Posted by: Davidreamcatcha | February 18, 2013

An Early Look: Pinkie Pie

So with the new convenient inbox system Smashboards has, I ended up finding an old private message that I’d been looking for for a while: it’s no secret that Pinkie Pie was originally conceived as a joint between Smashbot and I. However, the process we had was rather unique: he would write a draft of the moveset and send it to me, working off specials I sent him. Once he did that, I would improve what he sent me. Of course, this was Pre-Facilier Smashbot and was written around the time that he wrote Rocket Raccoon: so bare in mind it’s not even…good. Nevertheless, this is the original version of Pinkie Pie he wrote. Feel free to look out for what made it in the version I wrote and what didn’t.


Oh my God, working on this set wouldn’t normally take so ****ing long if I didn’t have college next week. At any rate, I’m having trouble figuring out what Pinkie’s uthrow will be but otherwise, the set is done.

Keep in mind a lot of the hotlinking is probably **** and I don’t entirely remember how to directly paste YouTube videos onto the post. Otherwise, yeah. Feel free to adapt this to your current template. I can come up with the final smash/extras if you like. I’ll have some heavy vodka in the corner in the meantime.

A (Noise Maker):


Pinkie blows into a noisemaker, causing it to stretch out and slap anyone in front of Pinkie Pie in three Bowser-lengths in front of her. While the damage and knockback aren’t too good (3-5%), Pinkie can spam this move to great effect due to the low beginning and ending lags. When she pulls the noisemaker back in, she’ll also draw struck foes closer to her, although there’s no increased hitstun for the pull-in. For even more annoyance, she can spam this during Continuous Momentum to pester pursuing foes. As such, the Noisemaker is helpful for creating space between Pinkie and her enemies as well as maintaining that space. As a little extra, Pinkie has five total noises that the noisemaker will randomly create. However, each noise is strictly for aesthetic purposes and does not affect the foe any differently between each noise.

A> (Pinkie Hop):


Pinkie quickly hops forward and high above ground, high enough to leap over any other character in the game in front of her and land behind him/her. If she lands on someone, they take 5-8% damage and momentarily stunned, leaving them open for Pinkie’s various shenanigans. Pinky Hop can be used in a variety of manners; during the hop, she completely avoids low attacks and projectiles and if she times it right, Pinkie can skillfully avoid smash attacks and follow up with a counter. The entire move lasts for almost a full second, most of it involving Pinkie performing a floaty hop and moving forward in the air. There is one unique aspect about this move that involves the landing; the ending lag on Pinky Hop is instant so players with quick reactions can time simultaneous hop after hop to either chase down opponents or to form a very unusual and hard to catch runaway plan.

A^ (Surprise Tube):


Pinkie bends down to reach for something in her pack to give the opponent… what could it be? A little tube full of snacks of course! She offers the tube at a slight upward angle and the rapid gesture deals low damage (1-3%) and minimal knockback. This isn’t all bad though, as the tube has a follow-up. The tube is actually spring-loaded to shoot out confetti, coming out in an explosive manner and spreading confetti every which way. The explosion knocks enemies away from Pinkie, and deals 6-10% damage. Pinkie then drops the empty tube to the ground, disappearing shortly after. While there’s an explosive hitbox that covers most of the air above Pinkie and a space in front of her, the confetti is the real reason you’re sending out tubes. The confetti that comes out is so stubbornly sticky- no doubt due to being touched by floury hooves- that they’ll slow down the opponent’s movements. The effect is proportional to how much confetti is covering the victim; the more the better, and you can get the highest possible effect by centering the foe in the middle of the explosion. If you manage to strike at him/her with the initial gesture, rest assured that he’ll/she’ll get the worst of it. This gimp lasts for five seconds.

