Posted by: frostare | April 27, 2013

Nostalgia Hour: Origins

What move set got you into MYM and why?

This series of discussions will be to bring back nostalgia and think of the good times we had in the past.

Mine would be Naota Nandaba by Mendez in mym3. Stylish presentation, simple but fun moves with a hint of unpredictabilty, and a unique character. You can see why I’d want to join the club, to create cool stuff like that. If only I had the drive and creativity I had back then.

So what set influenced your choice to get involved? Keep it civil πŸ˜‰



  1. Got me into MYM? Don’t think there’s really a single set I can give that title to. There are a few sets I remember reading back around the time I joined (Iron Thorn’s Dry Bones, Kupa’s Doggy and Bear, MW’s Ludicolo), but I wouldn’t say any of them were really what got me into MYM in the first place. There were quite a few sets that kept me around during MYM7 when I was mostly dead, and sparked my creativity, though

    Still refusing to give the honor to a single set, I would point the finger at these guys as the ones who really got me engaged in MYM and sparked my creativity:

    Von Kaiser
    Dr. Strangelove

    All sets with really compelling core concepts, but I’m a bit too tired to do a more thorough analysis of what it was about them that really caught my interest, and what they may have in common.

    Also, should this be in the thread rather than on the Bunker? Interesting discussion, but I’m not sure it belongs here.

  2. I was thinking the thread would be more moveset discussion… even though it’s dry as a bone right now. Thought the Bunker could use more positive discussion articles, plus it fits along with MYM history, which is recorded on the Bunker. Plus this will be a series taking a look back at old contests and sets~

  3. I’ve made this clear before, but Hyper Ridley’s Playing God Story Mode got me into MYM…before then I didn’t even know the roster had movesets! Black Doom was the first moveset I read when I finally found the MYM4 moveset list, and I still remember the mind-blowingly awesome feel I got from the creative liberties HR took since I was very much familiar with the character (the Kirby costume also stands out). From there I read other sets, and thought HR was the one who made AI Colonel when it was actually Warlord.

  4. This would fit in the thread, but there’s no way of documenting a bunch of sporadic posts on a random topic. The best choice was an article.

    I didn’t read many sets in Make Your Move 3. Rushed to post my first set after writing it in only a few hours. In the next contest, I paid close attention to the sets; I’d say Mr. Shine and Bright by Kibble was one of my favourite sets. When I look at my super votes for that contest, that set, for its incredibly simple but brilliant concept, is the only one that still resonates.

    You’d have to go further on to Make Your Move 5 before there’s anything else that stands out. Cutesy Beau by Junahu, Miracle Matter by Rool and The Kid by Agi all had a strong affect on me as a moveset creator.

    Cutesy was amazing to me at the time, I’d never seen such a deep mechanic. To a degree, Miracle Matter was the same. A strict dedication to a single concept is really fascinating when by comparison my sets up to then were very unfocused experiments. I don’t know why The Kid stuck, I think simply because it had a bold concept.

    Don’t think any of those made me stick around. I mostly did for the community. I made an article myself about five sets that inspired me in Make Your Move 8, which is on the Bunker. It’s funny how to start I had a few sets I looked up to at all, as now it’s a detailed tapestry of several “life works” that are most inspirational.

  5. Very late to the discussion, but MYM4 was what got me into the contest in the first place. As pointlessly over the top as they are by today’s standards and as far as we’ve come, there was some mindless fun to be had in reading those sets and the idea of going crazy with a moveset appealed to me.

    If I recall correctly, the set that I first saw was the set for Will from Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. On a fansite for the Advance Wars series, I expressed the opinion that AW had low odds of representation for amongst other things, moveset potential. Someone linked me to that set, and the rest is history.

  6. What got me into MYM? Well I always liked creating movesets, but those were MYM 1-quality movesets… The kind of set who doesn’t care in the slightest about playstyle with 4 decent specials and filler for the normals. (Reminds me of Jinbe, hehe)

    Anyway, I was awestruck when I discovered MYM 13, still only barely grasping the very concept of playstyle and fluidity and gasping at sets where the normals were actually useful and well-detailed. Needless to say a lot of the sets impressed me. After reading through many other MYMs and sets like Dracula, Gecko Moriah, Chakravartin, Jarvis and Jafar, I decided to create Jinbe. And I’m really glad MYM 13 ended before I could post him, because he was such a crazy mess… Even the “universally” liked slicking mechanic was damn awful. So, yeah, it could have been worse.

    It’s funny to already be nostalgic about MYM when my first has been posted 2 months ago, but really, MYM was a goldmine for me. And honestly- I like, say, MYM 6 sets as much as I like MYM 14 sets.

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