Posted by: forwardarrow | September 22, 2012

Top 13 Worst Movesets

Warlord is done making Top 10’s for a long time, and honestly I sort of wanted to see this particular list. Looking into the biggest mess-ups MYM has ever made in terms of sets is entertaining and also educational, you don’t want to make the same mistakes these sets have made. I’m not Warlord, but maybe I can give some insight on what exactly I, and several other MYMers, dislike in sets. Keep in mind though, I really am not trying to offend anyone here. Sets are admittedly somewhat personal works, as writing projects often are, and I recognize that. At the same time, we’re a very critical community, this sort of thing shouldn’t be a surprise to you. So let’s delve into what I believe to be the worst of the worst in MYM.

13- Yu by TWILTHERO (MYM12)


Yu is your fairly standard Twilt weapon switching mechanic set, where he just has 5 different transformations he uses that can be swapped to change up his combat style. This, as expected, means there is absolutely no flow to be found in this set, sans the ability for Yu to perform a powerful attack by winning a button mashing contest against a foe in prone. So naturally he has some ways to put the foe in prone that are not distinguished from each other in any way other than damage and lag. He also has some random non-damaging attacks that only serve as buffs. Now there are plenty of sets that make a lot of these mistakes, so what makes Yu stand out? Well for one, his attacks are extremely shallow in their design, Twilt not bothering to give any possible description for what their use is and leaving a bad taste in your mouth that this set is way blander in practice than a standard Brawl character, particularly with the awkward KO mechanic. But oh no, the worst part is the fact that 4 of the transformations Yu utilizes are the ONLY FOUR IN THE GAME HE CAN’T USE. They belong to his teammates and his teammates only. Let that sink in for a second.

12- Fluttershy by Junahu (MYMX)


This is a choice that I believe will get a lot of rage directed in my direction, but underneath the sweet fluffy writing style and flavor of the minions, this set is pretty abominable. Fluttershy feels incredibly self-contradictory in what she tries to do with her minions. The minions are weak and cowardly and will get slaughtered by a foe in seconds if Fluttershy isn’t careful with them. So in order for Fluttershy to be careful with them, she has to go and fight herself. Fluttershy, of course, is unbelievably terrible at fighting and has absolutely hilarious weight, with several attacks that do nothing without minions, a “dodge” aerial which I have grown to loathe so very, very much(no hitbox, just has her jump backwards to “avoid attacks”). Fluttershy’s ways of utilizing her minions are pretty laughable too, just being able to give them a generic “revitalization” with multiple moves that causes them to become more aggressive, which is actually probably a bad thing considering this will probably end in them fleeing away in terror. There’s also some pretty stupid stuff in this set, Fluttershy making a pitfall trap by stomping(clearly putting a basket of fruit on top of it is proper incentive for something more intelligent than a potato to step on the trap), the ridiculous glare Forward Smash which not only doesn’t work as an attack but completely messes with the foe’s characterization(they’re afraid of FLUTTERSHY?), a grab with no throws, a weak little “yay” somehow startling foes out of stuff, the butterflies in the dash attack… And how interesting are the minions for all this crap? A grab hitbox that only works when the foe’s back is turned to him(nevermind there is no way to make sure the foe isn’t facing him), a generic blitzing minion that is going to get destroyed the moment it goes after the foe, and one that launches projectiles. Never mind the fact that several inputs command them all at once, the “sync up” thing provided in the grab is never worked off at all. It is the set here I can most understand someone liking, but underneath the pretty surface it’s horribly shallow, contradictory, and barely able to function.

11- Bomber by Koopakirby (MYM7)


Bomber’s concept is among the best of sets on this list, though that isn’t saying much. You have factories, they infinitely spawn the playable character here who suicides into the opponent, and you lose when you run out of factories. The problem here, which has gotten it obscenely high positions on lists about being underpowered in the past, is the fact that this character cannot defend his factories. At all. Bomber cannot jump without performing some hilariously awkward procedure involving him tilting himself upwards and then launching himself into the air like a rocket, he has no grabs and one aerial, and aside from the fact that he can explode his other attacks are hilariously ineffective. They rarely work into the fact that he explodes either, meaning what few inputs he has aren’t helping much, particularly since they will never let you protect your bloody factories. The real kicker though, is the sheer amount of hilariously bad props Bomber uses. He spawns a random hand above him to do an uppercut and grab Bomber… as well as a freaking FAN which pops out of Bomber and sucks opponents towards him. I have absolutely no idea where KK possibly could have thought up that one.

