Posted by: katapultarr | January 8, 2013

An End To MyM Career…?

Lately I’ve been somewhat out of MYMing, what with my long periods of not posting a set and they not being up to scratch for whatever reason. Heck, I haven’t even been in the mood to read or comment the onslaught known as the Illbleed Movement or Asura of all things. I’ve been a tad depressed, and I felt this way at the start of the competition, almost wanting to quit MYM. But now I think I might want to follow up on that…but not because I’ve had some failures or because the current competition’s been moving slowly. Rather, it’s because I came to the realization that I’ve been chugging forward with no goals in mind…

You see, I did have goals in the past but they were ALL accomplished last contest. Five goals, to be specific:

  1. Beat my Top 50 record by placing higher than 33rd. 
  2. Win the User Rankings (technically developed in the middle of the contest).
  3. Place with a Lucky Star moveset.
  4. Get a high/good placing with an anime schoolgirl set.
  5. Complete a Story Mode (the very first goal I ever had upon joining MYM due to being inspired by Playing God).

I eventually did enough in said contest to be made a Leader, which could have been considered a 6th goal that was also accomplished. In any case, people had higher expectations of me, so what did I decide to do next contest? Manufacture sets en masse hoping at least one of them would good for the sake of getting lots of placings. Also to help the contest with its set count. It was the wrong way to go though, as while I did have a few successes I never really felt any attachment to the characters. They were mostly tools used to create a basis of which the set could work on, rather than being created because I thought they were cool or because I genuinely liked them – as further proof, most of them weren’t really fun to make, though that didn’t seem to stop me from making them. Overall it left a pretty bad taste in my mouth, but nowhere near the level I felt in MYM8.

So basically, I’ve been going through MYM13 with no ambitions, making sets for the sake of doing so and commenting because I felt obligated to do so as a Leader – last contest I actually started doing the latter BECAUSE I wanted to score on the User Rankings. That’s all. For a while I’ve realized that MYM13 has been a step-back for me, but it’s only now I’ve come to realize why that’s been the case. I feel I’ve accomplished everything I’ve ever wanted to in Make Your Move, and because of that I’ve been left without a goal to motivate me. MYM is a hobby, not a permanent job, not something I’m getting paid for – if there’s nothing driving me there’s no point in feeding it for the sake of keeping it alive (it’s doing pretty well nowadays).

Maybe I haven’t accomplished absolutely everything I want to, though. If that was the case, I’d still want to make sets for all the other Lucky Star girls and have them place on the Top 50, get a good simple lightweight female protagonist set to Top 10 and complete a very ambitious Story Mode that details all the MYM contests as individual sagas, breaks down one competition into an in-depth story (MYM11 or 12) or even one that personifies my experiences and sets in MYM into an epic via chronological order. I even have ideas for these. The thing is though, that these goals would take too long to complete, let alone get all 3 done. I’m not a very ambitious person per se, so I’m actually really, really satisfied with what I’ve accomplished. I can leave MYM knowing I managed to achieve. Perhaps said achievements aren’t PERFECT, but I’m still proud of them and should be grateful I even got as far as I did. I think 50 sets is a pretty good place to stop.

Perhaps I won’t leave MYM forever though, but rather take a backseat. You see, I still cling to the contest, not only as a way to improve my writing skills for the future but also because there’s not much else I do with my spare time practically-speaking. That said, I could simply jump aboard instead. I’m just not 100% certain as to whether I will leave the contest or not. One thing’s for certain though, and it is that I want to resign from my role as a contest leader and all the responsibilities that come with it. That way I can have a bit more freedom to do things at my own pace. Be less active, but make sets I actually want to make should I continue such. Such I end on a good note.



  1. This is sad news. You served well as a leader, I can only say I hope you stay in Make Your Move and eventually find new goals. It would be devastating if you completely left the community.

  2. Ah, well…hopefully you’ll still be around at least some. And that you’ll still vote in MYM13, even if you don’t later.

  3. […] everyone! FrozenRoy is joining leadership. This is sadly in the absence of Katapultar, click this link if you’ve managed to avoid the news. Roy is a relatively new face in Make Your Move, but this […]

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