Posted by: masterwarlord | June 18, 2012

MW Top 26s – Underpowered Sets 13-1

13 – Fluttershy by Junahu – MYM 10

Fluttershy’s weight is not ranked, but it’s worse than Jigglypuff’s from how it’s described – she dies at 40%. All the recovery in the world can’t save Fluttershy from this, as she’ll be flying clean off the blast zone all too quickly. Playing like a minion character and hiding behind minions is the natural inclination here, considering how vulnerable you are, but your animals will go on bloody strike if they’re hit even a couple of times. . .And they’re not exactly all that useful to start with, with very few attacks and having to be heavily babysat. Essentially, Fluttershy is like Sho or Kel’Thuzad in that she wants to defend her minions, but she has no means of doing so and is god-awful in melee combat. A set intended for children indeed.

12 – Oichi by Tirkaro – MYM 10

Oichi is comparable to Jason Voorhees in many ways. Very laggy attacks, no recovery, and a playstyle that invalidates itself and makes itself impractical – you’re expected to deal 40%/70% without ever getting hit to proceed to Oichi’s next forms, and even if you do reach them getting hit once will send you back to your pathetic first form. In addition, the no recovery part is amplified by her being overly light, and her very laggy attacks aren’t even that powerful, unlike the HMA stereotypes present in Jason. Oichi attempts to make up for this by having “long range” disjointed hitboxes. This range consists of a platform at the very most, which isn’t enough to make up for the lag and lack of power, much less to get off so many hits without getting damaged. . .Nevermind how a platform is peanuts in terms of MYM Brawl range.

11 – TAC by KingK.Rool – MYM 6

Even dealing 5% per hit as he copies the foe’s moveset, Tac is terrible for two reasons. Until he gets the foe’s moveset, his entire moveset consists of a –SINGLE- attack that can be angled in multiple directions, making him the definition of predictable. He’ll remain quite predictable until he gets a larger arsenal of moves, as with nothing but 2 or 3 of the foe’s moves he’s still pretty bad. Once you do somehow copy everything that’s needed, you must keep in mind Tac keeps his horrible weight regardless of how much he copies. In addition, if you manage to knock Tac off-stage before he nabs your Up Special, he’s dead, as he has no recovery. While you might argue that an intelligent Tac player would ensure to get a recovery immediately, keep in mind that Tac’s hand always goes in the direction of the input, meaning that Tac has to get the foe above him to steal their Up Special – something that a foe who knows what they’re doing will not let happen, considering Tac has no way whatsoever of getting foes above him until he steals some of the foe’s moveset. He is especially bad against MYM sets due to having to copy so much to really get going in the foe’s playstyle to compete anywhere remotely on their level, all the while having to deal with a multitude of ways to get screwed over early. His primary purpose is to serve as a counterpick for a handful of characters with negative mechanics, but positive mechanics are just as common and result for even worse match-ups.

10 – Black Puddle Queen by Kholdstare – MYM 12

Black Puddle Queen has exactly as many moves as our good friend the Gelatinous Cube on land, and none of them are useful for actually harming enemies. Instead, she has to bait the foe to a specific location of the stage to begin playing the match. . .At all. Until then, the only particularly effective move she has is a “taunt”-esque move that forces the foe to walk towards her, though there are more than enough measures you can take against that (Bair spam) when it is her only method of doing anything and she’s so easy to gimp. Even if, by some miracle, the queen manages to take you under, she doesn’t just instantly win. Yes, she gets some actual attacks to kill you with and damage rack that are actually useful, but she only has a handful of them due to the moveset still being very limited, meaning she’s still quite predictable and viable as a Brawl character at best. Her underwater KO method is largely useless, requiring even more incredibly predictable and specific spacing as you lure the foe to a specific spot on the map. You’re better off chomping them to death.