AV (Hot Sauce):


Pinkie reaches for a bottle of hot sauce but accidentally spills the entire bottle onto the ground! The hot sauce covers the entire ground for about three Bowser-lengths and lasts for five seconds. When Pinkie spills the hot sauce, there’s also a small and short-traveling projectile that knocks away anyone in front of Pinkie for 7%, pretty much forcing them into the hot sauce field. So long as anyone except the Pinkie Pie that performed the move stands in the hot sauce, they’ll take 4% damage per quarter of a second due to the scalding condiment they’re standing on. The hot sauce will also increase the likelihood of tripping and will deal extra damage (6%) to prone foes. It’s not so easy to avoid the hot sauce either; Pinkie can press the attack to keep foes trapped and grounded, forcing them to take continuous damage as the pink pony continues her assault. Pinkie is also quick with spilling the sauce too, taking a little under half a second to cover the ground in hot sauce. However, Pinkie takes a little over three-fourths of a second to pout as her spilled treat sizzles, leaving her open for anyone clever enough to take advantage of the recovery time. Using this in conjunction with Continuous Momentum can make for some super sneaky tactics, such as leaving a trail of hot sauce in front while you retreat.

Dash (Silly Voice):


A sudden force only affecting Pinkie causes her body to quickly shake up and down off the ground. The pony giggles during this, claiming her voice sounds silly. She has yet to take basic physics but that’s beside the point. She slowly moves at the speed of Ganon’s walk, becoming her own jumbling hitbox that damages (7-10%) and knocks back any opponent in her way. Do note, however, that the knockback is more vertical, making this an excellent killing move if you’re both in a higher part of the stage. While the shaking doesn’t last nearly as long in the video, it still lasts for quite a while at one and a half seconds. Luckily, Pinkie is virtually untouchable by all but the most priority-transcending attacks. And with the virtually instant beginning/ending lags, she can use this when she thinks the opponent is going to make a hasty approach. However, there’s one unique aspect to this dash move separating it from all others; if Pinkie performs this attack before she goes off the edge, she’ll actually continue moving forward and hover in the air until Silly Voice ends. While it sounds gimmicky, it can actually prove quite useful for gimping opponents if you take the high priority into account. Even better, it doesn’t leave Pinkie in a helpless state nor does it leave her any more open than the ground version. She can recover right after it, keeping her safe and sound from angry recovering opponents.

Fsmash (Pin the Tail):


Pinkie quickly swings a blindfold around so that she’s blinded. At the same time, she swings a pinned tail around three times in the area in front of her as a reference to her favorite party game. Pinkie isn’t the softest of pinners, however, nor is she the most graceful: she spins around three times clockwise, dealing 14-16% damage in total if all three strikes land with the greatest knockback on the third strike. After her third swing, she stumbles a bit as her blindfold falls off and tail dropped to the ground. It sounds as lengthy as it’s described, taking three-fourths of a second to complete. Needless to say, hit with this move or don’t hit at all. Each swing covers about one full Mario-length so you’re going to cover quite a bit of ground. Pinkie also manages to add slice to her swings so that they can function as a swift yet reliable anti-air attacks. On a side note, if you manage to land Pin the Tail even once, the opponent suddenly sprouts a pinned tail on their rear end. While this is aesthetically humiliating for non-pony fighters, it’s also detrimental for them in that donning a fake tail reduces the speed of all their air moves, since it’s very difficult for inexperienced tail wielders to attack in midair. For five seconds, all their aerial attacks take an extra one-fourth of a second to come out and deal 2% less damage per strike. This can ruin aerially inclined characters or fighters who depend on air approaches to win.

Usmash (Twitchy Twitch):


Whenever Pinkie starts feeling twitches, it could mean several nasty things. However, she comes prepared for anything. Sensing that something bad is coming, Pinkie quickly dons an umbrella over her head, as rubble rains down from thin air. Luckily, the umbrella is very sturdy so that the rubble simply breaks to pieces on contact. The pieces scatter left and right, with some rubble tumbling down the umbrella and landing at Pinkie’s feet. As for the scattering pieces, one rock can create about four pieces when shattered and each piece is worth 1-2%. There are five rocks that descend and break upon Pinkie so if you somehow manage to land all the pieces, which is impossible to begin with given they scatter left AND right, you’d get 40%. However, an enemy heavily impacted on one side will easily suffer 13-17% damage. As soon as the last rock strikes the umbrella, the protective headwear breaks into little pieces as Pinkie nonchalantly gets back into her “battle” stance.

