Posted by: katapultarr | April 12, 2013

Weekly Tea Time: Recap Episode 2

This is the second recap for MYM14, which may or may not have been posted on Thursday due to it being Friday for me today. These are actually easier to write than before due to the new SWF format that lets you see 40 posts on one page instead of 15, which sure is swell. Pretty much anyone could do it, really, but I’m here because I kinda want to do it.

This week we only got one set in the form of Ant Hill Mob by Big Mac, another character from Wacky Races AKA where Twosome came from. It’s always fun to see a MYMer make multiple sets from the same franchise in a row, and at this rate I actually want to see some more. Contrary to their name, the Ant Hill Mob have nothing to do with ants or hills but rather mobsters, seven of whom you can split up or keep in the car to give it the familiar weight vehicle sets carry, among other uses. It’s an interesting take on a wacky genre, thus having earned great reception from its sole commenter, TheKalmarKing.

From there on JOE! announced his second Challenge Mini, which was to create a new item AND establish a new mechanic that would give players more control over which items spawned in a match so the causal and competitive aspects of such could be combined. This week we had the following entries from the following MYMers:

UserShadow7978: His item was Orbiting Option, a sphere that follows its wearer and produces a certain projectile or shield depending on what color it was.
His mechanic proposal was the  Smash Deployment Unit, a device that comes down and presents a choice of items to players in a slot machine-like manner, which must be attacked in order to release the desired item.

KholdStare: Simple and surreal as always, Khold’s item was the Crowbar, a magical crowbar from Homestuck that rebels against MYM traditions by murdering traps and character’s mechanics.
His mechanic proposal was, umm…New Capsule, which I swear does the exact same thing as a Brawl capsule unless Khold makes a comment against this recap and says otherwise.

Junahu: He posted the Vortex Vial, purple gas that acts like a weak black hole by sucking people in. You can also throw it at a person to make stuff home in, an interesting effect when you can get projectiles to target the victim as explicitly stated by the man himself.
Using his great knowledge on how video games work, Junahu proposed to mess around with the “seeds” of the game, Set Seeds.  It pretty much means you’ll change how items are randomized in the game.

Getocoolaid:Skateboard you can ride on and do all the things you could imagine yourself doing if seriously implemented into a moveset not made for Tony Hawk.
Geto’s mechanic proposal involved nice and simple Item Boxes, or more specifically from the Sonic games which nicely complement his recent set. Quite similar to US’s idea, only they appear on the ground and require a D-tilt to hit, or even something like a Bowser Bomb…I seriously hope your character has a low-hitting move on one of their attacks.

TheKalmarKing: His item was the Power Glove, which unlike the rest of the items seen above, has a negative effect on its user!  While not wholesomely elaborated, it is made quite clear that any projectile your character fires while wearing this terrible glove will actively try to avoid the opponent, which is quite hilarious to imagine. Certainly a blast from the past.
Kalmar’s  proposed mechanic was Crowd Appeal, an item-spawning method that doesn’t actually involve items. It’s self-explanatory, with the crowd giving you an item to suit the situation like Super Scope against a camper and so on. The crowd can also hate you though, in which case they’ll throw a Power Glove your way!

Yours Truly: Inspired by the previous post, I tried my hand at something simple, in this case a B-Ball. It’s a bouncy throwing item that also increases your aerial movement if you’re holding it, kinda like a mini-bunny-hood or what have you.
My mechanic proposal was Item Battle, where all the players get to choose an item or item effect to start off with each stock. I’m extremely proud of the idea and think it’d be a badass idea for the next Smash.

Big Mac: His item was the Magic Carpet, allowing everyone to become a Squadalah man. It’s effects were pretty obvious much like with Geto’s item, only they extended to the air. I know I’d love to get on that carpet with Snake and take his broken ground game up into the air.
His mechanic proposal was Item Roulette, which is essentially a barrel that scrolls through a whole bunch of items like a slot-machine would and makes the item appear when you break it. Quite similar to US’s idea, but there can only be so many different ideas when one thinks of controlling item spawnage.

darth meanie: His item was the Wonder Launcher, which makes you think of a Cracker Launcher because it works like one. The wonderful thing about it is that you can charge it up to shoot out an item of varying usefulness, and that it looks like something taken from a recent Pokemon game.
DM proposed Point Purchase in order to make characters buy their items with the taunt button once they’ve accumulated enough points by doing stuff like comboing and what not. Characters also have signature items which they can purchase for cheaper than usual, which I must say is a pretty swell way to balance the game out, with DM even giving off a whole bunch of examples about how the mode can be exploited.

Junahu eventually announced a Special Mini where you had to make a Trainer Moveset, and posted all the 19 ones that had been made so far. It could be fun if you got your kids together to discuss it. I for one thought about doing a Trainer Kat set where I made a 6-man team out of my Salamence, Ludicolo, Walrein Steelix and two Xatus, possibly as a Hugo set, possibly as a quick set, including a backstory that’d serve as little more than a self-biography.

Hmmm…that’s all for now. If anything else, we also had fun in the chat, talking about Marvel, Metal Gear Rising, Bubble Witch Marin and a whole lot of nothing. Be sure to tune into next week, and maybe contribute something for the next guy to talk about.




  1. Ahahaha, I figured I was going to write this tomorrow (or since it is past midnight, today). But since Kat wrote this up, I’m sure it’s fine if we just use this one.

  2. If you enjoy doing these, I’ll let you have the next session.

  3. New Capsule replaces all items when they spawn. Instead of having just the item spawn on the stage, all items will spawn in a capsule. It can only be opened by throwing it, whereas the regular capsule in Brawl can be opened by hitting it. You can shield if someone throws a capsule at you to avoid a Bob-Omb dropping out and KOing you, and then pick it back up to use it against them, or throw it offstage to get rid of it.

  4. I do like them, though I will admit I enjoy talking about sets more than Minis. You did a good job, anyhow. I’ll be doing this week’s.

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