10- Strong Bad by Davidreamcatcha (MYM13)

Strong Bad

I did a 10 minute audio comment of Strong Bad recently, and what I discussed in there I think warrents the set’s position on the list. Strong Bad is a multiminion set that makes almost no use of the fact that it is multiminion, the Cheat boiling down to the projectile from Strike Man with a couple generic walls to bounce off of, and attacks dedicated to him that serve almost no purpose given he’s already a hitbox while flying around. This is made all that much worse by the fact that those attacks are taken away from Strong Bad, depriving him of a vast amount of fighting ability. This is made all that much worse by the fact that he has several useless “traps” which don’t function well with the moves he uses to manipulate them at all, which take up more inputs he so desparately needs to defend himself. The set is loaded with terrible stun such as the anvil disabling all the foe’s attacks and jumps for a solid 4 seconds (while somehow serving as a camping platform and all of his trap interactions being useless in the context of it) and turning the foe into a ball that can do nothing while you smash it around. There’s absolutely nothing worth salvaging in this set and yet it’s only the bloody THIRD set in its genre where the first 2 didn’t explore it particularly thoroughly.

9- Lucario Remix by Wizzerd (MYM7)


Lucario’s problem is extremely simple. It plays the same way every game. Lucario just utilizes his awkward mechanic of “implanting Aura”, which feels OoC for Lucario to begin with in order to make the same combo. Every. Single. Time. There is no opponent interaction due to the stacking hitstun, and Lucario really only has one way to start a combo, making him one of the shallowest characters in MYM. Wizzerd tries to keep readers’ interest a bit more by giving him random creative stuff on moves that comes across as tacky, such as delaying aerials on a combo set that doesn’t care about DI. For a set that is basically the ultimate flowchart, he somehow manages to have stuff that doesn’t even manage to flow.

8- Winnie the Pooh by ProfPeanut (MYM12)

Winnie the Pooh

Of all the sets on this list, I probably have the most pity for Winnie the Pooh. It has some actual flow in there, however limited, has some original ways of playing off its mechanic, and the effort is very visible and appreciable. The concept however, kills the set right off the bat. Pooh has no reason to ever interact with the foe, just spending the entire match running away and eating honey until it goes straight to the results screen. This makes it one of the most, if not most, boring sets to play as in MYM. Characterization is the set’s main defense, and honestly the prospect of making honey traps for foes to get stuck in or having bees sting the opponent… or trapping them in a pitfall trap, of all things. It also kind of messes up the opponent’s characterization too, Jin-Gitaxias swimming around in a giant honey pot and lapping up honey is positively ridiculous. The main thing which makes me not put the set even lower despite having no desire to interact with the foe is at the very least, the foe can interact with what Pooh is trying to do. I think that’s enough to make its “worst set ever made” status strike me as a bit superfluous.

7- Rin by Smashbot (MYM12)


Rin is basically one of the tackiest sets ever made, and really has nothing to show for it unlike a lot of other sets that are so extremely tacky. The set really just relies on a rather terrible paint mechanic where she makes paintings that distract and slow down the foe, as well as spreading it around to get a better… inspiration zone so the paintings slow the foe down more. The entire set is basically dedicated to this, and once you get a perfect painting(very easy) the whole thing just becomes a rather useless affair. Aside from that, the set’s just so unbelievably ridiculous, with jabs that pierce super armor for no reason, the aforementioned paintings distracting ANY foe from the fight, horrible animations that make absolutely no sense for what they are trying to do, a paintbrush popping out of her bloody midriff. Not to mention homing cigarette clouds and her stare somehow disabling opponents or something. There’s no logic and no reward here, only a really painful read that leaves the reader just coming away frustrated.

