Posted by: hyperridley | July 1, 2012

HR can stand for Hyper Ridley or Human Relations

Your friendly neighborhood dragon has an announcement to make!


Remember when we all made our own blog sites about crazy game ideas, and how none of us made any progress at all?  Well, my game, Koopaling Khaos, has undergone a complete overhaul and is reopened for business!  Be sure to check out the new “How to Play” page for details on its much-improved gameplay, and look forwards to seeing some actual playable movesets soon.


I’ll be a big tease and say there is one other big MYM-related project I’m working on this summer, but I’m not gonna say anything else.  It was supposed to be finished by now, actually, but real-life happened.  Sadface.



  1. Nice to see one of these things get back on its feet. Good luck with it

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