Posted by: frozenroy | June 19, 2013

Weekly Tea Time: Recap Episode 11

Apologies everyone for this being so late! I forgot to do it Friday and was quite busy Saturday, so it ended up being a classical Sunday Recap! Go make yourself some old timey tea and prop up a newspaper, as this week’s recap is pretty short. (And then I was unable to finish it until Tuesday. Bugger!)

The first set we have this week is JOE‘s Pinsir set! A fun little ditty based around his variety of command grabs, Pinsir uses his variety of options to keep the “pain train” going out of each and every one, combined with the damage buffing Focus Energy…but after FE ends, he’ll be debuffed instead! Pinsir must be careful to balance his ups and his downs during the course of a battle. Reaction to Pinsir has been positive.

You try to read the recap for Armored Ventus Nightmare…but it seems to be lost in darkness too harsh to read…

Finishing it up was newcomer Lemonwater, who quite impressively posted two sets: Slayer and Sol Badguy! Neither of these sets look too meaty at first glance, but their descriptions show someone with a fine passion for who they are writing, and Sol’s Specials seem promising, although I have not read the set…the fact that neither of these sets really have much of any reception is a shame. I should finish them and give them a reception…

And so I end with another apology about how sillily late this was. Nobody’s perfect, ehehehe.


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