6- Battleheart by Smashbot (MYM11)


What makes Battleheart so memorably terrible is just the fact that it is CPU controlled. End of discussion. You are removing the players ability to interact with this character, save in very limited ways, and it turns them into something laughably predictable and uninteresting to play. Past that, the set rides on a level up mechanic to gain new techniques which have large recharge periods, and all it does otherwise is generic swipes or stabs once per second. It’s so hilariously ineffectual and really I don’t see why you would ever want a character that the game plays for you. The abilities provided aren’t even interesting, just Brawl attacks/buffs/healing most of the time. There’s occasional salvageable stuff in here, but it’s pretty rare and it’s buried under such a hideous mechanic that I don’t see why you’d even care.

5- Rarity by Kholdstare (MYM10)


Rarity’s problem is extremely simple. Her playstyle requires her to land almost every single move in her set on the foe. The exceptions being the specials, Nair, Dash Attack, and pummel. This would be bad on it’s own, but these attacks do nothing other than damage and occasionally a fall speed increase, making them rather useless in actual combat… and these attacks shouldn’t be doing damage in the first place. Why do they take 22% from getting their hair styled? After all that work the result you get… is an extremely tacky status effect that completely ignores the foe’s characterization, making them get embarrassed if they are a guy or show-off if they are a girl. I dunno about you, but I doubt a good portion of the monstrous antagonists in MYM give a shit about the possibility that they have make-up on. I’m pretty sure they don’t, and for females it gets even more insulting. If you want to ignore that and say it’s “comedic”, let me tell you that the reward for this is pretty freaking weak after landing every single attack in your set… and did I mention that her aerials don’t even have the decency to do damage, just increase the foe’s fall speed? Or the fact that the set actually has her swear using her Side Special(one of her very, very few practical moves) when this is a character from a cartoon for 5 year old girls?

4- Cap’n Bowser 1.0 by Junahu (MYM12)

Cap'n Bowser

Cap’n Bowser is a really awful Brawl set to begin with, serving as a clunkier version of Bowser with awkward sword moves that feel a bit… bizarre to see Bowser using. He’s also got a really bloody terrible stun trap in the Bowser spaces, and a terribly handled tacky dice that really only serves to make the set worse. What I think brings the set to this preposterously high position(it’s more playable than a lot of sets on this list) is the simple fact that… it’s a mish-mash of Marth, Ike, and Bowser’s moves. When it’s doing it’s own thing it is arguably worse, but the set just copying inputs from those 3 sets makes it feel even more utterly uninspired. Not to mention the stun trap makes it hilariously easy to hit the foe with what is basically Ike’s Forward Smash, leading me to believe that the strategy of “getting the foe on the Bowser Space, FSmash” is going to be Cap’n Bowser’s main gameplan… which is a lot less interesting than a standard Brawl character to be quite honest.

3- Lelouch by Twilthero (MYM6)


I confess this set is a bit of an obscure choice, but I think how bad it really is deserves recognition. I think Warlord went over a lot of the set’s problems in Top 26 Tacky where it very much deserved even higher, having a hatred mechanic which basically screw with everyone’s characterization and serves as an extremely awkward meter. What does it lead too? Opponent’s worshipping Zero as their savior, which is arguably worse destruction of the foe’s characterization and being unable to attack… for a solid 10 seconds. Plus another 5 seconds per level of hatred, because that wasn’t bad enough. Using his dash attack also decreases the foe’s hatred of him for absolutely no reason other than Twilt thought the move was too good otherwise when it is basically generic Dash Attack. The Geass effects are also pretty hideous, one of them putting the foe into the hands of an AI in FFAs while other largely serve as positively ludicrous amounts of stun. 3 seconds is low by the standards of this, with some moves putting the foe out of commission for a solid 10 seconds. This kind of becomes extremely broken when Lelouch has a Falcon Punch power move in his mech which he can use to abuse the hell out of this stun. Never mind that his mech is somehow ROB size. Number crunching, but you have to keep in mind this set also has him Geass the Smash Bros Camera Man and GOD to cause the screen to zoom in on him and obscure everyone else or rain light from the heavens, like a far more awkward version of Phantom’s invisibility that doesn’t get played off. On top of this, the set is loaded with awkward(you can only use this every 20 seconds/once per stock) limits, which severely limit Lelouch’s ability to actually fight once he runs out of broken as hell stun, balancing the set on some level but at the same time making him even more hideously awkward in a fight. A lot of his attacks fail to function as actual attacks too, a common theme on this list, really, but it really does make characters so much less viable and worse in Brawl when they can’t actually attack.

