Posted by: frozenroy | April 20, 2013

Weekly Tea Time: Recap Episode 3

Hello and welcome to another episode of Weekly Tea Time. Pull up a chair and pour yourself some tea: we’re back to me after Kat decided to do last week. So then, let us walk together on the journey into week 3 of Make Your Move 14.

First off, we have a continuation of the item Mini that was not fully covered last week, as Conren posted his Eggplant Staff item alongside his Enemy Interference mechanic. The Eggplant Staff temporarily turns you into an eggplant and lets you shoot out blasts that allow you to turn foes into eggplants, while enemy interference causes enemies to spawn over time, dropping items if they are defeated before they leave, and sometimes a miniboss might even pop up!

After that we had a set from the immortal UserShadow with Bubble Witch Marin! An interesting moveset, it takes a concept seen in some movesets, bubbles, and goes in an entirely different direction with them, from delaying attacks to slightly softening them up, before even going into the multitude of other options she has to mess with them, such as making them floatier or heavier, increasing or decreasing damage, turning them into a dress-shield and more! Marin’s reception so far has been nonexistant in terms of comments, but having just read it, I personally quite like it…of course, that’s just my opinion. Go read it and discover what you think on it for yourself!

Going back to the minis, we had n88‘s entry, the Cosmic Cube and Faustian Item Bargain. The Cosmic Cube grants immensely powerful attacks to replace a user’s jab and Neutral Aerial with, in addition to multiple power buffs, but it disappears after 10 seconds or six shots, no matter what. The Faustian Item Bargain is much more interesting, as players are allowed to set their own item allowances and spawn rates, the items even spawning only able to be used by the player it is tied too…but the more and better items you choose, the more damage you have on you to start, essentially handicapping you! If you decide to take 0 items with you, you’ll even start with NEGATIVE damage. Quite interesting.

However, the winner of this week’s mini was TheKalmarKing‘s Crowd Appeal concept. I personally also enjoyed darth_meanie’s entry: I might even make a set to use it sometime…

This week’s final entry is by newcomer thekewlusername for Starforce Megaman! It’s a newcomer set through and through, but Mr. Username certainly responded to comments to it well, giving it a fairly large rewrite and editing to improve it. I still need to comment it myself and not many comments have been made on the new changes, but so far the public opinion has not thought of it as good. Still, we’ll hopefully see more movesets from His Kewlness, as he could join quite the class of MYM newcomers we are gathering this contest!

And to anyone complaining this wasn’t out on a Friday: It is still Friday where I am. Later days!



  1. Hem, sorry, but my Entry was Crowd Appeal, not Crowd Control. Nice recap though!

    • WHOOPS. Brain derp. Will edit and fix now.

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