Posted by: Davidreamcatcha | June 1, 2012

Mega Recap Part 1

Since I’m not going to be readily avaliable for the next few days or so, I figured I’d put up what I have of this up right now to ensure I don’t lose this Mini.

The first set of this gigantic monstrosity is Elsa Maria by ForwardArrow. Randomly contained in a quote box for no apparent reason, one of the more notable about dear old Elsa is the mechanic – in which she warps the world around her, represented by the stage slowly being altered. This plays into later aspects of her playstyle, as she changes the layout and creates legions and legions of mazes and cages to force her opponent through. Naturally, she can obscure these and other modifications she places about the stage to create quite a chilling experience to the foes.

Following this comes Terezi by Majora, the second Homosuck character coming from Majora this contest. The set has several major concepts going for it, one of the most major being her mindgame smash attacks – in which she can use the startup animation for a certain smash on any of her smashes. She also has a rigged coin flip in which she can impale a foe within a certain distance if the coin lands on tails…which it always will. Outside this, she has a mind-reading attack that allows her to dodge any attack that is used against her during that time. Also, nooses – lots and lots of nooses and lots and lots of lynching. As with most Majora sets, this was said to have great concepts – but hardly any backing to these concepts, leaving them poorly executed.

Be prepared for the return of Captain Hook by Davidreamcatcha. This is an edit of the original Captain Hook, giving him some nifty little changes and new features. For one, Hook now has a complete grab-game instead of just a pummel like all of those newfangled Disney Rumble movesets. He also has an actual up special now, rather than having one tacked on to an input otherwise unrelated. Also, no more tacky shield mechanics.

Next comes the actual first entry for MYMini #0, The Flying Dutchman by Davidreamcatcha. The changes here are surprisingly low-key, even by the lower-key standards that Junahu has told us to follow. In particular, the major changes to the set are some number crunches in certain places and explaining how, exactly, the Fly of Despair works in free-for-alls, something that should’ve been fairly obvious in the the original set.

Then comes Samus Remix by MasterWarlord. This was apparently made after watching a let’s play of Metroid Other M, and it shows here. Samus has no attacks normally, instead, she must use her down special to request permission to use an input from Adam – which only has a 50% chance of succeeding. Her neutral special has her become afraid of nothing (just like Hook’s back aerial). With that, Adam shows up to save the day as a CPU ally that is essentially super-buffed Samus. This is pretty much all you ever have to know about Other M ever.

With that, we have Ganondorf Remix by HyperRidley. Ganondorf gains a new down special and neutral special here, which are exactly what you expect – neutral special is a giant sphere of doom that can be hit back to start a game of projectile tennis. His new down special has him perform his down taunt and pull out his sword, which is essentially a beam sword reskin because the mini only said to write 2 moves – this has the property of being a throwable item as well, returning to Ganon in an explosion.

AU Snake by Kholdstare is the next mini on our agenda. Replacing the infamous rocket launcher is a handgun fitted with tranquilizer rounds – each one slows down the speed of the unfortunate foe, in terms of both movement and increasing lag frames – this can also lead the foe to become immobiled if 10 shots are landed. His neutral aerial is somehow made even more broken, dealing 28% damage and hitting all around him. I’m sure the idiots that pushed Sonic above Donkey Kong would still keep Snake at the same spot regardless of how broken it is, though.

Unsurprisingly, Kat’s mini entry was Mr. Game and Watch by Katapultar. Rather than choosing to pull stuff from more Game and Watch games, Kat instead chooses to focus more on SSE Game and Watch and turns him into an FA-level emo by having him slash his wrists to spawn minions. He can also create an incredibly large hole that burns through the stage with his oil, but that’s nothing compared because there is something crawling inside Mr. Game and Watch’s skin, and it’s wounds that will not heal.

Next we have Lineb- no wait, sorry – Toon Link by Junahu. Junahu chooses to replace all 4 specials, crossing two out in a rather annoying manner if only to look like the followed the mini requirements to a tee – we can’t have anyone going above and beyond, now can we? Outside this, most of the actual replacement specials act only as minor changes – the down special bomb is now a bombchu, the arrows in neutral special can be charged to become fire/ice/light arrows, and so on and so forth.

We now have the only result of yet another stupid failed movement coming from Dave, everyone was to get a random superpower from the superpower wiki and make a one-night set out of it. n88 was the only one to do so, and got paper manipulation. Leading to Paper Man by n88_2004. Paper Man has the ability to become sheets of papers and scatter himself about before eventually reforming. Outside this, most of the moveset is made up of largely punches and kicks…with a few side concepts of having a shield pressure game and being able to use himself as ammo for his “gun”. The moveset’s reception was a bit negative, being criticized for the majority of the moveset, particularly the standards and aerials, for being rather generic and failing to follow up on concepts presented earlier in the moveset.

Yes, yes. Right now barely anything is covered, but as said, I needed to get this up ASAP. More will come sooner or later.



  1. Good to see you’ve finally been getting work on this, even if you’re far from done. And yes I am a lazy fucking hippo I know.

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