2- Lemmy Koopa by HyperRidley (MYM5)

Lemmy Koopa

Either this or Fluttershy’s position is probably the one that’s going to anger the most people, but allow me to explain. On a reread, Lemmy suffers from the very simple problem of every single move in his set being usable against him. Now that’d be just fine, Baron K. Roolenstein shows us that backfiring traps can be pretty cool… but Baron actually had ways to defend himself. Lemmy is making a bunch of traps that the opponent can probably use BETTER than him given they have actual fighting capability, while Lemmy is stuck laying out a trap on almost every input. Or when he’s not laying out a trap, controlling platforms with the Neutral B. I’m lead to believe using the Neutral B to guide around a platform covered in some traps and camping the foe like that may be the closest thing Lemmy has to a way to play viably, but he’s so hilariously easy to cripple with any sort of pressure given his ways of “defending himself” can all be used against him.

Oh, but the set invented the “playground” genre did it not? Sure, having a bunch of soft interactions between the traps certainly gives Lemmy some flash, but for the most part the interactions come down to “cover more of the stage” and “you can shuttle this trap around on a controllable platform”, so he’s not really as open-ended as he appears. And the balance problems aren’t the only thing wrong with the set. It is one of the tackiest and most OoC sets EVER conceived. Lemmy, instead of using his ball and magic which actually makes any sense for the character, is pulling out circus props, lifting barbells, creating random POW blocks (including an Anti-POW block on the throws), and PLATFORM CONTROLLERS(it’s just a random bloody metal device that he uses to take over platforms with that makes absolutely no sense for the character), while delegating the ball to a dash attack that outright does not want to be used in the context of the rest of the set. HR even points this out in the codec. Dartboards create shockwaves when hit with a dart for no reason, and perhaps most offensive move of all is the Down Smash. He takes out a cape and transforms an item into Roy or Wendy Koopa. This attack does literally nothing otherwise; the only item you get is a BARBELL (because Lemmy is clearly a strong Koopa who is lifting barbells)… and you can have multiple Wendys and Roys. The mistakes made in this set are truly incredible.

1- Doopliss by Majora and Getocoolaid (MYM10)


So we’ve come this far, I suppose you’re wondering, “what makes Doopliss the worst set of all time?” Well, on some level, the sets below it work. They don’t work well, but they can at least do –SOMETHING-. Doopliss’ concept is pressuring the foe’s shield until it breaks using his abnormally high shield damage attacks to steal the foe’s moveset, because his is so utterly crippled. So utterly crippled, the foe has no reason to shield. He’s relying on them to perform this action, and they have absolutely no reason too as Doopliss’ attacks are absolutely pathetic, completely incapable of KOing or even doing much damage or knockback. They aren’t even good at dealing with dodges or rolls most of the time, with one input being made to actually be effective against dodging/rolling characters. And by that I mean, “it’s fast so it’s pretty hard to dodge”, and every other attack is borderline worthless for this purpose. He can also create a wall on the Side Special which literally does absolutely nothing, and is limited to one aerial, and really one special in the air. Most attacks with limited inputs at least get to keep a few of their options in the air, but poor sad Doopliss literally only has his Nair and Up Special.

