Posted by: hyperridley | May 8, 2013

Perfection Through Destruction: Roster and Stage Index

The current cast, in order of appearance:

  • Rainbow Dash by MarthTrinity (Chapter 0)
  • Discord by ??? (Chapter 0)
  • Raven by half_silver28 (Chapter0)


Chapter 0: Descent Into Madness




  1. To make things clear, I will NOT be writing/posting full chapters at a time. Instead, I will be doing smaller updates of 1-3 levels each. Easier for you guys to digest, and there’s a greater chance I’ll actually finish this.


    • >implying anybody cares if you finish this

    • I care. It’d be fun to see a lot of HR sets in the mix, which I am actually hoping for.

  2. you are required to make Discord now, I hope you know

  3. I’ve added the Story Modes catagory to the Article tab.

    I do hope you keep this up, as Story Modes are a notoriously large undertaking.

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