Posted by: katapultarr | September 24, 2012

Sunday Recap 7

I was kinda not gonna do this but JOE! wanted me to so I did it.

FA started off by posting a one-day set for an ordinary Lizard…or so it seemed, for it was actually an OC some guy over Games FAQs made up for a wizard who got turned into a lizard by Kammy Koopa or Witch or something. Lizard not only utilizes golems in a similar manner to Khamsin but can also copy foes’ attacks, being very in-depth and shockingly better than H.N Elly, or so myself and WoMF thought given we’re the only ones who’ve commented it so far. A very different type of character for FA, the master of masses who’s made sets like Kyubey, Voreinclex and Wailord.

Dave followed up one his one-day set for Strong Bad, who actually stood very true to his namesake in terms of reception. The set is a multi-minion character, a genre which none other than Dave made featuring The Cheat and Strong Mad in the background helping the poor fellow. Strong Bad attempts to kick the cheat and create random projectiles for the foe to be hit with, being berated for having a lack of focus, not utilizing the genre well and the mistake of giving The Cheat the Standards when you’re going to be hitting him around the place.

Next was Zak Gramarye, a character from Apollo Justice I would’ve thought Warlord would have never wanted to witness. Good thing he did though, because this set’s a rollercoaster ride of amusement. From what I gather, being a multi-minion set, the set is effectively a play on the set posted before it as well as how in the actual Apollo Justice game there are a whole bunch of loose ends on Zak which are never explained, but are explained here, hilariously. I actually looked up on the Ace Attorney Wiki for this, having only watched the first case of AJ because it was starting to get boring (as a result, half the stuff this guy did popped out at me). Heed Smady’s warnings, people. Onto the set itself, it has a lot of proppiness befitting for an Ace Attorney set, being incredibly scripted for lots of interesting creativity and some interesting uses of the genre including being able to disappear and take control of one of your minions – I’d certainly like to see this kind of thing be played upon more in future sets. The set was also a fun tribute to Von Karma, which is ironic given this set is voteworthy to me.

We then had our most recent  Zigzagoon set since Junahu’s made by Xiroey, who had the set not placed in a collapse box beforehand which I commented on in that state, possibly wanting to edit it for mistakes. Don’t let that discourage you however, as Junahu and JOE! will like the set for it mentioning of important details and cute animations, while others might not like it for, that dreaded word….Pokemon Syndrome, which makes up not just a few attacks but over half the set. It’s certainly a unique set however, and one can tell the author put a lot of love into it.

Finally, Bionichute posted Mr. Dark, Rayman’s archenemy who doesn’t seem to exist from what I’ve seen. It’s an improvement for Bio and anyone can see that, utilizing some stuff from what would be from his boss fight. If you like a simple set that manages to work and fiery prisons, it could be your stuff.



  1. Didn’t know you didn’t wanna do these anymore <.<;

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