Aside from the set completely failing to do anything, you have to consider the circumstances it was made in. This is by far the easiest character out of any on the list, being able to use his ghostly properties, as well as the fact that he turns people into pigs. He enchanted a bloody bell to do that, you could get away with a lot on this character, and yet he’s reduced to a couple kicks and headbutts, not even a full moveset of them at that. On top of that, this was not a set made by a single person, who might have missed the fact that this set innately would not work at all. Oh no, it was a JOINT, so both people had to approve this abomination being posted, and neither of them managed to fix the errors in this set. And between that and the set’s inability to function on even a basic level, I believe, is what gives it the title of worst set of all time.



  1. You should probably put some kind of note up there that the Cap’n Bowser you’re talking about is the one that was first posted, not the edited version.

  2. Fixed it, my apologies for not doing so earlier.

  3. Intriguing article. It’s hard to raise any qualms about the picks, you justify them all so well. I’m sure therapeutic to write and also to read. Surprisingly, avoids being overly negative too despite the subject; you’re one candid defence attorney.

  4. When I saw Fluttershy on the list, I was shocked, but I said “Hey, everyone’s allowed their shock entry on a list” and I kept going.

    Then I read number 2, and I had to come out of my hidey-hole and go into enraged dragon mode.

    “Baron K. Roolenstein shows us that backfiring traps can be pretty cool… but Baron actually had ways to defend himself.”

    Jab? Dash attack? FSmash? Nair? FAir? Uair? Dair? Grab?

    Let’s not forget how many of his stage control devices have a hitbox attached to their summoning animation, such as his FTilt (which has low startup lag and deals 12% on a ranged attack mind you), USmash, and Uair to name some. Hell, his Bair has low lag period to summon it, it may as well be a melee attack with a trap after-effect.

    And really, if you’re going to attack a set for having a bunch of backfiring traps, may I point you to The Kid, who was lighter than Jigglypuff and had a ton of them.

    “Oh, but the set invented the “playground” genre did it not? Sure, having a bunch of soft interactions between the traps certainly gives Lemmy some flash, but for the most part the interactions come down to “cover more of the stage” and “you can shuttle this trap around on a controllable platform”, so he’s not really as open-ended as he appears”

    Not having interactions beyond “covering shit” and “moving shit” is WHY he can work as a playground character. If he had to place traps in certain locations for them to do special interactions, then all he’d do is try to set-up that exact configuration every single game, which does nothing but make him more vulnerable to pressure characters.

    *OoC complaints*

    You…DO know what Lemmy’s personality is right? His life’s dream is to join the circus. What is the entire moveset built around? Turning the entire stage into his own circus! I also seem to recall him having a twin brother who is really good with inventions and could create those devices for Lemmy to make his playground…

    Of course he doesn’t use his ball that much, this was back before NSMBWii, when the only game he used it at all was in SMB3. If anything, he should be using his decoys more! Even that codec you point to flat-out counters Snake’s complaints.

    Alright, you did find the line where Lemmy can only summon 1 sibling at a time so I can’t yell at you for that (crs), but yes, that move is awkward and should probably be koopa troopas or something he summons. Whee, 1 move I agree is dumb. And the dumbells, really? Did you read beyond the first sentence? He either falls over right after lifting them up, or he charges the move and the heads fall off. He’s the freakin’ Clown Prince of Koopas, he should be doing clowny comedic stuff.

    Now I must return to my hidey-hole, some knight is trying to ransack my hoard.

  5. An article like this is no good without some sort of controversy, is it not? Glad I got some sort of response, I figured Junahu would with Fluttershy or David with Strong Bad or something.

    For defenses, he’s not completely helpless, I may have exaggerated it a bit in the article, more just Lemmy is vastly more predictable and weak than your average character in some ways, and given the traps ability to be used against him, I’d think a savvy opponent would probably be able to outdo Lemmy at using his own traps.

    As for the interactions, I was more making a point that he wasn’t vastly open ended. Admittedly, maybe more interactions would have made him more flowcharty, it would depend on how they were handled if it just gave him strictly superior combinations and what have you.

