Posted by: getocoolaid | March 17, 2013

Goals For making MYM14 the Best, Ever!

So MYM 13 has passed. We’ve had good sets, bad sets, a complete layout change from Smashboards, aaand…it just so happened to be one of the least active in a long, long time, with the least amount of commenters and the least amount of voters. I’m not saying MYM 13 was unsuccessful, far from  that. All I’m saying, is that we could do better. I’m not gonna lie, I was inactive. Real life took its toll and I was unable to MYM like I usually do. This seems to be a case with quite a few regulars, actually. In spite of this, I’m vowing to make MYM 14 my best yet (admittedly, not exactly a hard feat), as I do whenever a new anything rolls around. I feel like if we can get the community into a good mindset and at least TRY to play nice, we can make MYM14 a huge success, and possibly, the best, ever!

Here’s a list of goals, steps, and whatnot that I’ve learned help me to succeed at whatever it is I need to do, which I’ll now apply to MYM.

1: Actually Reading Things

MYM is a writing contest. As such, it makes sense that one of the best things we can all do to improve upon ourselves is to actually read the writing that is being posted. Now, I know: movesets are a lot longer than they used to be. They take time to read, to analyze, to absorb. Some take multiple readings. As such, I’m going to suggest the following, something that, as someone who is now working (or at least interning) in a creative field, has helped me immensely: set aside an hour or so every two or three days to read. It can be over breakfast, or at dinner. When you’re not taking a break, or doing something productive and have the spare time, read. You’d be surprised at the amount of progress you can make in just a few hours a week, every other day when trying to get something analyzed. While it may defeat some purpose by working on some schedule, or you don’t have time, try other things. Read while you’re eating, or during commercials, or any time during whatever unused downtime you may have between other things. Believe it or not, you can knock multiple sets out in about ten minutes, depending on the set. Keeping a small amount of time set aside for the misc. things you have to do works wonders for productivity, and it’ll give you some fodder for those comments you’ll be writing. Speaking of…

2: Actually RESPONDING to Movesets

Comments, in average, take maybe 5 minutes to type out per set, if you’ve actually read the set and have things to say about it. This ties into the whole “setting time aside” theme that will be present in this article. This time, I’m asking for you to do very little: every other day, set aside 20 minutes to comment on movesets, Something I forgot to mention in number one is actually the most beautiful thing: this time does NOT have to be consecutive. If you consistently can’t find 20 minutes of free time every few days, then MYM probably isn’t the best hobby for you to have. This even ties in with the reading: type out a comment right after! Or jot it down, then type it up later. My advice would be to set a specific day or days when you will actually post these comments, such as every Friday, or on Tuesdays and Saturdays. If everyone does, then that means that we’ll have a pretty consistent stream of comments coming, That keeps writers happy, newcomers coming back, and hell, it gives you a way to go back and see just why you liked a set so much. I’m not going to say HOW to write a comment, as everyone has their own style (in my case: terribly), but, you know…try not to be assholes when you do it. That’s a good rule, right…?

3: Don’t Be An Asshole

This one’s simple. Follow the golden rule, play nice, do whatever. Hostility is the enemy in MYM. It makes newcomers not want to stay, it makes members not want to post, and it outs us all as the cynical bastards we really are. Really, this is a simple one. Don’t be an asshole is kind of a mantra I attempt to live by, whether it be on the internet or in real life: treat others with respect, cut the passive-aggressive bullshit we have going on. It’s a bad vibe that spreads to every facet of the contest.

4: Post Movesets

No brainer, right? Well, no, not really. For me, writing movesets has always been a spontaneous thing, and every successful moveset I’ve had has been the result of 4 or 5 days and then posting. Everyone works a different way, that’s what makes it hard. I can’t plan a moveset, I have to let it flow and than work out the rough edges. Some people are meticulous planners that work out every game plan before they even touch a keyboard. The only advice I can give here is: be productive. Only go in when you’re sure you can finish, or else you’ll have wasted your time, which is not good. Creativity does not work on a timescale, sure, but make sure that you can see yourself working on a set after your “concepts” are down. Sure,  shop it around a little, get feedback and improve on it when you need it smoothed out, but make sure that when you’re working, you’re not just dragging out a doomed process.

5: Vote! Be Active!

Yup, when it’s all said and done, you’ve posted your masterpieces, and you’ve been able to read and respond to others with that nifty new schedule of taking about an hour and a half every other day to do so, it’s time to vote! This is seriously the least painful part of the contest, guys. It takes all of 1 to 2 hours ONCE, and you’re done. It’s easy if you’ve been following the contest! Really, it all leads up to this, and you should totally do it. Women like men who vote on movesets.

The other part? Just being active in the community! Doing mini’s, discussing in the chat, building a community. I think Community is what MYM has lacked for a while: we’ve got so much hostility and negativity over a hobby. I think it’s time to wipe the slate clean: make amends, and become a great community. Being open and helpful to newcomers is a great goal to set too, as it only leads to the expansion of what will hopefully be an ever-growing family. If we can do these things, MYM 14 will be the best one yet, I promise.



  1. Very nice article, Geto! #3 is so very important. I like to think I’ve been following all of these. c:

  2. I want to make MYM14 my best MYM ever too! I’d like to think No.3 also extends to commenting, in that people should be conscious of the author’s intentions with their moveset. Brutal honesty can be a vice in a comment, but throwing around mean-spirited words like “this set sucks” in the chat is even worse (lots of that in MYM13).

  3. you should ban negativity in MYM14. if there is criticism it should be purely of the constructive variety – stop scaring off newcomers!

  4. Actually we’re facetiously nice to newcomers, which is basically just patronising them.

    In regards to this article, I’m not sold on the idea of forcing effort. That won’t motivate us to be naturally active.

    • I’m pretty nice to newcomers.

  5. The idea behind the article wasn’t to force activity, far from it – it was a bit of a combination of both advice and a bit of a reminder to myself. Really it was more of a guideline or suggestion to something I’ve found helps me be more productive with my time – hey, if it works for someone else, great! If not, oh well

    • I’m just cranky because I haven’t had my milk today. Or yesterday. Or any day for the past 3 years.

    • *megamilks Junahu* ( . ) ( . )

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