Posted by: masterwarlord | June 16, 2012

MW Top 26s – Underpowered Sets 26-14

Underpowered sets typically have more cases of number crunching than overpowered, because people are simply too lazy to buff the sets for balance for characterization reasons the majority of the time. These sets will still be scrutinized to death here, rest assured. . .

Apologies on the lateness of the list, but in the least it was still posted in the week it was intended for, and I still fully intend to keep on schedule. . .For the whole 2 remaining weeks after this. Indeed, we’ve come a long way with one list per week for the entirety of MYM 12, which is more than can be said for the competency of the rest of leadership, nay, the rest of MYM this contest.

In any case, all 26 write-ups have been made in advance in the case of this list, so you can expect a far more accurately ranked list.

26 – Roxas by Kholdstare – MYM 12

First off, Roxas has two largely useless specials that simply space him a bit in a certain direction without any hitbox located on them, but he also has a very awkward luck based grab if it hits, and will leave him standing around stupidly if he misses. Of course, Brawlsets don’t need many inputs to function and Roxas largely is a Brawl set outside of these moves, so surely he’s viable, yes? Well, one could believe that he is potentially a standard fare Brawl character, but he relies on incredibly vague “comboing” that is so under-elaborated upon and is so similar to generic Brawl attacks that there’s little reason to believe it’d actually work. In Brawl’s engine, anybody that can actually combo for real would need awkwardly large amounts of hitstun dealt when they use their moves, and there’s no mention as to why any of these moves can really combo, Khold simply tells you to combo with them as if that’s already obvious. Considering how mediocre Roxas does as a Brawl character and how there’s no real standout randomly OP move, he can struggle on the tier list at times.

25 – Von Kaiser by SmashDaddy – MYM 6

The Punch Out sets were the original sets to popularize match-ups, as most people made match-ups for the punch-out sets fighting one another, among other sets. This is relevant because in Von Kaiser’s many, many match-ups, he very rarely if ever won – everybody else had their fair share of wins, but Kaiser is largely relegated to the movement’s butt monkey. So why did he lose all of these match-ups? Largely because he’s so awkwardly laggy, with lots of Ganondorf lag on his moves as Smady randomly uses pictures of Mr. Sandman to represent Von Kaiser’s attacks. These attacks aren’t even all that strong despite all the lag, and the attacks get laggier when Von Kaiser gets pissed off and is ready to KO. In addition, yes, Von Kaiser’s moveset changes as he gets to high damage. Not only does this force Von Kaiser to damage rack himself to KO things when he has a bad recovery, he’s not even all that good at KOing when he gets so incredibly laggy at high damage. Have him fight non Punch-Out sets and things only get worse, as despite all of these negatives he has no projectiles whatsoever and does not benefit from set-up time in any way, despite being a mediocre at best melee combatant.

24 – Goomba by n88_2004 – MYM 10

Goomba is intentionally underpowered and needs little introduction. However; he’s not quite as underpowered as the other sets on the list simply due to having some attacks with some actual speed on them for damage racking, and while his KO moves may be weak, they do exist to kill with at overly high percentages and once you do reach those percentages hitting with the “KO moves” is very easy. The problem, a very recurring theme on the list, has largely to do with Goomba’s vulnerability. Bad recovery and weight are a very bad combination, and when Goomba has nothing to make up for it it’d probably earn him a spot below good old Ganon. More notably, his mechanic of pity KOs would not kick in until much later in a match (Go play With Anyone to learn how much suicide is necessary to trigger one), particularly a 1v1 match – longer than a 3 stock match would allow, rendering it largely useless and invalidating a key part of Goomba’s playstyle. Stupid players who try to trigger it anyway are likely to needlessly take extra punishment.

23 – Roller Coaster Tycoon by MasterWarlord – MYM 6

During the Tycoon’s initial set-up, he is cripplingly vulnerable and starts with no park to actually rule over. He has nothing but his claw grab to defend himself with, and when he can’t deal damage to foes outside pummeling them with the claw, they will escape from the claw incredibly quickly. Granted, the claw is a very good grab, but it’s far from enough for the tycoon, much less when his recovery is so awkward and takes from his ammo bank. Granted, throughout all of this, it actually is fairly easy to build a Souvenir Stall right off the bat to purchase an umbrella, giving the Tycoon actual attacks. With nothing but a jab, dashing attack, and fsmash, he’s got enough to combat some of the more UP chars on the list, much less with disjointed support from security guards and the claw. . .Of course, if you actually start defending yourself successfully, you can actually start, god forbid, building the park to begin complete and utter rape.