    Characterization is probably the part I’m least entitled to talk about, I don’t have an in depth knowledge of this character. Looking at the set though, I sort of think that a set should take from how a character logically would fight. That’s not what Lemmy’s doing, he’s instead utilizing stuff he never even really touches, and while yes he has a brother who’d make that stuff for him, I don’t think characters are making stuff for each other to use in Smash Bros. It just feels, while you can certainly argue the connection exists, a bit detached from Lemmy as a character.

    The Kid, which very well probably could’ve made the list had I reread it(I wouldn’t know) I will say was made with the fact that he was making all those traps dangerous too him as a major point. Lemmy just brings it up towards the end in the playstyle summary.

    This list isn’t objective. I haven’t read every set ever, nor do I hate certain sets as much as some people do, and I probably hate some sets more than other people do. The point of the article was to express an opinion, not convert everyone to that opinion.

  6. I WIN!

  7. Probably should have said something a while ago, but might as well now.

    It was quite surprising to see Yu start off the list, a set I don’t quite think deserves such a bad rap. Some of Ness and Lucas’ Specials are attacks they can’t use in the series, and quite frankly there’s a nice bit of power-of-friendship thing going on with Yu using his friends’ Personas, and those 4 peeps don’t have sets yet. The set has great presentation behind it, and there are many other sets one could point out at “having absolutely no flow”, as it still functions as a Brawl set easy enough to imagine. One also has to remember TWILT was going for the “versatile” image in that Yu can branch out to different areas of gameplay. The only things I didn’t like about the set was the use of TVs as recovery and comparing the great game’s great plot to an American cartoon.

    Lemmy Koopa was such a surprise I actually doubted what I was seeing for a moment. Went back to read and see if it was as bad as it seemed, but those circus props are actually spot-on as HR specifically mentions that “Lemmy would rather join the circus than help his father take over the Mushroom Kingdom”, so it makes sense to not have too much Mario stuff. Not to mention we’re talking about a set that’s been revered for such a long time. Also a HR set at that. Where can one go wrong?

    Oh, and there’s also Pooh, but trying to get someone to share my ideology on that set would be as futile as trying to get 1st place with a Lucky Star set.

    It’s funny how the way you describe Rin makes her set sound like the absolute worst of all time (might as well be from the sound of it). On that note, you could make different categories about -how- each set is weak rather than a universal list if you wanted to.

  8. I sort of question if Yu was really a terrible enough choice of 13th place. There are probably plenty of worse sets, just that one in particular annoyed me to read… maybe I should have gone and put Etranger instead? But that’d be 3 shock factor sets, and 3 Junahu sets. Aside from that, I just find it silly the Personas he picks are the only 4 he can’t use, and when you have Naoto and Ameno-Sagiri in the same contest as him, especially the later, he starts to look a bit worse for not managing any playstyle.

    Lemmy seems to be the choice everyone hates me for(Silver, David, HR obviously, and now you) and maybe putting it that high was a mistake. I really do find the set very fundamentally flawed, and it just strikes me as silly for him to have abilities that to me are so out of tune with how he fights in game. I’m more concerned about the random tech and POW blocks than I am circus props, though. And I spare no mercy to any set-maker.

    If it means anything, Pooh is probably the set on this list I have the most respect for. It’s just the fact that he is in no way fighting in the midst of a fighting game is kind of… bad.

    Oddly, I thought I was going a bit lax in the Rin and Battleheart write-ups. Those sets have already been beat into the ground for their problems, and honestly I didn’t want to rub that in. Rin’s horrible to read yes, but the sets below her are worse from a gameplay perspective by a long shot.

  9. I must make a point of saying, Lemmy Koopa is justified in its spot. It came out so long ago, it’s silly to say it’s ‘revered.’ Most weren’t around when it came out and those who were, who like the set to this day, are suffering from serious nostalgia-vision.

    On the absence of the ball… Granted, pre-NSMBW Lemmy is not AS established using the ball (though it is in plenty of art and is one of the only unique things he has) but that only makes the design understandable, the set is still baffling to any current readers.

