Posted by: katapultarr | May 21, 2013

Seventh Recap

Since Froy’s nowhere in sight, I get to steal 3 precious, precious sets from him, which weren’t posted until the last minute. The first set was Bad Girl, a character from No More Heroes TheKalmarKing posted which Geto made all the way back in MYMX. Bad Girl is described as being a mix between lightweight and heavyweight, borrowing more from the latter to be a Heavyweight Female Antagonist while setting fires and summoning clones who I imagine as Micheal Reynolds, as well as a baseball bat. It has no reception yet, but only time will tell whether it or any sets get any in the near future.

Later on in the day, Smash Daddy posted a moveset for Koffing, catching in on the moment created by Ho-oh. As expected from a pre-evo, Koffing is weak, but makes up for that by passively spilling out gas and making use of it strategically, being a tricky character to master.

The final set was for Gyarados by DiamondFox. Gyarados is big and un-smash, nailing what could be said to be similar to the vehicle genre: the serpentine genre, or something. Although known for being destructive, Gyrados takes a turn for the amusing and surprising the moment the first attack is read, for instead of messing with the stage it takes advantage of its own body to play around with various projectile and watery attacks. It’s outlandish enough that it’d be fun to imagine.

That’s all for now, but if you really want something fun you don’t know about, a guy on SWF found out how to play as Giga Bowser on melee without hacks.




  1. Sorry I didn’t do it this week. I originally was going to wait past Friday since it only had one thing to recap, but once the sets got out I forgot…

    Thanks for covering for me, Kat. I’ll be back to form next week. c:

  2. Pretty sure that Giga Bowser thing is fake.

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