Posted by: frozenroy | May 26, 2013

Weekly Tea Time: Recap Episode 8

Yo! This week, we will be recapping NOTHING BUT things posted since the last recap. Retsu recap!

First up was a surprising Tirkaro entry for Merlina! Looks like we’ve got a bit of an influx of Sonic characters this contest, eh? This is a set I have merely skimmed and am still meaning to read fully and comment, but I do want to say that the Down Tilt and Down Aerial are kinda ridiculous, so that’s a bit of a problem. Merlina’s reception has generally been dislike, such as Kalmar’s comment. Also, BTW, you can still Image Link URL. c:

My own set was next in SSB Luigi. While the SSB concept was interesting, SSB Luigi ended up being a one day set that was finished at 6:33 AM, making it pretty terrible and universally disliked: The dislike is extremely amusing though, so I am pretty pleased regardless, especially since I agree it isn’t all that good, to the point I don’t have anything to talk about for the set itself. On the plus side, it’s about a 5 second read…

After that, we had our first set from the always awesome ForwardArrow, as he went back to an old set for Dark Falz Remix! A set I happened to preview, it’s shenanigans with ripping souls from foes and it’s instant death are much more tolerable than the original and, overall, it seems like a vast improvement, but without having read it fully and without many comments I do not feel appropriately knowledged to fully detail it’s playstyle. With Kat’s comment, it would seem that Falz’s reception has been good so far, putting ForwardArrow here off to a good start.

Following, we have Getocoolaid making a set for his OC, Volknerr (Pronounced Valik-near!). Geto seems to be putting out a fairly strong contest and, while I am not sure if Volknerr is any good, putting out a second set to go with his comments is certainly showing him as one of our more active members. Volknerr seems to be big on reviving the dead, judging from his status as a “Russian Necromancer”, and it at least seems worth a read, but there isn’t any comments on it so it is hard to judge it’s overall reception.

Finally, that’s right, it is a Spider-Man moveset, a joint by n88 and JOE! I’ve yet to read it, as it was literally posted minutes before I started this, but the organization looks superb and a joint between N8 and JOE is definately worth a looksie. So bring me comments! COMMENTS OF SPIDER-MAN!



  1. Volknerr’s reception on the chat has been rather lukewarm as far as I can tell, but he isn’t really disliked either like Merlina.

  2. I appreciate the reception I got on Merlina.(Or rather, I couldn’t read most of it, due to being banhammered by our great leadership overlords in mainchat, but hey, Kalamarking didn’t seem to entirely hate it, so I’ll take what I can get.)

    Though, uh, -surprising-? Are we still trying to pretend I never made any sets in MYM13 at all? C’mon man.

    • Would you believe I legit forgot? XD Because that is exactly what happened. Sorry, man. I dunno why I brainderped into forgetting you made Gwyndolin.

    • lol it’s aight. I wouldn’t blame you for trying to forget about Gwyndolin given how horribly it was mutilated by the move to Xenforo.

      Digressing a bit here, but seriously, Xenforo’s awfulness is half the reason why I haven’t been making as many sets as I could have been recently. By all means, what little organization Merlina had was already a pain and a half. Screw this web 3.0 BS or whatever number we’re on now. Gimme my outdated 2004 web design back dammit.

    • Yeah, I’ve been getting a lot of complaints about XenForo, heh. Fortunately, pretty much all my organizations just used simple BBcode, so the only one that got messed up much at all was Skull Kid.

  3. FrozenRoy, I’ve given you Editorship of the bunker so that you may keep the Home page updated in regards to the most recent recaps.

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