Posted by: katapultarr | September 17, 2012

Sunday Recap 6

The story recap fell apart due to me not planning it much in advance, so I’ll make a normal recap instead. It’s much quicker too.

We start off with KholdStare’s Silent Hill stage that isn’t related to the mini in question. It’s quite a good stage too, boasting quality-presentation and good enemy selection/descriptions that make it more than worthwhile to read.

After JOE! gave a rare comment on Stromboli, he treated us to a detailed compilation of how knockback works in Brawl in response to a question WoMF asked. It’s pretty big, and I don’t think anypony’s gonna use it given the explicit detail.

There was also a set for some Fire Emblem guy posted by the person whom I think is the same one who posted those King Boo and Chaotic Evil Politician people in MYMX or something. I forgot it even existed until I came back to check it for this recap.

WoMF posted Trixie, that pony who had a set made for him by Bladeknight beforehand. The set revolves around magic tricks and an interesting cart mechanic along with the usual slew of interesting extras, showing that WoMF has a great grasp on character and a lot of promise for the future which people who’ve commented the set have said to him. He’s pretty consistent anyway given his constant presence in the thread. He also demonstrated his catchphrase “anypony” which is quite fitting for the nature of the set.

Shortly after commenting the set above, FA posted his first set in the contest H.N Elly, a Witch from Puella Magi Madoka Magica in the same name as Beata Maria. The set revolves around TV-programming and Fly mechanic which would send Dave flying in a rage maybe, along with a good deal of minion manipulation. Warlord seems to really like the set while I don’t given I actually know the character, but apart from that there haven”t been enough comments to generate a universal opinion.

Up next was Porygon Zthe 4th Pokemon in JOE!’s arsenal. While I haven’t read any of the mons as of yet, this one appeared to show a lot of good promise and emulate the feel of a glitchy program from what I’ve seen. Others have also cited this mon to be the best of the rest, but we haven’t quite seen the last two Pokemon JOE! has yet. One of em will be Bisharp of course, because I’m right. I got Breloom correct and I pride myself on that.

Oh, and super special announcement for those who somehow missed it: Mario and Sonic Guy the Former MYMing Moderator made ForwardArrow the thread OP for MYM13 due to Warlord being banned. From what I heard in the chat, it had something to do with previous posts having their urls edited into Grinch porn because apparently that kind of thing exists. And Dave was involved somehow, that cheeky rascal. Some of us thought MYM was going to die, but fear not as Warlord is still resuming activity on both the Stadium and Bunker. Check em out every so often to see his awesome works.

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