Posted by: professorpeanut | July 31, 2012

In Which Prof. Decides To Tell People He’s Not Participating So Much This Time Around

Since I’m not Smashbot (no offense, dude), I’m going to start with what this announcement is for:

  1.  I am taking a temporary leave of absence from the entirety of MYM13. This is different from a permanent leave of absence. For now.
  2.  Demoman will still be finished, however. I hope you read past the first pointer, Dave. I’ll only need a PM (which will show up in my email anyway) denoting when the date will come close, and I’ll be there.
  3. The point of this article is basically to not be LegendofLink. Because I’m about to be even more inactive than previously imagined.

MYM has been a blast, as far as I can say. It has also become an increasingly unsustainable past-time for me. College work demands more effort from me, people require more time form me, and simply too much writing to get done outside of movesets demands my attention. My nights last late and my mornings are swamped with school and projects. All in all, I’m becoming much busier.

 “And where’s MYM in all that?” you may ask. Well, the truth is that it isn’t there. For the last contest, I haven’t been reading sets or commenting mostly because I either a) had something else I needed to work on or b) had a narrative/fiction I could be reading instead. Yes, I hate it to break it to you guys, but movesets can’t be read as stories (unless you’d like to insist that Amaterasu was worth it). Heck, I didn’t even have so much schoolwork back in April and May, but I still couldn’t find the time to read movesets (then again, there was still Org XIII to worry about) 

So if you haven’t inferred yet, I’m about to become a very stressed student indeed, and I’ve found that my priority of “writing improbable long-ass movesets that only half a dozen people on earth will read” has just dropped to rock bottom, dragging “read other people’s movesets” along with it. That isn’t to say I won’t be completely gone, more like a MarthTrinity state of inactivity, (minus the chat presence since you guys aren’t very good at keeping my attention there). No one else is going to do Demoman better, and I just might have a treat for you guys on the anniversary of Tetra’s posting, but that’s if you’re lucky. 

For some time, I had been flip-flopping between my MYM13 plan to write movesets for either potential SSB4 characters or some of the many unique League of Legends characters, a game I have found quite enjoyable these days. But as of now, I find the effort that I put into any moveset not as rewarding as the completion of another story or work project I could have been writing in its place, especially when the audience (you guys) may not even all read it and reply with useful criticism.

So yeah, I’m basically throwing movesets into the pile of things I don’t want to worry about for now, because I’m finding the pile of things I need to worry about growing by the week. I don’t have the free time that I used to have a year ago anymore, but that doesn’t mean I’m gone for good. There’s still too many characters left to tackle that no one else will either think about or make a truly satisfactory moveset for, and I’m also aware none of you want me to end with a moveset that can’t fight (not that Demoman is exactly a good final note either). Maybe someday, I’ll find the time and motivation again to once more add to this boiling pot of canons and ideas. But as I mentioned, I don’t want to RP LoL here, so that’s your friendly announcement to not expect me around so much for the next few months.

Final words. FA, you’re an awesome bro. Kat, keep innovating. Froy, keep on pushing on. Dave, get your act together. Nate, you still need to make that moveset, and I’ll be there to drop a comment when it’s done. And Smashbot, apologies for that first line.



  1. Man, I feel like I barely knew you Prof. In any case, have fun with your story writing and good luck with your schoolwork. And if you ever get the time to come back, you are by all means welcome.

  2. Too bad to see you go, but certainly an understandable reason: Real life takes precedence over silly MYM business. 😛 Who knows, hopefully in MYM14 or MYM15 you can make a triumphant return. Good luck in college and with that story work!


    Seriously though, it’s good to see you have your priorities straight. Hopefully we’ll see you again and congrats on your hard work!

  4. well, fuck. I loved your movesets.

    I guess now I’ll have to learn how to like SmashDaddy movesets.

    • There exists an MYMer with my name, minus the space in the middle? Colour me intrigued.

    • The two of you have reached stratospheric levels of snark.

  5. Indeed, someone’s leaving article is the perfect place to take a potshot at Smady is it not, Junahu?

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