Posted by: frozenroy | April 5, 2013

Weekly Tea Time: Recap Episode 1

Hello one, hello all! Nobody seems to be doing this, so why don’t I give it a go? The worst that can happen is it’ll end up cold, dead and alone once more! That’s right, it’s time for a recap of the first week (give or take!) of Make Your Move 14! LET’S RECAP!

The first moveset was Croagunk by FrozenRoy, one of an amazing 4 sets posted by him on the opening day, kicking off his “Froy Day!”. Croagunk is a simple moveset based around the poisoning aspect seen in it’s forebearer, Toxicroak, with a mix of defensive and offensive elements, such as the ability to spot-dodge and attack or fake rolling to strike the foe! It has worked in some way, as Croagunk has recieved a positive, if overall muted, reception.

Second was a set by our good old friend darth_meanie for Mami Tomoe! A popular character from the Puella Magi Madoka Magica franchise, Mami is a set with a deep appreciation of the inner workings of Super Smash Brothers Brawl and little things not often seen in the set, using her limited supply of one-shot rifles as the basis of her set, along with a blend of DI reading, basic projectile comboing and spacing to create a wonderful creation. Of all the sets so far, she has probably had the best reception.

Continuing Froy Day was Mace Windu by, you guessed it, FrozenRoy. A set for the Jedi Master played by Samuel Jackson, Windu gives his own take on the force and struggle between light and dark while retaining elements from one of the author’s favorite sets, Darth Vader. Mixing in launched ground chunks with his ability to buff himself and smooth lightsaber combat, Windu is as aggressive as the darkest of Vaapad but as defensive as a Light Side master. His reception has also been light, though it generally trends towards the positive.

After that we have another FrozenRoy set in SwallowMan.EXE! Continuing his tradition of making really quick .EXE sets, SwallowMan was finished in about 6 hours total, so the playstyle is a bit weak as a result, although it is generally based on his Neutral Special Swallow Cutter, featuring a unique projectile that rebounds moments later to strike the foe. Unfortunately, it’s quickness leaves it quite sloppy. It has had no comments, so it is hard to judge the reception.

Ending Opening Day but not leaving the 24 hour period is FrozenRoy’s final Froy Day set, Megumi Kitaniji from The World Ends With You. The Conductor of Shibuya doesn’t dissapoint in feel, as from lasers able to be activated with a snap to mastering time and dominating the minds of his enemies, Kitaniji is all about making sure the battle is conducted to his will. Kitaniji has only had one comment, but it highly praised it for it’s atmosphere and Neutral Special in particular.

Following that we have a newcomers set, as we welcome TheKalmarKing with Jinbe!! Although a basic set on many levels, Kalmar shows his work off with an understanding of what makes a playstyle with his Neutral Special and a like of the character he was making the set for. Reception for the set has generally been that it is not that good, but that Kalmar shows promise. Let’s see you around, Kalmar!

It’s not a bird, not a plane, it’s a vehicle set from Big Mac! Gruesome Twosome shows off a new edge to the small vehicle genre by using the massive Creepy Coupe they ride as a moving trap, sticking various ghastly things on them and around them to create a truly overwhelming and chaotic experience…did I mention they can use their dragon to help all of this, like even more trap places and a Banbollow-esque fire breathing? If that sounds excellentemundo, then this set is for you to read! Reception, however, has been mixed, with comments ranging from large praise to mild dislike. Whatever the case, it’s certainly a great addition to Make Your Move 14!

Next up is a set by our good ol’ friends n88, entering the world of comics with his set for Ultron. Our first 3v1 boss of the contest, Ultron’s metallic hand clasps upon MYM with his set. Armed with advanced tractor and repulsar technology, an army of drones and the best spitshine money can buy, Ultron’s gameplan of controlling the foe, utilizing his drone’s ability to simultanously attack with him and switch his bodies is good. However, the reception of one comment has been merely a muted like by me, with specific issues pertaining to a lack of flow in Ultron’s gameplan.

After that, Make Your Move 14 ended, and the traditional Top 8 was constructed. …Nah, just kidding, it’s an April Fools Day set! Conren was the one to get in on the action, as he posted Lord Magnemite, an amusing set lampooning the various issues, comments and even a Rankings issue as he goes on to remix Magnemite. Stronger than the base set, Lord Magnemite’s playstyle based on controlling the location of foes via his improved Neutral Special magnetism and the attachment of a Magnet Bomb shows Conren’s steady improvement…even if it is an April Fool’s Day set. Comments generally considered it average, but fun to read and an improvement.

Moving right along, we come to Shadow the Hedgehog, made by Getocoolaid! The set for the darker hedgehog focuses around Shadow’s use of Chaos Control, of course, along with other chaos moves such as his inventive Chaos Spear projectiles, chargable Chaos Blast and utility Chaos Snap, giving him a weird chase/camper combo feel. Reception generally enjoyed the base idea of the set, but wished for more flow and brought up number related complaints.

We also have another newcomer set as FalKoopa posted his Hammer Bro set! Sorry about misspelling your name before, mate. Hammers, hammers, hammers! That’s the name of this Bro’s game as he throws hammers around before getting up close and personal to clobber their faces in with them. It has the issues expected of one new to the trade, but there’s certainly been worse, and there’s always time to get better! Reception has generally been similiar: Bad set, good potential!

Finally, we have a set from not-quite-newcomer LycorisalKnight with Axel, the Dark Hero! A penultimate show off, Axel’s character is out in force with this set, with explosions, invisible lasers and more action than YOUR BODY HAS ROOM FOR! Lycorisal must have had a lot of fun writing this. Reception, however, has been very mixed, ranging from “pretty good” to “really bad”, depending on who you ask. Read it and discover your own opinion!

And that is all for this week’s recap. FrozenRoy, signing off: Good night…and good luck.



  1. Sunday recaps on Fridays? we may as well all wear vpants on our heads and frolic in the meadow with Khold’s dad.

    But good work all the same. If this recap lasts more than three weeks, I will upgrade that to “great work”. And with that comes all sorts of perks, like Junahu being nice to you and…. actually that’s it.

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