    However, that is not the worst part. The set is extremely overly-creative and unsmash, plus the playstyle works against itself. It’s a textbook example of a ‘spammer’ and the only in memory that throws in a line about it all being self-damaging.

    Not using the ball is one thing, Lemmy summons all sorts. It wouldn’t be too terrible but the ways he does these things is also insanely awkward. One of the smashes only works if you have an item underneath, the dartboard, the random moving platform.

    I dislike when a set gains an aura of impenetrability because of long passed praise. There are many lessons to be learned from re-reading this set, it is to me a fascinating example of how now to make a set.

  10. A set like Lemmy should be evaluated in light of its time. There are endless sets from the period and earlier that are “extremely overly-creative and unsmash”. Tons of spammers, some with much more diffuse focus (which at the moment is in vogue but by tomorrow your tastes will have changed).

    Likewise, tacky? OOC because he uses various traps and tools that don’t make as much sense for his character as exclusive focus on his ball would have? These are concepts that didn’t even remotely exist until the Punch Out movement. I know that shouldn’t absolve earlier stuff because we like to evaluate everything in the context of today because we’re stubborn like that – but the point is that there are any number of movesets we could yank out from the time that make the same missteps in much worse ways. Have you read Tryclyde lately? What about Wart? Little Mac, by any chance?

    I’m all for looking at old sets with a more mature and wiser perspective, but we’re being pretty uncharitable when we seize upon their mistakes as though the author should have known better – the way to learn from them is to identify old patterns that we can integrate in fresh ways into our own work, not to simply reaffirm our obvious and reassuring modern opinions.

    None of which is any jab at the article, which is a good read and makes some good points and which I like a lot as an opinion piece even though I want to fight about Bomber. I’ll resist for now.

    • While I wouldn’t go as far as Rool here, sets can be judged by new age perspectives without going to far I feel, I will admit I do somewhat agree with the idea of at least a bit judging sets for their time: I doubt Lemmy would be on my list if I read a bunch of MYM5/MYM6 sets in addition to the reading I have done, for example. On the other hand, Lemmy still isn’t that great, so I’m fine with it.

      But the real reason I wanted to reply is to say I do like Bomber. While the execution is very poor, the concept is also very coo, and I really hope to use it and turn it into something good sometime.

  11. Those sets you mentioned by comparison are fairly inoffensive, bar Little Mac. The key difference there is, no one touts Little Mac as ‘revered,’ and as a result of its mistakes Make Your Move came leaps and bounds. By comparison, Lemmy Koopa is still said to be ‘revered’ despite overbearing flaws, especially with the day’s philosophy in mind.

    You say, in a ramble, that we need to make progress, that is precisely why we should re-evaluate sets. Lemmy Koopa goes completely against the new outlooks presented by members LoL, FA and Peanut, in being unsmash and mediocre. I loathe the idea that we need to tout this set as anything but atrocious to keep an idyllic view of years-old contests.

  12. Taking down the canon is all right in my book! But calling sets atrocious has nothing to do with just levelling a nostalgia-glazed past and everything to do with making us feel better about ourselves today. Don’t believe in idols, folks – don’t revere anything – but don’t look back on acorns and call them failed apple trees either.

  13. Mercy, Rool, atrocious was merely a throwaway adjective, lets not get bogged down in a pedantic argument. It seems to me that your opinion is skewed in favour of the past – the present should take [a degree] of precedence. I am not generalising all of the ‘canon,’ Lemmy is, in my view, of particular note in its comparative value.

  14. I’m basically a bad ghost at this point.

  15. I wouldn’t say you’re so bad for a ghost.

  16. He’s certainly not a friendly ghost.

  17. Somebody needs to summon a Necromancer to revive him.

  18. He is the only one who can make Godot, after all.

  19. It’s the logical next step.

  20. I really need to remember to check back on these articles after the initial comment rush. Interesting to see how some things never change.

  21. I also need to keep track of these comments sections. I mean, I missed Rool being sagely, and Smady being unrooly (:D Get it? I’m so fuuunny~).

  22. He is the only one who can make Godot, after all.

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