Posted by: Junahu | October 1, 2012

Junahu’s Remixes (Part 2)

If you can’t recall what happened in Part 1 [here], I talked about what specific changes I’d make to my earlier movesets, the sets from before I truly became a break out MYMer. For this second part I shall prattle on about the sets from the middle point of my career as an awesome guy, everything from Doppelori to Mona & Lisa. These sets are when I started really thinking pragmatically, so many of the changes I’d make today will be slight.

It’s important to remind readers that I’m doing this both to demonstrate how movesets can be updated without removing the core of what the set actually is, and to show that the written form of a moveset is not the moveset itself, but rather an expression of it. An expression that can warp over time.

It’s okay to change a moveset when you gain better insight to what would improve it. It’s not okay to sell that set back to the reader as a new moveset. That’s what pains me about Remickses.

As what is likely to be my first truly well designed moveset (humble, aren’t I?), Doppelori presents a unique situation to the player, wherein the clock is constantly ticking and a decisive victory is needed in order to win at all. Problematically, the way every attack and design choice ties together makes it nearly impossible to make any changes, without ruining the entire system in place.

The big problem for me with this moveset, is her Side Special, which she uses to turn into the opponent briefly. Not only is it rather shallow, only really functioning as a means of getting out of her doomed special mechanic, but it’s also just fundamentally… wrong. Doppelori is not a robot who copies the forms of others. She’s a robotic doppelganger of exactly one person; Lori. While the subterfuge of fooling others into thinking you’re someone else is great, it doesn’t really work here in Brawl.

As for what to replace the move with, I feel something a bit more tongue in cheek, yet ultimately more useful is in order. For the special, Doppelori lunges forth, grabs the foe, and then straps a cosplay mask onto them (it’s an item I made up, look it up in my Krillin moveset). It’s a mask of a Grinning Darn, a reddish robot with a grill that looks like a massive grin across its face, and it gives the foe access to a set of generic specials, along with Doppelori’s awful Final Smash;

Neutral Special: Generic wind-up punch. Higher levels of charge also increase the lag when the punch is actually used, but also introduce flinch armor into the mix.

Side Special: Generic X bomb toss. Lobs a light explosive on a slightly aimable arc. The arc tends to take the bomb over the foe’s head, hitting standing foes no closer than 1.4 stagebuilder units away at least. It really doesn’t deal much damage on contact.

Up Special: Generic angled arm tether. The player’s arm stretches up at an angle, allowing them to grab the ledge from further away. It can also grab foes in midair and drag them to the player, leaving them with a slight lag advantage.

Down Special: Self Destruct. The player explodes, dealing 17% damage to both himself, and nearby opponents. Capable of vertical KOs after 125% (to the player using the attack too).

Because of the way Cosplay masks work, the foe has to taunt in order to remove it (or take severe knockback). Doppelori won’t be able to hide in FFAs anymore, but she can sow a bit more chaos by turning foes into easier targets. It’s still kind of dumb, but at least this version of the Side Special is more self aware, and more related to Doppelori’s goals as a character.

The other main change I’d make to this moveset, is to show damage on Doppelori’s cannon, allowing her to tell how close she is to blowing up. And to alter the actual explosion so it deals a large amount of knockback to her, rather than OHKOing her outright. If she survives the knockback, her cannon restores itself to 10% health.

Oh yeah, and a hitbox on Forward Tilt. Even just a flinch is better than nothing.

Despite looking every bit like a flimsy jokeset, Magikarp herself is actually quite capable. Or at least she would be, if her attacks had hitboxes.

So, pretty much the only change to Magikarp; give every attack a hitbox, and some token knockback, particularly upward knockback so Magikarp can set up her Up-air, and so she can have a juggling game.

That’s all she needs to be a unique and fun character to fool around as. Incidentally, characters like this and Zigzagoon, and others with non-standard control schemes or bizarre playstyles, occupy a seperate partition on the character select screen. Basically, they’ll all clumped together, slightly away from the bulk that is the regular characters.

As my favourite moveset of all time, you’d think I wouldn’t want to change anything at all about Alucard. This is not so, even Alucard has awkward points that need ironing out. At its heart it is still a homage to Chief Mendez’s MYM3.0 work, warts and all.

Down-tilt needs to be a crouching sword swing. Firstly because Alucard doesn’t have enough sword attacks for a sword user. And secondly because grabbing the foe’s ankles is just awkward and irrelevent to Alucard in general. All the attack properties and such can remain the same, sending the foe on an arc that takes them over Alucard’s head.

