Posted by: Davidreamcatcha | December 30, 2012

Rise Of The Recap #1

Well, there was activity this week. Rather than mope and be unproductive with the time the three-man-band of MW, Smady and FA has given me, why not start this up again? There will be one for every week there is activity – no excuses.

The Joker was the first thing posted this week, by your’s truly. Joker borrows traits seen in numerous other versions – such as his trademark laughing gas, and combines them into it’s own thing. He places canisters of it around the stage – slowly damaging foes with passive damage. He is aided with several other tricks as well, such as his lethal joybuzzer and chattering teeth. Having no one set KO method, Joker slowly builds up to a KO – with him needing to set up multiple factors beforehand. Reception was highly mixed, with much of the praise going to things such as the prone abuse tricks, while heavy loathing was directed to the boss mode and what were considered to be filler moves.

Ross’s Apartment is a stage based off of the infamous F-R-I-E-N-D-S holiday special. It’s a small stage, one that is repeatedly visited by the Holiday Armadillo – who can be damaged enough to prevent subsequent events from happening. If the Armadillo is allowed to visit, he will be followed shortly by visits from Santa and Superman – if all 3 are allowed to visit, they will set up a Menorah that damages people in the center of the stage.This was followed by a post listing and linking all the Christmas-related content that had been posted throughout MYM’s history.

King Sombra was posted on HyperRidley on Christmas Day. The Warlordian pony villain could be called similar to the Joker in his methods – formulating a trap that spreads across the stage at a good pace. However, unlike the Joker, King Sombra also has a dedicated offense game to use – distracting foes who would be attacking his crystals. The spreading trap here is Sombra’s Dark Crystal – spreading to both sides of him and creating a zone where his attacks gain additional properties and he gains buffs in movement speed. Kat was the sole commenter, claiming that he enjoyed it but also adding that he could’ve enjoyed it more if the playstyle section was lengthier and more elaborated on.

King Sombra vs The Joker – 70/30, Sombra’s favor

The Joker is a minimal threat to Sombra, as Joker can easily be pressured whilst Sombra simultaneously increases his reign of the stage. Hell, Joker setting up is a nonfactor in this match-up: Sombra is easily able to shut down his canisters with disjointed moves like his dsmash – ensuring that there is an ample space between him and the canisters for when they explode – and he’s just as easily able to throw the canisters offstage or to a part of the stage far away from his Crystal Kingdom. While Joker is normally content just throwing out his grab to those who pressure him, Sombra’s physical attacks are far and few between – leaving Joker at a loss. Much of Joker’s KO methods follow the gas in someway – what with him needing to knife Sombra (nearly impossible because of the earlier-mentioned disjointed attacks), joybuzz him (getting Sombra by water is incredibly difficult due to how Sombra will rarely leave his kingdom once he has it set up), or poison him (same reason). Joker’s only real hope for winning is trying to drain out Sombra’s recovery by covering the stage in enough gas that he’s forced to use it – after which he is able to space him into a dsmash mine inside gas to blow him to hell. Unfortunately, given Joker will never get in close enough to actually use his crowbar – his most potent damage racker, meaning this is a virtually useless effort unless Joker is raise Sombra’s percentage upon beforehand – virtually impossible. It’s a long slope upwards for the Clown Prince of Crime – most of the victories will go to Sombra. Long live the king!


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