Posted by: frostare | January 1, 2013

The Role of Leadership in MYM Today

Don’t know if I’m the one to post this but nobody else would, so here we go. As you know, there is a group of MYM “elite” we call the Leaders. There’s usually a new one each contest with four remaining with the group. Their job is… actually I don’t exactly know what their job is. That’s the point of this little post. The only real thing I know is them being in charge of the top 50 movesets and posting the MYM thread as it ends (which I will also get to).

Now, as you notice MYM has gotten more inactive lately. There was recently a few movesets, but it was dead for a while. Yes, I am partly responsible for this, as I have multiple movesets I could finish but I haven’t. Comments would also contribute to its activity, and I haven’t commented in a good while. Mostly because it feels like a job, which movesets have been feeling as well. And that’s not a good thing! MYM isn’t as fun anymore for me. I’m sure others share the same sentiment.

Now this is about leadership. They’re not really fostering activity since the thread is mostly inactive. Kat and JOE are the only thing close to leaders since they have been either consistently commenting (Kat) or fostering activity (JOE!). If there’s others I’m missing I’m sorry, those are the two that come to mind. FA, Froy, and Smady have commented recently so I’m thankful for them. Fiddlesticks, I’m inserting more of my opinion into this than I want which is not the point of this. I want to be unbiased here because I want you guys to discuss in the comments.

As far as movesets, leaders have posted… jack shit recently. I know that three leaders were supposed to have some Halloween movesets posted… that still aren’t. In fact apparently one leader has actively held it back. Why is this? Aren’t leaders supposed to be on top and actually… lead? Something to think about.

So what else do they do? Moderate the chat? Actual moderation is rare, and bans are either jokes or petty grudge matches. Try leading MYM discussions in the chat, or instigating them at least. Constructive discussions. If this is happening, good. You’ve done your job. Tell me in the comments if you have.

So what else… the top 50? As far as I know, the top 50 doesn’t serve any purpose now. Movesets have gotten so sparse the top 50 is the Top 50% of the Movesets. The top 50, and the contest ending at all, were added when the movesets were filling the thread to a brim. They were basically introduced to say “Hey, stop posting. We need a new thread. Here’s some good stuff from this thread so you don’t have to plow through all 400 movesets- here’s the definitive ones you NEED to read to entertain yourself.” Until there’s a lot of movesets, do away with ending the contest and the top 50 all together. That’s my opinion actually. What do you think? Do you agree with me? Discuss in the comments!

So… what else do the leaders do? If nothing else, then I want to ask: do we really need FIVE people who don’t really have much impact? I want people to decide. And yes, I can predict the only people that will actually respond to this are the leaders themselves and possibly Dave. This isn’t an attack on anyone, just a discussion on the need of something on a whole. I’m not going to discuss unless someone directly asks me something, I’m going hands-off from here



  1. Leadership for a while now simply exists to act as an example to other moveset makers. I’d argue they’re still the most active, unified group of users in the community. There has been a period of inactivity, but his goes for the wider contest as well, so I’d say this is anomalous. The thing about leadership is that it takes more effort to dismantle it than to keep it going, being that without leadership allows for the checks and balances on the top fifty. Personally I prefer the current contest system over the sometimes proposed single thread idea, though that is a different beast altogether. Just my humble opinion.

  2. A little bit surprised that I’m the first to comment on this. I’m not sure how seriously I’ll be taken here, considering both the fact that I’ve always been anti-leadership and that I’m about as inactive as it gets nowadays, thread-wise, but I may as well give it a shot.

    The role of leaders is in the name – they’re supposed to lead. Whether you think that should be done through posting sets and commenting themselves, or bringing out that behavior in others, the point remains the same. Their roles used to be vote guru, opening/original poster, and chat moderators. The only one left of that that’s locked to leadership is OP, because most of them have proven they’re either too dishonest or too bad with math to do the VG thing, and, hell, -I’M- the main moderator in the (used) chat now, and I think my crew does a pretty good job of it. Leadership and/or thread activity is not required for that at all.

