Posted by: Junahu | August 4, 2012

The Plaza: Making and Catagorising Posts

[republished from 4th March 2012]

This article will simply go over a few important points about making Articles for the Plaza. First off, a general guide to what isn’t encouraged in an article;

  1. Please do not create an article just to communicate with other MYMers. MYM has plenty of other means of getting in contact with others
  2. I am not at all a fan of “political articles”, articles written simply to make the author’s opinion on certain matters the loudest. Try not to soapbox too much, ok? It makes MYM feel like a giant arguement, and that’s never fun
  3. I reserve the right to privatise/hide/trash genuinely offensive content without notifying the author first. So, no rapefics, ok?
  4. And finally, for God’s sake don’t spam Fake Top50s

Secondly, bear in mind that WordPress automatically saves drafts of your articles as you write them, and that others can read these drafts. On the Dashboard click on Posts, then Drafts in order to find any drafts WordPress currently has saved for your articles. If you’re writing an article over multiple sessions, you may want to save the article elsewhere, then delete the draft.

And thirdly, the main reason I wrote this article;


The Plaza is a pretty large place, with over 20 authors all publishing articles. A big part of why the Plaza was created, was so that articles could be properly organised so that anyone could find the article they wanted easily. However, for that to work, the people who publish articles, need to make sure their work is properly catagorised.

When writing a new post, you can see a list of all the available Catagories on the right hand side of the page. Checking the correct boxes here will ensure your article is neatly filed away where it should be.

I sure do love treating people like idiots.

The way this generally works, is you check (tick) on one box from the Author section of this list (or more, if the article has multiple writers involved), and then one (or two) of the boxes from the rest of the list. Please don’t leave your article uncatgorised. And please don’t just check every single catagory that is even tangentally related to your article. The point is to file your article away neatly into just the one or two catagories it best fits, not to spam it onto every catagory at once.

A classic example of ‘overcatagorisation’, is KingK.Rool’s Magnum Opus “The Black Box Opens Up”. I’ve highlighted, with red brackets, the catagories that actually apply to this article (MYMer Talk also applies here, but is left unchecked).

Then again, I’d much prefer an article being in too many catagories, than it to be left uncatagorised at all.

Something important to bear in mind, is that you may end up making an article that doesn’t comfortably fit in any of the current catagories. If you find that’s the case, or you’ve made a series of articles that you feel deserve their own catagory, then please get in contact with me (Junahu) about making new catagories.

Anyway, I’ve listed all the current catagories below, along with brief explanations about when they might apply to your article;


This Catagory should never be checked. No, nothing will explode if you check it, it’s just that… every article technically has an author already, so having everyone check this box every time they write an article would be a bit much. This catagory is just here for personal organisational convenience, it keeps all the “Written by:” catagories bunched together so that they’re easier to find.

Originally on: The stadium

This Catagory is mostly reserved for all the old articles that were transferred to the bunker from the stadium blog. There’s rarely any need in using this catagory for new articles, since articles are no longer posted on the Stadium

Written by: ….

There’s a Catagory here for every Author, find the catagory/catagories that match the name(s) of everyone who had a hand in writing your article, and check them. Every article should have at least one of these boxes checked, and it is a relatively important that you do so. If you’re a new Author, and there isn’t a fitting catagory here for you, please get in contact with me about creating one.

Debate and Politics

Fairly self explanitory. If your article is reacting to current events in MYM, calling out other MYMer’s actions, or is genuinely argumentative in nature, then check this catagory

Moveset Talk

If the article is talking about a particular moveset, or a group of movesets, then check this catagory. Also see if any of the following subcatagories also apply to your article, and check one of those too.

Moveset Graveyard

If the article is about a moveset(s) that was never posted at all, then check this catagory.

Movesets of the Past

If the article is a look-back on an older moveset, then check this catagory

MYM Retrospective

If your article is a retrospective look at MYM itself in the past, then check this catagory. If your article applies to this catagory, but not to “Moveset Talk”, then go ahead and uncheck “Moveset Talk”.

MYMer Talk

If the article discusses a particular MYMer(s), then check this catagory. Also see if any of the following subcatagories also apply to your article, and check one of those too.

MYMer Interviews

If the article is a Q/A session between you and another MYMer, then check this catagory

MYMer Reviews

If the article is a look-back on an MYMer in general, an analysis of their activity over a certain period, or a look at a large chunk of their movesets, then check this catagory

The Black Box

This catagory is mostly reserved for KingK.Rool’s series of articles entitled “The Black Box”

Top 10s

Any article that is a ranked list of some description goes here.


If the article does not match any of the other catagories, but does in some way match one of these sub catagories, check this catagory.


If your article is.. well.. an announcement, declaration etc, then check this catagory


If the point of your article was to generate a few laughs, then check this catagory


If your article’s purpose is to host a poll, or to show your own list of votes for Top50/MYMawards/whatever, then check this catagory

Sandbag Reviews

This catagory should be checked if your article is an in depth critique of a specific moveset. Basically, if it’s a review, check this catagory, and then check whichever subcatagory matches your name

Moveset Reviews: ….

There’s a subcatagory here for everyone who has published a servicable number of reviews. If there is no catagory here that matches your name, please get in contact with me about adding a new catagory for you.

Roundtable Reviews

This subcatagory is reserved for any article that involves two or more MYMers discussing a particular moveset

Story Modes

If your article describes some sort of narrative story, or any SSE replacement/supplement, then check this catagory and one of the following subcatgories


This catagory is where most Story Modes go. If you make significant progress in your Story Mode (i.e. you manage to finish one) please get in contact with me about making a new catagory for your Story Mode to go in


This catagory is reserved for MasterWarlord’s various “Survivor” series.

Sunday Recap

If your article is a recap of a week’s activity, then you absolutely must check this catagory. It’s pretty important to make sure every Recap article is correctly catagorised.

Tips & Guidelines

Tutorials, HowTo guides, Articles explaining or exploring various aspects of MYM. If your article is helpful to others, then check this catagory


This Catagory is reserved for articles that have not been properly catagorised yet. Basically, if you’re having trouble finding the right boxes to check, leave Uncatagorised checked and get in contact with me. It’s the only box checked by default, so when you’re finished catagorising your article, be sure to uncheck it.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope we can keep the Bunker tidy and user friendly, for everyone’s sake.



  1. Now I’m going to go and make an Elf Ranking.

  2. I was being a bit tongue-in-cheek with the categorization on my self-ranking – the article to end all articles, the longest article, logically the article with the most categories.

    And in fact, all of my articles are argumentative in nature, so they should all be listed under Debate and Politics! 😉

  3. Ah, damn, I can’t say I was all too kind to this system for my articles…probably should have checked some more shit on them.

    As a sidenote, yes I still have not fucking left yet. At this point I have absofuckinlutely no idea when I’m leaving, since it’s changed so much, so I’m not even gonna give an estimation anymore.

  4. Is there a reason this was re-published? Are people just that incompetent with properly categorizing their articles?

    • To be fair MW, Dave did categorize his Top 50 in Humor.

    • I basically just altered the publishing date on the original article, pushing it up to the top of the stack. And yeah, there were a fair few articles languishing in the Uncatagorized pile.

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