The main point of contrition I have with the moveset in its current form, is the grab and throws. For the grab, Alucard himself should attempt to grab the foe ahead of him, with the ghostly apparition of Dracula a demon still performing the ranged grab in tandem.

The throws the set currently has are… to put it mildly, dumb. So here is a set of new throws to enjoy;

Forward Throw: Alucard hurls the foe forth, then throws his sword at them (it magically boomerangs back to Alucard), hitting for 12% over two hits and spacing the foe far away from Alucard. With proper DI, the sword hit can be shielded, avoiding the damage, but still pushing the foe away, while damaging their shield

Upward Throw: Alucard tosses the foe skyward, then teleports to their position in midair, and slams them down to the ground again. 14% damage and pops the foe into the air (like Kirby’s up-throw, this can potentially slam down onto a higher platform)

Downward Throw: Alucard deftly slashes at the foe multiple times, lightning fast. After a pause, the foe crumples into prone while taking 13% damage.

Backward Throw: Alucard turns around, slams the foe to the ground, then slashes them away with his sword. 9% damage over two hits, and keeps the foe relatively close. The throw is notable in that it turns Alucard around, something that Alucard otherwise has a buttload of trouble with.

And I’m sure everyone will be overjoyed to hear that I have absolutely no intention at all of getting rid of the Street-Fighter inputs, or of making any changes to the Specials in general, except maybe buffing some of those Familiars.

Oh dear god. THIS moveset suffers a total love-hate relationship with me.

The moveset represents a pretty awesome experiment into not only a moveset’s flow as a reading piece, but also a quirky genre shift that eventually evolves into a normal moveset, and then beyond it. Playing the part of a generic minion in a throng of dozens is a genuinely interesting idea to explore.

The part wherein everything falls apart, is the fact you have to use grab, as slimoss, over nutritious soil, in order to pluck new creatures from the floor. This basic action is outright required in order to play the set at all, which makes it all the more unforgiveable that it’s so darn arbitrary. There is really no natural, instinctive way to make this interaction play out, meaning that this is the only Junahu moveset that functionally cannot be made to work.

Instead, the entire moveset would have to be remade from the ground up. And I’d probably regret that before I even start it, so this set will have to suffer the indignity of being entirely decanonised. All because I refuse to make a contemporary remicks… how ironic.

You’d think that I’d take issue with how frustrating it would be use Nurse Joy offensively, particularly with all the myriad little details the player needs to discover before they can use her in a 1v1 situation. However, I still feel Nurse Joy provides a unique approach to Brawls, and that players will pick up on this very quickly. On the Character Select screen, she’d be grouped with Magikarp as a “non-standard” brawler.

The one change that absolutely must be made however, is Joy’s Side Special, which currently involves trapping the foe inside a Pokeball. That feels overly cruel for her.

As a replacement Side Special, I think giving her the ability to practice her 2v2 style in a 1v1 fight would be more than welcome. Upon pressing the input, Nurse Joy tosses out her pokeball which summons Chansey to the fight. Chansey can be struck, damaged, grabbed and KO’d like any real brawler. Chansey is slow, weak offensively (mostly slaps and body attacks, with one Special involving tossing explosive eggs), and has only its midair jump to save it when offstage. In all other ways however, Chansey is very durable, and is smart enough to take advantage of Nurse Joy’s healing whenever possible. If you press the input again when Chansey is already out and about, Joy returns it to the Pokeball (A laggy action, but can be performed regardless of distance from Chansey). Joy only has one Chansey (per stock), but thankfully it recovers 4% damage per second whilst not in battle, so keeping it in it’s Pokeball is a good idea from time to time.

Ok, here is the changes I’d make to Regal, are you paying attention?

Neutral Special, when used in midair, gives Regal a tiny bit of vertical momentum.

Down Special is nerfed to only being angleable to 50 degrees left/right. When used on the ground, Regal leaps up into the air, then rockets forward to the ground at a 45 degree angle.

Final Smash is now Regal’s Mystic Arte, which is a flurry of kicks (giving the Final Smash a similar Style to Link’s/Ike’s). You need to be very close to a foe in order to connect with this, but it will scoop up any foe within that range, even if they’re above or behind him. It can also be used in midair, in which case Regal kicks the foe to the ground first, then slams down to resume the Mystic Arte.


As a transparant vehicle made to get Items into matches, the Item Tree sadly should not be allowed to use items, at least not real ones. If you want items, there’s a menu for that in Brawl already.

So the main change, is one that affects the Item Tree fundamentally; replace the items with more “nature themed” objects. Below is a tentative list of some of them;

Branch: A weak battering item. Somewhere between Lip’s Stick and a star Rod as far as knockback and damage go.

