Posted by: Davidreamcatcha | June 2, 2012

A Bet With Dave

Oh hey, a bet with Dave that will actually go down! Wheeeeeee.

Now, here’s what will happen: you fulfill the terms of the bet, I make a set of your choice (though char choice can be rejected, I’m more open than n88 in terms of character). If you lose the bet, you get a character from me  to make. Obviously, I’m not going to force something on you that you’ll hate, so I’m also open to that.

Anyway, here are the terms of the bet: you must post 4 comments a week from now until the end of the contest. You can only miss one week of this bet due to the weeks that have passed in the contest already. Though, I am open in case you have some sort of engagement (please, hit me up in the chat about it). Though if it’s something like “oh hey, I’m going away for a week” and you pop up in the chat, I’m probably going to get a bit relentless. Essentially, this is going to be pretty easy for people like MW and FA who’ve already commented most of the stuff posted in the contest. Speaking of which, if you can’t make 4 comments that week due to there not being enough sets posted? Just comment everything posted that week and hit me up in the chat about it.

Just post in the comments below if you want to sign up, you have until Sunday Night, at around 10 PM EST to sign up. Characters will be posted in this article as time goes on, just hit me up in the chat if you’re uncomfortable about it, as said.



(Katawa Shoujo)



  1. As the pimp once said to the whore: “get ready bitch, you about to be fucked (D).”

    I’m not in because I’m a massive FAggot.

  2. Nah, I’m good.

  3. I’m signing up for this, given I pretty much comment anyway so I can make you do a bonus set with it!

  4. Eh, why the hell not. I’m in.

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