9 – Kyubey by ForwardArrow – MYM 11

The arguments for this set’s underpowered status have been made without cease by yours truly, but since it’s been a while I’ll refresh you. If you have attacks that deal remotely competent knockback that deal under 9%, you’re an insta winner, as you knock Kyubey’s pathetic weight off the stage further than he can recover and all is said and done with. Otherwise, all you have to do is hit Kyubey 5 times and he dies. Granted, he can go and devour his corpses that you murder to regain a hit, but if you have any form of projectile, speed, or a competent melee game, you should be more than competent enough to prevent him from going to eat it. Even if you’re good old Ganon, Kyubey won’t be able to do much in response as he goes to devour his corpses, you remaining largely untouched. Why doesn’t he bother? Well, he pretty much entirely has to go for what is essentially this pummel KO which he has to keep going for a very, very long time, and foes will easily escape from it due to having so little damage. Kyubey’s an incompetent damage racker at best, and even once he finally pulls off this pummel “KO”, he simply gains a better moveset. The moveset is intended to be hideously OP, but after all you’ve gone through it simply comes across as a set that wouldn’t even make the cut for top 26 OP, or even top the Brawl tier list for that matter.

8 – Battleheart by Smashbot226 – MYM 11

Battleheart is computer controlled. End of discussion. No, this is not like fighting Tabuu or Intense Duon, either, this is a rather easy boss fight – there’s not a whole lot the individual members can do with their limited arsenal of attacks, and they’re all exceptionally easy to kill. If you’re looking for exploits in-game to make a moveset unviable, this is the one to look for them in – just the sole fact that a computer is controlling Battleheart leaves a multitude of exploits to slaughter them all in a very routine and mindless manner. You beat these guys once, you’ll never lose to them -ever- again. If you want some evidence for what I’m talking about, you only need to look into some of the exploits on cpu controlled Brawl cast members, who are far more viable than these losers anyway.

7 – Caterpie by Nicholas1024 – MYM 10

The Rool caterpie is not on this list largely because of how underelaborated it is, making it too difficult to judge for the purposes of this list – for all we know Rool caterpie could make killer set-ups to easily defend himself until he evolves, and we don’t know how powerful Butterfree is once he comes out. The Nick Caterpie, on the other hand, we know all the details about. Unlike the Rool version, the Nick version has very few inputs for poor Caterpie himself, and there’s not a whole lot he can do to prevent his inevitable death – much less for the long, long 5 seconds he’ll need to reach Butterfree.

6 – Bob-Omb by n88_2004 – MYM 8

Goomba has a fighting chance, but Bob-Omb? Not only is Bob-Omb massively lacking in the way of attacks to damage rack, having absolutely pathetic damage output and horrible range due to his size, he has a large quantity of redundant inputs even among Brawl standards. While having a more complete set than a lot of other sets on the list, Bob-Omb is still painfully predictable. . .Mostly for his KO method, where he must explode in a single hit or miss suicide KO where he blows the foe up, killing himself. Despite killing himself, some damage racking is necessary to get them in KO range of the explosion, and as we’ve established Bob-Omb is terrible at damage racking. Non-existent weight and terrible recovery do not help a character who absolutely –CANNOT- ever fall behind in stock count. . .

5 – Bomber by KoppaKirby – MYM 7

Bomber has no grab and a single aerial, and the attacks he does have are largely useless for damage racking. His suicide KO explosion isn’t powerful enough that no damage racking is required, though if you play Bomber correctly you can hit the foe with multiple explosions, using them to damage rack. This is done with Bomber’s alternative to the stock system – a 60 HP factory spawns on the stage with him that will create a duplicate of him when he dies. Bomber can produce up to 3 “reserve” factories in advance, which will automatically spawn once the factory is destroyed, but takes a second of lag to do this. This would be broken on any other character, but not Bomber, with his hopelessly incompetent moveset, meaning Bomber is far too easy to pressure and thus will never have the time to build the factory. The main problem is taking down the stamina of the factory and killing Bomber at the same time, which can be problematic for very slow chars/ones without projectiles, though still possible and a mindless endeavor for those who don’t fall into those categories.

4 – Badman by Junahu – MYM 7

Badman is a very similar case to Tycoon in that he’s godly with set-up time, but it’s almost impossible to get the set-up time. Whereas the Tycoon has the umbrella, the claw, and security guards, though, the slime at the start of Badman has. . .Some very weak directional attacks, a grab with no throws, and the usual frail-ness we’re so very used to by now. Not helping his usual arbitrary featherweight and inability to recover is the fact that he must damage himself in order to proceed in the set-up. There simply isn’t enough here to actually get a foot in the door. Maybe, MAYBE it’s possible against incredibly slow characters without projectiles – Von Kaiser, Jason Voorhees, and Ganondorf are among the select few Badman can manage to wrestle a win from.