Bird: A throwing item. When not being held, the bird patrols the stage using big fluttery hops. When thrown, Birds fly forward along a Sine wave pattern, stopping only if they hit something. Deals 8% damage and moderate backwards knockback.

Bramble: A throwing item. Deals 4% damage when thrown into a foe, and attaches itself to that foe, reducing their movement speed for 4 seconds whilst dealing continual damage. If a player tries to run past a bramble that is laying on the ground, they are stopped in their tracks and take 4% damage. If they try to then dash away from that spot, they’ll trip

Leaves: A throwing item. Deals 3% damage when thrown into a foe, and slightly pauses the foe during the hit itself. There is no further effect

Beehive: A throwing item. A cluster of bees hovers 2 stagebuilder units above the beehive. Touching them deals multiple flinching hits of 1% damage. If the hive is picked up, the bees fly towards the person with the hive, aiming to attack them and get them to drop the hive again. If thrown, the bees fly towards the hive, then return to their docile position above it once they’ve reached the hive. If the hive is attacked, or thrown offscreen, the bees fly towards the perpetrator, only leaving once they’ve dealt 14% damage to that player. This also happens if the foe is struck with a thrown beehive (they get honey on themselves)

Walnuts: Food item. Heals 4% damage when eaten.

Cloud: A throwing item. When tossed, the cloud stops after travelling 1.5 stagebuilder units, and hovers in place. The cloud functions as a fallthrough platform (0.8 stagebuilder units wide), though standing on it too long will cause it to vanish. If thrown through a foe, the cloud has a slight wind effect on them.

Dartgun: A shooting item. When fired, the player blows into the gun, firing a single dart straight forward. It travels instantaneously, but vanishes upon flying 2.4 stagebuilder units. On contact, the dart flinches the foe, whilst inflicting them with 6% worth of damage-over-time (2% per second). If more than one dart hits the foe in succession, the total poison damage increases (6%, 18%, 30%, 42%, 54%, 66%). It’s reasonably quick to fire, but cannot be aimed. There are 6 shots in a Dartgun.

Naturally, the Item Tree’s main moveset would need to be rebalanced to compensate for the modified item list. So in the end, the entire moveset would end up being radically different.

No change whatsoever. The set works, it does what it needs to, its characterisation still stands up to my current standards. There’s nothing to change.

Maaaaybe nerf her flinch armor to 5%. And make her grab actually incapacitate foes.

When using the Weapon Change Menu, 2 button should be accept, and 1 button should return the marker to the center of the grid. Currently it’s backwards, and it’s annoying the ever loving crap outta me. Seriously.

Oh yeah, and clearly the moveset works with other controllers, but who cares about those right?

Gameplay-wise, Protoman should be able to use his shield on the ground by crouching. It would deflect projectiles and weak attacks, though fail against stronger stuff like Smash Attacks. It’d obviously be useless against attacks from above or behind.

The Spiked Boots item is mostly useless, and should instead be an item that increases Protoman’s weight temporarily.

The Rebound strikers do not lend themselves very well at all to Brawl’s open air arenas. So I’ll just steal the Rebound Strikers from MT’s Strike Man moveset. NO-ONE WILL EVER KNOW! (Basically the same as they are now, but being struck by an attack sends the striker back to Protoman, and Protoman striking it in turn sends it back to the foe, with each volley increasing its strength)

Diglett needs to be able to jump, there is no getting around that fact. Being stuck on the ground ends up breaking the game in two. So, Jumping controls;

Holding the jump input instead of tapping it, results in Diglett leaping out of the ground (about 0.7 stagebuilder units, a serviceable distance). He takes a clump of soil with him in order to hide his body from sight. In midair, Diglett has no jumps, but can use Fissure in order to propel himself upwards 1.4 stagebuilder units. In midair, Fissure results in an earthy explosion below Diglett that propels him into the air. The blast deals 14% damage and spikes foes who were stupid enough to get hit by it. Diglett still cannot use aerials, because being aerial is not a very Diglett thing to do.

As for how Diglett’s terraforming would actually work in a real game (i.e. the logistics of programming it), Fissure’s effect can be simulated with Occlusion Culling, applying a mask that skips rendering the physical stage behind it. Of course, it would likely be more helpful in the long term to design the engine to allow the stage itself to be dynamically restructured, as that would pave the way for other terraforming characters, and for unique stages within the game itself.

