Posted by: frozenroy | May 6, 2013

Weekly Tea Time: Recap Episode 5

I saw a friend waiting at home for me~

Things got busier this week with some new sets and JOE’s mini-tweaking! My apologies for being too busy to cover it on time this week: Some stuff somewhat came up and it just got lost in the shuffle. Let’s tackle them now, though!

The first thing we had was Minami Iwasaki by Katapultar. I was quite excited to see this set ever since Yutaka, so it was pleasing to see Kat push it out. Her game is based around item manipulation by throwing out all kinds of balls, from soccerballs to volleyballs, then kicking them around and generally messing around with them. Unfortunately, I was pretty dissipointed with this set: to me, it didn’t feel like it had nearly enough playstyle or flow to justify moves that did not feel like they did anything, leaving it bland. Still, Minami has recieved a positive reaction, so maybe I am just the weird one here.

Next we had ChuChus by BridgesWithTurtles! Another newcomer set and I daresay a fine one, ChuChus is one of the only if not the only sets I have read that is even more fun to fight in a mirror match. ChuChus not only turns an Olimar-style minion management game into something nice and deep, but developes a nice playstyle along the way with quick strikes and movement manipulation. While it certainly has room for improvement, I quite like it, and I consider it the strongest newcomer set this contest. Overall reaction has also been positive!

Katapultar posted his entry for the Mini this week…but the nature of the Mini means there isn’t much for the recap to say about it. Junahu also posted his entry, so take a look at both! And if you wanna throw in some activity, take a look at JOE’s suggestion to bolster MYM14 with some fun pokesets after a little quiry about what Pokemon you like!

He even paired it with a post of his own Pokemon from it, JOE-oh…I mean Ho-oh, yes. This magnificent avian soars through Sunny Days for a power up and can use his Sacred Flame ability to…cure foes of status aliments? Ah, but divine Punishment will be swift for anyone who utilizes this! And he can heal teammates, too. I can’t say I like Ho-oh much, it doesn’t so much flow as tumble, and it has not had comments for me to give a reaction about…but hey, it’s worth checking out all the same.



  1. Mmmmhmm, you and I are going to have to have a serious talk.

    • Hey, a friendly discussion about movesets is always nice.

    • I’ll just wait for your comment.

    • This was eating away at me and I got sick of waiting for a comment, so I decided to take action now to get it off my mind….

      First up, I reeeeally don’t get how you think the set is “bland” when you like stuff like Garble and Mami which generally create strong, fitting playstyles with simple Brawl-esque inputs. Minami might seem like a really shallow set that tosses around a few throwing items and has token “generic” inputs, but if you actually use your head you’ll realize that the way items work is what give her a lot of depth and make her interesting to use.

      I intentionally made Minami a versatile character to represent the fact that she is multi-talented, but what’s unique about said versatility is that there’s a risk associated with each segment of such. Minami’s throwing items let her camp fine and dandy, but they’re easy to see coming from afar: if the foe dodges, fine, but there’s always a strong chance they’ll tech with an air dodge and take one of Minami’s precious resources from her. The foe can do whatever they want with this ball without it usually interfering with their game: they can throw it back at Minami when her guard is down or drop it somewhere onstage where she has to get past them in order to get it back, and that way they can still use their grab game or tech another ball.

      Minami can also fight up-close, or technically at mid-range, to make landing a shot easier. This has some interesting flow to it as Minami can easily use her high movement stat to weave towards the enemy or simply throw the ball from point-blank, even roll back and continue camping if that’s what she wants to do, for Minami will rarely be at a disadvantage in a fight so long as she has a ball. Landing a ball presents all kinds of options to Minami as she can pick it back up, fling it back at the foe or even into the air where it becomes a makeshift trap for stage control. That’s the magic of the Neutral Special, which pretty much lets Minami skip all the lag associated with picking up and throwing an item, further keeping foes on guard.

      No input in the set is redundant and they all serve a purpose in the set, which is -extremely- difficult to pull off in a set dedicated to item-throwing without said moves being token item-flinging or batting them around in a manner that’d be logically inconsistent with the rest of the Brawl cast’s attacks. I already stress each moves’ uses anyway, so you’d need to tell me what bothers you. Perhaps the only “redundant” moves in the set are the smashes which I could have just merged into one input, but I like to have smashes in my set be consistent with each other and don’t know what I’d put in their place. All the same, I could in fact entirely remove the Down Special and make it so Minami automatically holds a ball she took out as a secondary item which she throws when you next do so, but I’d be hard-pressed to think of a new input that’d feel special, save for maybe a buff-style move though that’d go against the feel I established for the set where Minami is already perfectly capable of taking you down right off the bat without needing to prepare.

      You may think I could have handled the set in a “better” way, but the way I implemented everything was entirely intentional for the characterization. Minami is an item-user because I wanted to give her some sort of edge over other fighters to represent the coolness she exudes in the series, yet at the same time represent the fact that she’s human, with said throwing items being the perfect way to go about that since other characters can use them – just that Minami can use them better. It also perfectly coincides with the fact that Minami is described in the manga as being “other people’s toy”, which in a way also helps represent her being resourceful from coming from a wealthy family. Finally, the way in which the balls influence Minami’s playstyle perfectly works in with the fact that it allows her to play “antisocial” via camping but is discouraged since enemies can tech her projectiles, so it’s up to the player to fight up-close in most cases. Minami being versatile also makes her hard to read, and with her balls she is portrayed as being strong up until she loses them, whereby her weakness of being easily gimped is shown, perfectly coinciding with the fact that she gets embarrassed easily. For these reasons I actually consider Minami to be my most well-characterized set, though I obviously couldn’t show off much of that in the set, which is why I mentioned it all here to show that it was all intentional.

      Really, I don’t see how you brought yourself to -not- like Minami. The set never takes things too far, is not tacky to the slightest degree and is filled to the brim with extras. Of course I’ll admit that you’ve favored sets with good atmosphere and nice animations, but really if I could have provided that I would’ve – Minami’s quiet personality doesn’t exactly lend for an energetic feel and you can’t exactly make interesting animations for a quiet character who never fights (I’ll also admit that my sets don’t exactly have the most memorable animations, but that’s just me). You might think the presentation could have been better, but I didn’t think Minami would be suited to anything extravagant and thought what I had was really fitting.

      All things said, I will say that Minami was designed to be the ideal set I’d want to use – sure, Yutaka used a concept I’m really proud of, but I she never came about as a set I’d actually want to use in Brawl, nor did any of my other previous sets for that matter. No matter what anyone else says, I feel as though I achieved so much with this set and it is my definite in a similar manner to Junahu’s Alucard and Rool’s Fulci, both of which had a fair bit of controversy surrounding them. If you still for whatever reason can’t bring yourself to like the set even after analyzing and taking my word for its depth, then I’ll have no choice but to begrudgingly respect your opinion.

  2. ChuChus was a pretty impressive newcomer set, being very nice to the eye and with a strong concept. It really does sound enjoyable. Also Ho-oh was enjoyable too. (And no I haven’t read Minami but ironically enough, the fact she was an anime character bothered me. Yes it’s very hyprocitical, I know)

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