Posted by: frostare | September 25, 2012

The Customizable Moveset: A Community Project

With SSB4 upcoming on the WiiU and 3DS, Sakurai has said that in one version he wants it to be a personal experience. One can take that to meaning there will be customizable movesets, or maybe a character creator. So, I’ve been throwing around the idea of a customizable moveset in my head, but I’m not that good at these things, and I need to write some already planned movesets of my own. What I’m reaching out to the MYM community is a project to make a hypothetical customizable moveset. Not a realistic one, but one MYM would enjoy. It doesn’t have to be Miis. Just what the community has to offer to this idea, and how it would come about. I’m willing to lead the project, as in goad it into completion and assign jobs if I need to, but I’m more than willing to hand over director status to a leader, like Warlord or FA, or someone like Junahu who has offered insight on to creative ideas like this in the past. If I offer moveset ideas, it will be the same as anyone else. I don’t want my name to have any more prominence than others on this. Here’s what I’d like for MYM to do with this custom moveset project:

1. Join the discussion in the social group:

2. I’d like all of the leaders to particpate in it, as you are experienced and, well, the leaders of MYM.

3. Try to keep the project alive. I don’t want it to fall by the wayside.

4. Be open to others ideas. Everyone can have input, and we can discuss the merits of the ideas in a civil manner.

5. Offer your thoughts, no matter what they may be!
Thanks MYM, I hope this can be a successful project.


What do you think?

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