Posted by: frozenroy | June 1, 2013

Weekly Tea Time: Recap Episode 9

Attention ALL yoctograms! It is time for tea!

Sine! Cosine! TANGEEEEEEEEEEENT! It’s Sho Minamimoto by yours truly! The first time I’ve truly felt like I surpassed my previous best, Alice Margatroid, Sho to me definately feels like a masterpiece. Sho’s playstyle is all about him, be it forcing the pressure on him with his Neutral Special, sacrificing his minions to himself, dragging the foe around to his whim or just annoying people by playing endless quotes. There is no doubt when there is a Sho Minamimoto in a match. He also has interesting usages of tethers to go with his terraforming, while keeping his terraforming relatively in-smash. While only ForwardArrow has commented it, perusing the Xat shows that reception is overwhelmingly positive so far.

After that was valve3‘s set for Nitrus Oxide. I have yet to read much about it, but it looks like a mix of vehicular bits and TNT to create a truly explosive set! It also looks like it’s got some good stuff from the games. What it does not have so far is comments: get on it, dudes and dudettes!

Next was newcomer FireEmblemnier‘s set for Lethe. Not so shockingly, Lethe is from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. The ability to switch between cat form or not offers an interesting start, but the set is sadly not very fleshed out, leaving a yearning for a larger touch on it. Still, a good idea for a newcomer, so it offers some hope for future sets. Lethe’s reaction has generally been muted and asking for more detail.

Following that is peeup‘s set for Little Nemo. While I haven’t read past the stats, the simple promise of the weight shifting in it seems delightful and the introduction fruitful, while comments seem to enjoy it so far, so it certainly seems like a stepup for peeup! Give it a gander and a comment, like I will do soon enough.



  1. Colour me impressed, you’ve kept this up for nearly 10 weeks (except for the times when you tagged out to Kat)

    • Really late reply, but thank you. 🙂 Sometimes I forget/get busy and it’s a day late or Kat tags me in, but I think I’m doing this more than anyone since MT. Gonna start on the new one right now…

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