22 – Gastly by KingK.Rool – MYM 10

Gastly is an invisibility set that tries to poke at foes from behind to damage rack then en mass to finally score a KO at ludicrous damage percentages. Gastly lacks much in the way of –true- projectiles, simply having some longer range attacks, forcing him to get up and personal where he badly does not want to be. The best he can hope for is to stall some with his gas, though Gastly would much rather the match didn’t go on. . .Then again, it’s a better prospect than getting into much close combat. Why so hesitant? Because Gastly of course weighs a paltry 1, and once he’s knocked off the edge he can’t exactly just casually go invisible while recovering, making him a fairly easy gimp. Just randomly throwing out attacks works quite well against gastly as you’ll more than likely hit him, and hitting him once is largely all that needs to be done, as after that he’ll keel over and die. If he gets more defensive in response to you so easily batting him away the moment he comes near, then it should be more obvious where he’s fleeing off to – there’s only so much stage. Gastly doesn’t even much of a response to something like Falco sitting on one edge of the stage and spamming his laser, assuming he throws in the occasional shorthop – and there’s a hell of a lot more projectiles that go across the entire stage where that came from to easily confirm Gastly’s location on a whim.

21 – Jason Voorhees by Katapultar – MYM 8

One of the top 5 from the original list, Jason isn’t nearly as underpowered this time around due to actually functioning in some degree while simultaneously not dying in a hit or three. That said, he’s still a gimped Ganondorf, having just as much lag with even –less- power. In addition, while Jason has actual weight, he has no recovery, so he’s still extremely vulnerable. Three of his five aerials are laggy suicide KOs, so in addition Jason is incredibly vulnerable in the air, easy to gimp even for a character with abominable recovery. The underpowered status of his moves has a purpose in that they’re mostly relegated to your terrible machete weapon, which you can give to the foe to give them the terrible moves. . .However, they have no reason whatsoever to do so. Many of Jason’s other inputs are dedicated to countering these machete moves that the foe won’t actually get, and any other moves are given to either suicide aerial KOs or useless tacky crap like magically destroying battlefield platforms via clapping.

20 – Rarity by Kholdstare – MYM 10

Rarity’s KO mechanic requires her to hit with every single move in her set. Every. Single. One. That on its’ own is already bad enough, but then the “KO mechanic” has next to no reward whatsoever beyond a second or two of stun. This is pretty offensive, but she is actually among the more viable characters on this list because she can just be played as a generic Brawl character and ignore the gimmick entirely. Unfortunately, a large portion of the moves have next to no power, leaving her with just about as many viable moves as a typical Brawl character. . .And these moves aren’t standouts that invalidate others by being good, they’re validated by the others being so bad. She’s also very light, and while her recovery is decent, she can’t attack during it –and- has terrible aerials, making her very easy to gimp.

19 – Gelatinous Cube by Zook – MYM 9

The Gelatinous Cube is one of –those- movesets with a grand total of four inputs to its’ name. Yes, he can encage foes inside of himself and deal damage to them en mass, and it’s certainly not impossible to envision him successfully devouring most of the Brawl cast. The problem is he has to devour them multiple times, as devouring them is his damage racking as well as his KO method. . .And he has to get them to 150% before he can –finally- digest them. Sure, Von Kaiser, Jason, and Ganondorf may eventually get devoured, but anybody with either a remote sense of speed or projectile of any kind can easily destroy this character, and regardless of its decent (Not super heavy like you’d expect) weight, it has no recovery at all. This is the epitome of predictable, as it simply slowly rolls along the stage from side to side, at a very slow, slow pace. . .While some similar sets with minimal inputs are less predictable, the only thing that prevents the cube from falling lower is the fact that he can actually kill you if you give in – a rarity on this list.

18 – Emi by Katapultar – MYM 12

A single arbitrary mechanic that is glossed over by the moveset is the sole thing responsible for the underpowered status of this moveset – she is easily infinited like Bubbles in that whenever her legs are attacked at all, she trips. This is terrible enough as is, though it’s pretty hilarious when so much of MYM has a horde of attacks to exploit foes in prone nowadays. She would deserve a place in much deeper, danker realms if not for her actual moveset – not that her actual moveset is particularly good by any means, but it does a somewhat decent job of alleviating this weakness, or at least making playing with it possible. Firstly, she can play as a run of the mill momentum character, doing hit and run so foes can’t hit her legs, and she can leave behind dust clouds which obscure vision. . .Have we heard this somewhere before?

