Posted by: masterwarlord | July 10, 2012

Blatant Advertising – Robotnik Movement

No, this isn’t one of those universal character movements that people have shown time and time again they aren’t willing to do. If for whatever reason you like Spadefox Robotnik, the sets that are being made are not in the style of that set. Instead, we have decided that Robotnik deserves more than having his material stuffed into a single all encompassing moveset. The point of him is that he uses countless different machines every time he appears, no?

So this movement is for the Robotnik bosses from the classic Genesis games. Obviously we don’t intend to get all of them, or even all of them for one game, considering how lame some of them are. None the less, though, this is convenient for anybody who wants to join, as the amount of possible characters to choose is nearly endless.

When it comes time to post the movement, we will presumably post them by order of how late in the games they are fought.

Below is the list of selectable characters, along with those whom have claimed them.



  1. Really fun idea. You can tentatively put me down for Drill Tank and Big Arm (Sonic 3 Final Boss).

  2. *Squeeze Tag Machine

  3. I just found this exists. Don’t feel like participating either way, but good luck with this.

  4. clearly you guys are missing the “doesn’t have a machine at all” form of Robotnik. For shame fellas.

    • Wasn’t that done in MYM4?

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