Dsmash (Pony Pinata):

Nair (Hiccups):


Uh oh, Pinkie Pie has the hiccups! Whenever the pink pony hiccups, she gains a little height and, for the most part, keeps her at the exact lateral point at which he made the input. In other words, you stay at the same height that you made the input. The beginning and ending lags for hiccups are also very quick and you can directionally influence which way you’ll move while airborne. This means you can keep hiccupping to stay in the air for a definite amount of time. I say definite because hiccups don’t last forever; after five hiccups, attempting to make the input again only causes Pinkie to cough, only leaving her open while in midair. The neat part about the hiccup is that it’ll instantly stop Pinkie in her tracks, even if she’s being knocked out of the ring at high percentages. This can also work against moves that affect your momentum such as Mario’s FLUDD or Squirtle’s Water Gun. Otherwise, the hiccups deal very little damage (1-4%) but knock the enemy back a slight distance.

Fair (Power of Laughter):


Pinkie represents the power of laughter, or indomitable positivity even in the face of your greatest fears. While airborne, Pinkie begins cracking up, taking about a full second to laugh. If any foe is caught in the laugh’s invisible hitbox (It stretches out to four Mario-lengths/anyone near Pinkie’s direction of choice), they are forced to stop whatever they’re doing and… laugh. For three seconds. While enemies are laughing, they’re unable to move, attack, or even block. They’re essentially sitting ducks for Pinkie to prey on. Of course, since the entire move takes a little over a second to come out, Pinkie won’t want to activate this move prematurely or she’ll waste most of the enemy’s stunned time recovering. With the Power of Laughter, it’s a matter of timing, since the beginning lag is a slight pause before Pinkie actually starts laughing. The best part is that you can use this in midair against recovering foes as well, although they can still control their directional influence and can use their recovery after laughing as if they were attacked. The laughing itself deals no damage or knockback, but the benefits of using the Power of Laughter are certainly there.

Bair (Cupcakes):


In the excitement of the battle, Pinkie Pie pulls out a tray and tosses cupcakes from a tray over her head and in the direction she’s facing away from. She has three cupcakes right out of the oven so they’re naturally going to burn whatever they touch; she tosses out three scalding cupcakes at various angles, lasting for three seconds before burning up. Yes, they’re that hot. Each cupcake deals about 4-7% damage and will usually all strike against larger opponents. The knockback per cupcake, however, isn’t good, normally knocking out opponents with 150%. Thankfully, the starting and ending lags are quick enough to label Cupcakes as a defensive move to use on large or evasive opponents. Since each cupcake travels at a different angle, you’ll have an easier time striking at foes on your tail. With practice, you could even use it to pester retreating foes, although like I said, it’d be difficult without practice.

Uair (Giant Cake):


Pinkie lifts a giant cake from out of nowhere into the air above/around her in a one Bowser-length radius. If nobody is above her, she devours all of it in a single gulp, recovering 5% damage after two seconds of licking her chops. She’s left pretty open while she’s eating and could just as easily eat a knuckle sandwich. However, if anyone is in the aforementioned radius, the giant cake suddenly becomes the fighter’s temporary prison. Pinkie’s victim is temporarily stuck in the cake due to the thickness while Pinkie drops the delicious treat, letting her foe fall at a little under twice as fast as their usual fall speed. The enemy is then forced to mash their way out of the cake, requiring twice as much effort required than to break from a throw. Pinkie can use this to easily gimp heavy opponents with good recovery to great effect and even then, you can heal yourself when the enemy’s stock loss is certain.

Dair (Big Sneeze):


Pinkie’s expression turns from blissful to disgruntled, as she prepares herself for a huge sneeze. Being the polite little pony she is, Pinkie sneezes downward so to not get any of her germs on the stage. However, if there are any enemies beneath her in a 60-degree radius, they receive extreme pushback, 7-10% damage, and are infected with their own sneezing fit. This means anyone caught in Pinkie’s sneeze zone sneezes themselves, pushing them in the opposite direction they’re facing at random for five seconds. While this can really hurt your opponent, in combination with the initial sneeze push, it could also help them if they use the sneezing correctly, since it’ll also push them upwards. Their sneezes don’t deal damage or enable them to use their recovery moves again. Sneezes come out in random intervals with a minimum of half a second between each sneeze, so don’t expect your foe to be constantly sneezing. Also, Pinkie takes a second to “wind up” the sneeze before she lets loose, so time it right or you’ll be punished.

