support?

  3. I can’t say I agree with Kang’s being here or at least as high as it is, given how it is severely underutilized in the set, but I suppose we /are/ just talking individual moves…aside from that, seems good from the sets I have seen.

  4. Awww yea, still got mah top 5 move (h)

  5. I think I’d rather wait until my MYMing career reaches its scheduled indefinite hiatus to see those Top 10/13 n88 lists. It seems more fitting, doesn’t it?

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