Posted by: frozenroy | April 27, 2013

Weekly Tea Time: Recap Episode 4

Don’t get too comfortable in your chair this week: With so much activity early on, everyone needed a bit of a recharge this time around, so there is almost nothing to talk about! This, apologies for being late: It slipped my mind to do it until it was too late in the night to really do so, so I had to do it earlier today.

That item was TheKalmarKing’s mini entry with Crowd Mode! Crowd Mode is an interesting and I think fairly cool twist in Spectactor Mode: it allows spectactors to assume the role of a crowd member! Under this mode, spectactors are able to vote for their favorite fighter in tandem with the previous Crowd Appeal mechanic, rather than it just being points assigned! It’s not much or very elaborate, but it does seem like a fun addition that would make spectating more enjoyable. And you could even unlock trophies!

And that is all for this week. What a short recap…



  1. [AHEM]


    • I forgot that the Bunker doesn’t use BBCode. Too used to using it for everything else, heh. I’ll fix it.

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