As Blaze was designed to complement the existing Sonic moveset in Brawl, there’s really nothing that particularly needs changing. Ignition Burst (the attack that can be used during other inputs to alter their effect) should be on Neutral Special though, with Axel Tornado moved to Down Special. When it was on Down Special, Ignition Burst was incredibly awkward to use, due to it conflicting with a lot of the inputs that it could be used on.

With Axel Tornado moved to Down Special, its controls (specifically how you can use Ignition Burst with it) would have to be changed. Mashing B still maintains the tornado, even if you aren’t holding down on the analogue stick. In order to “Ignition Burst”, tilt the stick left or right while mashing B. This causes the tornado to lurch in the opposite direction.

The change I’d make to the duo of Penny and Inspector Gadget is simple, but fundamental; remove the obtuse summoning ritual needed to bring Inspector Gadget in, just have him there from the start, and without his cheating AI. At its core, Penny and the Inspector are about the ways in which these characters play off one another, being a team like moveset where you play the part of the weakest teammate. While there is a nice “story” to how Penny fights when alone, it’s not something that players would enjoy doing every single match.

As for the moveset itself, the attacks that fail against heavier foes need altering so that they… don’t fail. That was just a dumb idea from the start.

XP Tan is so audacious not only in concept but in design ethic, that she really feels far removed from other Junahu movesets in general. I honestly think it’d be a disservice to even attempt to streamline XP Tan in order to fit some personal canon. So I won’t even bother.

The point of the moveset, other than to make something even more sexualised than M.Trinity, and thus win the race to be the most perverted fuck in MYM, was to make an experience that felt like it came from the early 2000’s.

I’m pleased with the moveset, it’s just that it doesn’t fit with anything else. So XP Tan joins “Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman! What Did I Do To Deserve This?” as a decanonised moveset.

Great (HIPPO) moveset. Simple, pragmatic, but unique to play as. This set needs no tweaking outside of number crunching those waddle doo tornados of his.

Oh, and giving them the ability to be blown around by other character’s wind hitboxes. It’d be a bit inconsistant with characters like Giant Bat otherwise.

You would think that I’d be eager to change Emolga’s projectile interactions so that they’re consistant and fluid, but no. The “hard interaction” style of Emolga’s attacks (each attack knocks electric projectiles around in specific ways) gives Emolga a unique and fitting feel, playing with its projectiles almost as much as with its foes.

But, I’m not keen on inputs that change based on the specific opponent you’re facing. Emolga doesn’t really need its “climb on big foes” game, its grab against smaller foes is sufficient for all opponents. Though I do think that alternate grab-game should still work for larger projectiles.

Elecball should also be chargeable (but not storeable), in order to increase its size and power.

I simply would not be able to get away with altering ANY of the regular attacks, as much as I may want to in some cases. Even the literalistic grab-game that uses the exact controls of the game, needs to stay as is, due to the precarious balance in having the same base set being used in both a 1v1 and 2v1 moveset.

The one thing people tended to point out for Blaze specifically, was how her Police Entourage being immobile tended to screw her over. Her car should, as a car, be allowed to drive around to keep up with scrolling stages. Blaze should also be able to make the police car move manually, by using Up Special when directly standing over where it is (i.e. where using the up special would otherwise cause nothing to happen). In this case, the car would drive in the direction Blaze is facing, until it is no longer blocking her (or until it reaches an edge).

On the F-Zero stage Port Town Aero Dive, if the car ends up on the track, it drives along the track whenever the stage moves, getting to the stage’s next destination and parking there before the stage itself gets there (yes, this does mean the car can drive absurdly fast). On the F-Zero stage Big Blue, if the car ends up on the track, it drives along it like the other competitors (at the same impossible speed). On Mario Circuit, the go-karts can crash into the car, when driving in from the background. On Rainbow Cruise, the car remains on the ship, which is not too big a problem since the stage loops. For the purposes of Blaze’s Up Special, it’s treated as if the car is just below the bottom of the screen. If part of a stage collapses underneath the car and it falls offstage, the car reappears where it originally spawned, after a delay.

An aesthetic change for Blaze, is to replace the knife, with a broken bottle. This is to help maintain a sense of consistancy with the dagger weapon in Mike Dawson’s moveset.

Mona and Lisa’s Up Special needs some vertical lift when used, at least as 2/3 that of a normal midair jump. Their Final Smash is also pretty lame, and actually hurts their chances to win when used. Calling in a bunch of mooks to come and gang up on the foe with Mona and Lisa would be much more in keeping with the set’s style.



  1. I always felt that Blaze’s car should be able to drive on the F-Zero tracks. (y)

    You forgot the most important change for Item Tree: Giving it item attacks. (smirk2)

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