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Perfection Through Destruction: Chapter 0

Hyper_Ridley presents

 A brand new epic story mode for Make Your Move






Level 0: Loyalty


Our tale begins in the mystical land of Equestria.


Get your hand off the back button, I promise this isn’t an MLP-themed story mode.  Anyway, the very first scene we are treated to is Canterlot, the capital city of Equestria, being sucked into a strange multi-colored “black hole”.  After watching some building absorbed into the void, the scene changes to the gardens of the royal palace, where RAINBOW DASH is fighting several royal guards whose eyes glow pure white.  One of the guards tries to headbutt Rainbow Dash only to be bucked in the face.  Another two try to tackle and restrain Dash, but Dash quickly dodges them, causing them to run into each other.  “Haha, are you guys always this clumsy, or does Discord find it fun to make his guards so un-challenging!”  Dash chuckles as she watches the unconscious guards for a moment before flying into the palace’s front gates, sparing no time in pursuing her goal.



Objective: Get to the Goal!

Character: Rainbow Dash

Stock: 3

Music: Fire Emblem – Together We Ride


Welcome to the first level of Perfection Through Destruction!  As you’d expect, the first stage is a simple platforming section with light combat to get used to the controls.  As the intro suggested, the first level has Rainbow Dash traversing a crumbling Equestrian palace as it’s sucked into the void, fighting animate statues and mind-wiped palace guards.  Dash’s mobility allows you to navigate most platforms with ease and avoid fights that aren’t in your favor as you make your way to the end of the level.



Rainbow Dash bursted into the throne room of the palace, where DISCORD was sitting on the throne, the wall behind him completely gone, leaving a great view of the void absorbing the palace.  Discord seemed absolutely bored, his eyes shut and his head resting on his paw.  Even Rainbow Dash stood before him, he lazily awoke with a wide yawn before speaking.  “Oh, Rainbow Dash, how pleasant to see you!  I was starting to think you’d never make it to my little party.”


“Enough games!” cried Dash.  “How could you do this when we finally thought you reformed?  Everyone in Equestria was willing to accept you and you completely stab us in the back!”


“Of course YOU’D be the one to complain about loyalty” Discord replied with a snark.  “Though I must ask, where were you when your friends arrived at the scene?  It’s a shame they didn’t have the final element when they confronted me, otherwise their fate might have been different…” Discord snapped his fingers as 5 statues materialized next to him.  5 ponies, their Elements of Harmony adorning them, frozen in expressions of pain and fear.  With another snap, the statues quickly floated into the void, disappearing without a trace


Rainbow Dash’s anger grew when she saw this, snorting and kicking at the ground.  “How dare you do something like this to someone who called you a friend!  When I’m finished with you, you’ll be begging to be turned back to stone!”


Discord finally took on a more serious tone, his eyes glowing green from what must have been a large concentration of chaos magic.  “And when I’m through with you, you’ll be begging to join your friends inside the void!”



Fight: Rainbow Dash vs Discord

Stock: 2 each

Music: Super Paper Mario – It’s Showtime

Hey look, a fight with a character who will never have his movesets finished. HAHAHAHAHA.  In any case, Discord puts up a token resistance on anything under hard difficulty.  The stage itself is a flat Final Destination kind, so hurry up and put the spirit of chaos in his place!



Despite “losing” the fight, Discord appears barely affected in the cutscene, merely taking a slight breather before chuckling.  “Oh Rainbow Dash, is this really the best you can do?  I expected much better from the tough one of the group.  But alas, all good things must come to an end I suppose.”  Discord’s eyes glowed once more as he formed a ball of debris above his head, and then transformed it into a giant ball of yarn.  Rainbow Dash could only watch, too tired from the previous fight to respond.  “Now don’t worry, this won’t kill you, but it will knock you out while I prepare to send you to the other side of the void!”  Discord hurled the ball at Dash as she braced for impact, before her vision suddenly went out.


When Dash’s vision returns, she finds herself floating in a vast, empty, purple space.  “Where the heck am I?” she thinks aloud.  Her question is answered moments later from a raspy voice: “You’re safe is where you are.”  Suddenly, a large purple raven of energy flies into view.  Rainbow Dash almost tries to escape, but decides otherwise and simply crosses her forelegs as the strange being approaches.  The raven stops a few feet in front of Dash, changing form into, well, RAVENAwesome, thought Rainbow Dash.


“My name is Raven, I know you’re Rainbow Dash.  I’m sorry for the abrupt introductions but there’s a matter of great importance I need to discuss with you.”  Rainbow Dash opened her mouth to respond, but Raven immediately summoned a large portal between them, displaying a large collection of what appeared to be celestial bodies.  Large chunks of debris-like objects were orbiting a central mass.  This piece was the most intact, but it too was slowly breaking apart due to the black hole in its center.  Raven spoke once more: “Do you know what these are?”


This time, Dash was quick to answer.  “Well yeah!  That one in the center is Equine, otherwise known as the coolest planet ever!  It only has Equestria, the Crystal Empire…my friends…I don’t know what the others are though.”  Rainbow Dash had a horrified look when she saw the void absorbing Equine.  “Discord’s not going to stop until he’s completely destroyed it!”


Raven responded, her stoic expression unchanged.  “It’s even worse than that.  Those other things encircling your home?  They’re fragments of other worlds across time and space.  The creature you call Discord is grabbing them with his chaos void, for what purpose I do not yet know.”  Rainbow Dash hastily replied, “His purpose is obvious!  He just wants to combine all these places into some giant freak show for his chaos obsession!  That’s all he lives for, bringing disharmony and pain to everyone he meets!  When I get my hooves on him…”  Rainbow Dash’s statement trailed off as she remembered the Element of Loyalty around her neck.  She took it off, thoughts of her friends filling her mind as she examined it.  If only she had been there when the rest of the group confronted Discord.  Maybe they could have put a stop to this madness before it even began.  Maybe…


Raven spoke.  “Please, calm yourself.  This is not a time to rush into things.  I understand that you and your friends wield items like your necklace as a weapon against evil.  These other worlds have comparable artifacts that we could use against Discord.  This is why I brought you here.  I need your help to find these artifacts and assemble an army against Discord.”  Rainbow Dash shook her head.  “Sorry Raven, but my Element of Loyalty only works when combined with those of my friends.  I’d be no use to you as is, so you’d best send me back to Equestria so I can free th” Dash was quickly cut off by Raven, a hint of annoyance in her voice.  “Sending you back is simply not an option.  You’ll be turned into another one of Discord’s puppets, and who knows what will happen if he wields your Elements against us.  Even if you can’t stop Discord yourself, you would still be a valuable ally in helping me form a group stop this monster.  Now, will you help me, or will I have to place you into an astral prison in the meantime?”


Rainbow Dash didn’t know what that was, but it didn’t sound too nice.  She eyed Raven carefully, trying to decipher if this being was trustworthy.  After what felt like an eternity, she extended her hoof with a smile.  Raven nodded and shook her hand in an only slightly awkward manner before conjuring another portal.  This time, the pair could see an island in the shape of a primate’s head on the other side.  Raven spoke: “I’m sensing one of the artifacts we need on this island.  The inhabitants seem to be peaceful but are under attack by some kind of strange reptilian creatures.  You, uh, ready?”


Before Raven could finish speaking, Rainbow Dash was already rushing into the portal with a determined look on her face.  Raven sighed and calmly entered the portal as it closed behind her…





  1. (smirk2)

  2. Get your brony shit off the bunker.

  3. Probably should’ve just made Discord a boss (wary)

    Solid otherwise, even if it’s just standard prologue stuff.

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