Posted by: frozenroy | May 12, 2013

Weekly Tea Time: Recap Episode 6

Hello! It actually slipped my mind that I was doing this, so instead of our usual Friday timeslot we’ve moved to a Mother’s Day special! Let’s dive right into it, then.

Our first set was yet another one by TheKalmarKing with Samurott! I won’t say much about the set since it is unfinished and it feels like that would be in bad form, but it is there, it was posted and Kalmar’s continued activity continues to please me.

Zoboomafo is next, made by BridgesWithTurtles! Anyone else remember this guy? I actually loved the show as a little kid. I’ve yet to do more than a very basic skim of the set, been a bit busy, but the set seems to have a fair deal of amusement inside, even if I was not able to get a lot on the playstyle and whatnot. Give it a look! We could use some more comments anyhow…

Next up thekewlusername added to the Pokesets with Blaziken! It seems more focused than his previous entry, Starforce Megaman, but I haven’t sat down and really read it so there isn’t much for me to add. Sorry for the lackluster bits today: Mother’s Day is distracting and I haven’t had time to do my usual reading!

So yeah, that’s this week’s quick recap special! And now, I’m out! wuwuwuwuwuwu


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