17 – Dr. Strange by n88_2004 – MYM 9

Dr. Strange has a grand total of 6 attacks which deal damage. All six are more laggy ranged attacks, so while you might think he’s just Jason Voorhees to a largely increased scale, he has a –handful- of tricks up his sleeve. He has the stereotypical MYM stage obstructions and flight to make it difficult for foes to reach him as he camps, but he unfortunately cannot stay in the air forever. Not only does leaving the air make him lose part of his camping ability, it decreases the quantity of his attacks that serve a purpose beyond fleeing to a mere –two-, making him even more predictable. Perhaps he’s decent against –very- stereotypically defensive MYM sets who don’t do much beyond this anyway, what with having actual weight and recovery, but that’s not saying much.

16 – Cutesy Beau by Junahu – MYM 5

Cutesy Beau is not intended for super-hyper-competitve-no-items-Final-Destination Smash Bros, having her moveset largely dumbed down for casual play. Normally, “dumbed down” would mean generic, and generic would normally mean more like a Brawl character and thus fairly viable. . .But here “generic” typically just means spacing the leaves around, which are controlled by a passive mechanic that is very difficult to manipulate to any practical ends to make the moveset more “casual-friendly”. Cutesy is expected to camp until 250% to pull off a KO, largely via camping. With a moveset full of spacing around her projectiles, surely she’s a fairly adept camper? Unfortunately, no, again because the moveset is largely condensed to avoid much of anything practical, making her easily outcamped by Falco’s beloved laser, much less MYM Brawl. And no, she’s not like Arche – she doesn’t have the staying power to actually rack up all this damage, having no recovery whatsoever despite having 5 Specials in combination with her lightweight status.

15 – Team Pedestal by Phatcat – MYM 10

Against a casual player and/or a person who has just picked up MYM Brawl, this is easily the best of the 26 chars on the list to pick. They have plenty of actual damage racking and KO power, 3 of them have to be KO’d to proceed, with several of them being fairly durable, and they can of course gangbang foes in the typical Hugolian manner. What makes this set underpowered against somebody who knows what they’re doing is the fact that if you just play campy and avoid the attacks of the Pokemon, their many attacks will typically result in the Pokemon killing each other. Luxray, due to his character, is particularly spiteful of his allies, and Earthquake from Camerupt will hit bloody near anything. Once one of Luxray or Camerupt kills Krabby, almost entirely unavoidable, Altaria becomes yet another entirely uncontrollable member of the party, and will be actively trying to kill the party member who killed Krabby. Both of these characters who are likely to kill Krabby are rather large, especially Camerupt, making them excellent meat shields from Altaria, particularly if you’re a smaller character. It’s far from mandatory to kill every last member, so it’s fairly easy to ignore the likes of Breloom. Duskull can be a bit problematic due to his flight and 100% player controlled status, but his actual attacks are far from potent and he’s probably going to be busy acting as a peacekeeper between the team-members to keep them from murdering each other to actually fight. What’s more, none of the members save for Altaria and Duskull can recover, and if you lure Altaria into a murderous rampage all you have to do to kill her is to kill her target.

14 – Sonic and Tails by LegendofLink – MYM 10

This set is highly comparable to our friend the Gelatinous Cube in how utterly predictable it is. While it has a handful more attacks, these two are not terribly durable, and if you can’t get a player two for Tails (Good luck), he will die pretty bloody fast due to his Nana-esque AI, with Sonic not able to do much of anything about it. While Tails can mindlessly recover back to the stage with his actual recovery, he still goes back to the stage in the most direct mindless pattern, and Sonic is far too aerially incompetent to come off-stage to save him should the foe go to him after separating him from Sonic successfully. Aside from various durability and predictability problems, Sonic and Tails manage to have an even more predictable KO method than the Gelatinous Cube, if that can be believed. In order to KO, Sonic has to build momentum in the traditional manner before ramming you. Pretty much the –only- way he can pull off something as obvious as this is to do crazy desynch shenanigans/get a player 2 for Tails to distract the foe while he goes to ram them, but in that situation the foe would have to be very incompetent to not be slaughtering Tails in the aforementioned manner. This is all assuming you can damage rack them to 150% or so, of course.



  1. I’m not sure whether being in second is good or bad…

  2. The poll is oddly missing a few options for voting. Where do I click to blame you? Or Smady?

  3. Smady comments, unfortunately. I did strongly consider putting him on (Along with n88), but putting him on solely for two movesets felt like it was largely asking for trolling when he is one of 6 commenters.

    As for me. . .


    I do not think you could more directly state “I despise MYM with every fiber of my being” if you voted for me.

  4. Because, let me put it bluntly, they aren’t the people who say MYM has been getting worse for the past several contests and refuse to comment any sets at all. And all the while you happen to be an extremely significant member that tons of newbies look up to, though I wonder if they even do that now considering how you’ve been acting lately. You’re as much to blame as LL.

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