Posted by: Junahu | June 28, 2012

The MYM12 Bet: Junahu (winrar!)

Howdy hoes! Now, who likes bets? You do? Great! Then let’s bet!

One of my absolute pet peeves with MYM, is when we have that week every time where we make these obnoxious little “challenger approaching” silhouettes of movesets we’re planning for the next MYM. On their own they’re quite cool, a neat chance to get pre-hyped for certain characters getting movesets.

The problem is that these plans never pan out. We always boast about stuff, and never follow through.

And this brings us to this bet; I’m going to make at least these four characters into movesets by MYM12’s end. I have not started any of these movesets, they will be full movesets, and I won’t be coughing out flimsy 1 day sets in order to win the bet


From left to right: Larxene, Fuka, Dry Bones, Hildegyth

So, what are the stakes? Well, if I fail to follow up on these plans, I will make a moveset of MYM’s collective choosing. Actually, I’ll make one moveset for every 3 MYMers who join this little bet. Want to force me into making a remicks moveset? This is totally your best bet of making that happen

However, if I do somehow pull off this task, everyone who was in on the bet has to each make a moveset of MY choosing.

Having posted Dry Bones, Larxene and Fuka (Hildegyth is finished, but unposted) I have finally successfully “won” this bet.

Since Hildegyth is part of the OC movement I decided to hold back on officially posting it, and instead had its finished status confirmed by Davidreamcatcha.

As compensation for the above, I’m affording everyone a bit more leeway on what movesets they need to make. I’m assigning a tentative deadline of “the end of MYM13”.

Below are the movesets you folks have been suckered into making;

SmashDaddy, Davidreamcatcha, LegendofLink; Cartoon Network team movement

Smady, David and LoL must each create a moveset for a trio (or duo) of Cartoon Network’s most notable toons. They need not be these specific movesets (for example Billy Mandy and Grim could be a set, or Bloo & Mac, etc) but they must be comprised of at least two (if not three) Cartoon Network characters.

Dexter & Dee Dee is reccommended to SmashDaddy. Ed Edd n Eddy is reccommended to Davidreamcatcha. And Powerpuff Girls is reccommended to LegendofLink. Since the movesets are related, and technically constitute a movement, I’d reccommend treating this as such

SirKibble, ForwardArrow, Kholdstare; Aniplex movement

As a counterbalance to the Cartoon Network team movement. FA, Kibble and Khold are to make movesets of characters from Aniplex productions. Kibble is to make Powerpuff Girls Z, FA is to make Eri & Cossette, and Khold gets to enjoy making a set for Z-001 & Kiyuro (an old man strapped to a mechanical hospital bed). You are all free to choose other characters, provided they are within the theme of “Aniplex productions”.

N88, Getocoolaid, Clownbot; Kammy Koopa, Paper Peach (with Twink) & Paper Bowser

I think this one speaks for itself. One moveset for Kammy Koopa, one for paper bowser, and one for Paper Peach (with Twink). Doesn’t matter which MYMer does which set, you can even all work together on them all if you want. You are all free to choose other characters from the Paper Mario series if need be



  1. I’m in (CHEW)

  2. Wynaut.

  3. I’ll take you on, Jun.

  4. Alright I am in on this

    The Junahu assigned character seems fun, and hey if I win I might be able to force Jun to make GLaDOs.

  5. Eh, fine. I enjoy taking part in stupid bets like this.

  6. Not betting, because I don’t know if I’ll have the time to make whatever moveset Junahu wants. Kinda curious what he’d send me though if he did.

  7. Might as well. This could be interesting. I’m in.

  8. Well Jun, considering I have no doubt in your set-making ability, I can safely assume you can get a whopping four characters done. So long as they aren’t like Zigzagoon or Ditto.


  10. This sounds like a lot of fun, and I could always use an assigned moveset. So, win-win in my book.

  11. No, if you fail at making all 4 you must do a set of my choosing (D)

  12. Too easy.

  13. brb killing myself

  14. I ACCEPT

  15. Alright so Kibble will absolutely not do it no matter what, so yeah I think you need to change us Jun.

    …sorry, I was finally starting to come around on this, believe it or not. But we can’t have Kibble completely unwilling.

    • Yeah, sorry, Jun, but I am just painfully uncomfortable making a Panty and Stocking set. I assume the reasons why are obvious enough. I know I agreed to this, but….please, something else.

  16. Paper Bowser, eh? I… think I’m ok with this.

    (and lol @Aniplex movement)

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