    Now, when it comes to sets and comments, leaders don’t have to be the MOST active, but they should damn well be active. There’s nothing that’ll kill a community faster than seeing the people who are supposed to be the “big guns” completely uninterested/inactive in it.

    Personally, I’m still not sure MYM needs leaders…if they’re going to be there, they sure as hell need to be less important. Or, more accurately, they need to stop pretending that they’re as important as they do, and people need to realize that they’re…not as important as they seem to be. I could word that more eloquently, but whatever. I just think that people don’t want to post because they know that the leadership will come in acting all high and mighty and shit all over them. I can’t know if that’s still accurate today, but it was one of the reasons I didn’t like posting my own sets back in MYM10-12.

    Moving on, I think the Top 50 is obsolete now, for the reasons you pointed out. There are simply not enough sets to require one anymore. If they really want to keep the current ranking around, it should probably be made into a Top 30 or even 20. I’d suggest going with an idea taken from the ghost of MYM past, and having everyone post their own personal Top 10, then talk about them. With no voting or ranking, it’d be more free and open and people wouldn’t gripe as much about who likes what, since it wouldn’t really affect anything tangibly. Or, hell, continue on down the road we’re going, with everyone who wishes to having their own rankings.

    For the last paragraph…I don’t really think the number of leaders matters at all. No matter how many or few you have, leaders themselves will still have no palpable power. The only things that are really “required” are the OP and…just that, yeah, unless you keep the voting system, in which case a Vote Guru is needed, but as stated, that responsibility doesn’t have to fall onto a member of the “leadership,” per se.

    That concludes this step into the mind of Phatcat, tune in next time to see what lies past the next rung.

  3. *Second to comment on this, fuck I idled forever.

  4. I suppose I should throw in my few cents.

    Personally, I enjoy the Top 50. As long as it’s not taken too seriously, it’s a fun little thing at the end that can make you feel a little better about all the work you put into your movesets. And I do like how it makes MYM more like a /contest/. In my opinion, that fosters activity, as it gives a driving goal to people, new or old, to strive for each contest. As for if more sets are needed for a Top 50…that’s debatable. I would not mind single threads going on for longer, but I would be opposed to just having a single thread forever. Stopping in the range of 125-150 sets should be fine: The top 50 then represents the top 33% or so of movesets according to public opinion.

    As for the role of leadership…I do think they should foster activity, but I think it’s somewhat excusable they haven’t done so or, at least, that Warlord hasn’t given his ban and such. As for the rest…that’s an issue with movements IMO, not leaders. I do think it’s ridiculous that Illbleed has not been posted though and if it isn’t finish soon people should just post their crap and let the straggler post his whenever. That feeling being evoked, be it intentionally or not, was key to the success of the Organization XIII movement in my opinion. I felt like I had a deadline and that if it I didn’t meet it it would just be posted without me and that I’d feel horrible because I made it wrooooong (Plus it’d ruin any chance for me and future movements).

    Also, I’d be fine with being the vote guru if I ever get trustworthy enough.

    The only reason MYM is inactive is because, quite frankly, MYM sucks at trying to attract new people. Newcomers are, in general, treated with the sort of unease and contempt not usually seen in flourishing communities, or at least it feels that way to me. People like WoMF, who is very new and therefor pretty bad but very much trying, are made fun of, when people like WoMF will have to be nurtured and will form the future of MYM: Active people who seem to really care about the sets they and others post, even if they are not the quality others percieve. People also need to learn the power of opinion and that there is no One Right Opinion to rule them all.

    Quite honestly I have thought of trying to get some people into MYM, but the community has prevented me from feeling comfortable with it. I have been trying to get activity by talking about MYM in some other places…but I also don’t feel comfortable telling MYM at large about it because I don’t think they’ll have a good attitude about it. Is this fear well founded? Probably depends on who you talk too.

    I think MYM will keep going, but we really are going to want to try and get newcomers in, rather than clinging to the old.

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