Grab (Prankster):


If there’s one thing that Pinkie loves almost as much as parties, laughter, or friends, it’s playing pranks on the people of Equestria. The above video highlights all of the pranks used by Pinkie, whether or not performed by her. Pinkie attempts to snare her opponent using a telephone and its wire. If she manages to grab someone in front of her, the confused opponent catches the phone as Pinkie hides the phone on the other side of the line. For pummels, Pinkie can ask for fictitious patrons such as Michael Hunt or Amanda Huginkiss, infuriating the opponent so much that they bang their own noggin on the phone for 3% damage.

Fthrow (Electric Handshake):

Pinkie taps on her opponent’s shoulder and holds out a hoof as a sign of friendship. The reluctant opponent returns the gesture but is immediately shocked via volt trigger on Pinkie’s hoof. Despite her good-natured humor, she fails to notice how long her “friend” has been shocked. The unaware pony overdoes it, causing the trigger to short circuit and explode, sending the rest of the voltage into her victim (12%). He/She will also take some good knockback and randomly have muscle spasms for the next three seconds, which instantly stops whatever the inflicted foe is doing, whether in hitstun or attacking, and briefly stuns them before putting them into their combat stance. While the opponent is shocked, you can visibly tell by the sparks flying off their body and a SSB64-like outlining of their skeleton. Pinkie can also catch other foes in the grab by making contact with the shocked foe, taking around 2-7% damage and some knockback, enough for Pinkie to finish the grab. Thankfully, the entire grab is relatively quick, with Pinkie initiating the handshake in half a second and letting go at a second and a quarter. Electric Handshake can be helpful to ward off ambushing enemies that like to pounce when you’re distracted, since the voltage emitted by Pinkie’s victim can cause some splash damage to anyone nearby.

Bthrow (Dribble Glass):

Pinkie offers her foe some vanilla lemon drops. Being the spice-loving little pony she is, Pinkie spices the lemon drops with far too much spice, causing the opponent’s face to become beet red. Caught off guard, they flail around for a cold drink as the still grinning Pinkie hands them a glass full of water. However, it turns out to be a dribble glass and Pinkie sprawls on the ground, laughing at the suffering foe. All the while, the victim is slowly taking damage over time, up to 20% if the entire grab finishes. Eventually, the victim angrily throws the glass to the ground and almost walks into Pinkie, tripping over her onto the ground behind her instead. This is one of Pinkie’s most damaging moves but due to the lack of knockback, not her best kill move. Use this in one-on-one matches, as the entire animation lasts for a full second and a half, which may provide opponents just the opportunity to get damage on Pinkie or her prank victim.

Uthrow (Down Low Too Slow):

Dthrow (Trick Candle):

Pinkie pulls out a small cake for whoever she is pulling a prank on, decorated to fit the character (Vanilla and cherry for Mario, coconut for Bowser, etc). She motions for the opponent to blow out the candles on the cake as they do so- multiple times, since the candles seem to reappear after every half a second. After several tries, around five, the exhausted opponent falls into Pinkie’s path as the startled pony hops backwards, accidentally dropping the cake and candles, setting the now active foe on fire. He/She rolls around in order to put the fire out as Pinkie backs away while whistling to avoid suspicion. By the time the fire goes out, the enemy has taken 17% damage, no knockback, and is far enough from Pinkie to ensure she won’t be fought against too soon. Additionally, since the opponent suffers burns from the trick candles, he’ll take an extra 1% damage for every time they dash or double jump, but only for five seconds. Pinkie is left at an incredibly safe distance during the throw and forces the opponent to take a temporarily new approach while his body is burned. However, the entire throw lasts for a whopping two seconds- it takes a while for someone to be set on fire and put it out while a mischievous pony backs away- meaning Pinkie or her prey can be interrupted to stop the entire move from coming out. Luckily, the opponent gets the burn wounds at any point when they are ablaze, which takes about a second and a quarter.



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