3 – Doopliss by getocoolaid and majora_787 – MYM 10

Doopliss’ ultimate goal is to land a move with a 2 second start-up time, which will give him the foe’s moveset in exchange for giving them a moveset slightly less terrible than the one you start out with. Unfortunately, Doopliss is one of those movesets with next to no inputs, and what moves he –DOES- have are very short ranged and horrifically weak. They generically “flow” into breaking shields. If you can somehow pressure the foe with this horrible and predictable moveset enough to break their shield (Ganondorf is more skilled at pressuring), more power to you. However, breaking their shield won’t stun them for the 2 seconds you’re hoping for. You see, mashing out of a broken shield state is much like mashing out of a grab state in that it’s more difficult to mash out of if you have more damage – and Doopliss cannot rack damage to save his life, literally. This means foes will easily escape from the broken shield stun and will not be stunned long enough to be copied. Doopliss forgot how to turn foes into pigs, much less fly, apparently.

2 – Keroro Platoon by Katapultar – MYM 12

One frog never shows up, one frog is completely impossible to control and will kill you more often than he doesn’t, the one frog you control has no practical moves, and one of your two actually useful frogs only has 2 usable moves. Assuming you do two casual attacks on Kululu on the edge of the stage, he dies, leaving the frogs with no recoveries and weight that makes Jigglypuff’s look godly. All of this you’ve heard before, in a very long comment that picked apart their balance detail by detail while simultaneously cringing at the set’s supreme tackiness. Something that wasn’t in that comment, though, was the fact that any and all of the props that the frogs use can be picked up from them like items. This includes Giroro’s Rocket Launcher, taking away his one useful function and giving the foe a half decent projectile/KO move in their far more capable hands. Yes, this mechanic means that even the likes of Bob-Omb and Doopliss can defeat the platoon by using their own weapons against them. Even the Slime from Badman as it uses the rocket launcher to make some space to buy time and make a single extra slime, at which point it’s pretty much won already. Granted, Bomber loses due to his grand total of a single stock.

1 – Bubbles by Wizzerd – MYM 6

Bubbles is very comparable to Emi, in that she is incredibly easy to infinite – her forced forwards movement means she has no response to something as simple as a character holding out their jab forever, easily getting infinite’d by it. Unlike Emi, said forced movement prevents her from running away, and leads her to an incredibly quick and brutal death within about 5 seconds of the match start. She can turn around, but she’ll run out of stage eventually, and since she can’t stop moving she’ll inevitably get cornered. Bubbles isn’t all that competent at combat even if she somehow ideally fights ignoring this hilarious weakness, most of her moveset meant to deal with her handicap rather than, god forbid, fighting the foe. From Dr. Strangelove, to Lucario Remix, all the way to the opposite end of the spectrum with Bubbles. . .Wizzerd really had no idea what game we were playing, did he?


  1. Actually MW, I think that in Brawl, broken shield stun works completely differently than grab stun, in that the more damage you have, the easier it is to mash out. This means that Doopliss racking very low damage when he breaks the foe’s shield isn’t one of his problems. Still a really underpowered character, but not quite as bad as you think.

  2. Somewhat hilarious in that I managed to get second in both the UP list and the OP list, and Wiz got first on both of them. I feel kinda proud.

  3. Wizzerd: Master of Balance

  4. *Wonders if last option includes sets not on the list but that one would think has a chance*

  5. *Wonders if Froy is stupid enough to think Yutaka has any chance of winning*

  6. My original Cutesy set is certainly underpowered. It wasn’t until about mid-way MYM6 where I stopped ‘balancing’ one advantage with a ton of crippling flaws

    The hilariously low KO% for Fluttershy was likely a product of rushing the writeup. My baaaaad~

    Badman gets the foot in the door by dieing, which of course makes him utterly unuseable in any normal Brawl match, outside a theoretical infinite match. I remember that being an issue even when the set was first made.

  7. I was actually going to suggest Chakravartin could win, Warlord. 😛

  8. I do love that this list is just so freaking competitive that Kyubey is stuck all the way down at Ninth.

  9. I am most pleased to not have a set on this list (chew)

  10. Nothing can stop the Smoooooooot

  11. More MW top 13s please. Even though I still want to fight about Bomber. And especially TAC.

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