Posted by: katapultarr | July 8, 2012

Kat’s Katalyst – The 13th Reflection

You know how our precious time-capsules known as Sunday Recaps died out around the 6th week of MYMXII? And you know how I made that crazy Story Mode as a “mini” submission which featured the first 100 MYMXII movesets in chronological order from start to finish? Ever wished the Sunday Recap Box Set MarthTrinity started on got completed? Well, we’re going to take all those elements and combine them into the brand new Recap Story Mode for MYMXIII managed by yours truly!

The idea is simple: the Recap Story Mode is basically an add-on to the Sunday Recaps that acts as a fortnightly “reminder recap”, only instead of being a copypaste of the previous recap it’ll chronologically showcase everything as an imaginative story limited only by what you all posted in the thread! The early bird catches the worm here, as movesets posted earlier will most likely get some cool role or introduction if you’re cool enough to get the first moveset in on the next contest – and unlike my last SM I’ll actually be using in-thread announcements and minis this time around, meaning you could have your favorite character wield that special item YOU made or pummel that douchebag boss to death! A certain character is more likely to wield that special item more than another if said mini was posted after their set however, though you’re all free to suggest to me  what you would like certain characters and certain minis to do in the story…

There is catch, however. You see, I’ll only include the winning mini(s) in my Story Mode, giving you all further incentive to put some effort into them should you desire their inclusion in the story. Furthermore, I’ll only comply with “Suggestions” made by the 3 users who rank the highest on Smady’s User Rankings (not including me, in which case it instead goes to 4th place getter), meaning you’d better get those comments in! Being able to make a Suggestion for my SM gives you a high position of power however, as I’ll actually comply with it no matter what providing it’s not too ridiculous or doesn’t involve killing off another character unless that character got 5 Starts or lower in Warlord’s Moveset Rankings, but if they got 1 Star you can make me do whatever you want with them (if Warlord hasn’t read that set yet you cannot make me do either of these and will have to wait until he does). You can even make me include a mini that didn’t win or one of your characters, though only one Suggestion can be made per MYMer in which case you’ll just have to place in the next User Rankings to make another suggestion, so use them carefully! Just be sure to use them by commenting in the recap before I post the chapter or else you’ll miss your chance.

This is mostly something to encourage a bit of thread activity for a entertaining purpose – how else do we do that aside from getting MYMers to try their best and actually try? You’re all free to tell me what you think down the bottom or lecture me on my choices for this idea otherwise – heck, even some ideas to help this idea would be much appreciated! Oh, and if you’re all okay with me instead simply taking over the Sunday Recap and turning it into a Story Mode by sacrificing their usual informative nature in exchange for all minis being available and you being able to see it the week after, then by all means say so – I’m cool with either, and I’ll probably do this if the Recaps start randomly dying out over the course of MYMXIII.



For those who see this, I’ve decided I’ll go with the option of taking the recaps for partial storytelling purpose. This way you’ll all get to see what becomes of the sets, announcements and minis that get made during that week – instead of encouraging straight-out competition by having only the winners be rewarded, I’ll make it more open so if you post a set or mini at all it’ll be in the story. Suggestions can be made freely in the comment section for those who want their entries to meet a certain fate or what not, or even speak of what they want their entry for the following Story Recap to be made into (you can also talk to me about this in the chat too). Somebody has to take over the long-running tradition of recaps to leave the other leaders’ hands free! I’ll be starting this little thing to sum up the first week, so be sure to get those sets and minis in, and shape the story however you see fit with your entries!




  1. Is Smady not doing User Rankings in MYM13?

    • He should be. This won’t be me interfering or infringing on them in any manner, just trying to play off that system and find ways to further reward people who do get active in the competition. That said, it certainly wouldn’t be bad for this idea to be independent instead of relying on other systems.

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