Posted by: katapultarr | September 2, 2012

MYM13 Story Recap – Part 4

Long ago, there was an ancient warrior, the last of his race…Arsenal PrimidBeings capable of using the enviroment surrounding them, this one had mastered all kinds of techniques which it used to defeat many enemies…was there any wonder people wanted this proud race dead?

Arsenal Primid was walking through a wasteland ready to unlock a super amazing secret that would change the world and possibly save his face. Little did he know however, was that a deadly assassin was in the skies watching over him: the Cooking Motherfuc-I mean, Cooking Mama. This woman was an amazing assassin who used an original take on Wario’s Bike via ramming people with trolleys, and killing people by grilling them, very, very violent. She’d then dig holes to bury their corpses so nobody would find out she did it, which is why she hasn’t been convicted yet. Her killing spree was truly LEGENDARY.

mama saw arsenal primid from above on her kite and then thought something was wrong and then said mama will fix it and then took out some poison which caught him off guard and then he dieded

1,00,000 year ago

We cut back to Wily Wonka, Clayton and Stromboli who were at Bobby’s Beachouse playing Brawl on wifi with the spare time they had. Young Xehanort then came from behind through a corridor, looking ready to report.

“I’ve lured the protagonists to their deaths underwater and held Aquaman down at the same time. Can I join you guys on Brawl now?”

“I’d like to see some concrete proof that they’re actually dead.” Wonka turned around, still managing to play Donkey Kong pretty well as he let an Oompa Loompa take over.

“I can’t quite do that, but I have another gift for you.” Young Xehanort snapped his fingers, causing a corridor to be summoned behind him with Putata carting a trolley containing the decapitated heads of Athena and Ghetsis, solid proof that they would never appear in this story again. Young Xehanort took Ghetsis’ magic cane from the trolley and crushed it with his bare hands.

“Yoyoyo! Brought the bitch’s head! Sent the old fag to bed!” Putata said in street talk with rhyming.

“Very good Putata. You can go play on the beach until Caster comes back to praise you. Who knows, Engarde might even give you a good word too.” Putata happily strolled along to the beach while Xehanort went to sit with his homies.

“I suppose ya can play with us.” Stromboli handed Xehanort a controller, who picked Lucario. Clayton picked Dedede while Stromboli picked Wario. Wonka continued using DK, but wished Rool was in the game.

“You know what I’d like? If Rool was in this game.” Wonka exclaimed.

“Rool sucks. They should put Etna in instead. You guys read that article Robo Link MKIII wrote a few years back about legit third party characters?” Xehanort asked.

“Ololololo, Xehanort just wants a Nintendo game with no Nintendo characters.” Clayton teased.

“Guys, this conversation is getting boring. Let’s play hypothetics.” Stromboli suggested. Everyone agreed.

Meanwhile, the main character of the story Aquaman was watching the 4 villains’ hypothetics session through his crystal balls – yes, THOSE kind of balls. He was currently laughing his ass off really, really hard.

“BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it every time somebody mentions a dildo! Can’t believe they actually made Caster test out a hammerhead shark sexy toy for 30 weeks straight! No wonder dat boi ain’t coming back in a month.

Aquaman continued looking into his balls to see all the action…which actually delayed him from visiting those 10 guys and saved him from Vick’s Vaporub. Ironically, the villains dug their own grave through playing hypothetics, meaning Aquaman actually had a chance to stop them. Little did he realize, however…



  1. That was short.

  2. yeah… you gonna finish this or?

  3. It’s mostly because there was like no activity this week at all.

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