Posted by: frozenroy | June 25, 2013

Weekly Tea Time: A Notice

You’ve probably noticed there has been no Weekly Tea Time this week. This is because, due to the lateness of the 11th and TAC being the only moveset posted between now and then, I did not feel it would be appropriate to post a full recap so soon: The next Weekly Tea Time will be on Friday the 28th and include everything I would normally include from Recap 11 onward. I felt this was a notice deserving of an article talking about it. So there you go.



  1. Announcements should not go in the Sunday Recap catagory, even if they are announcements ABOUT the Recap
    Edit: Recatagorised to Announcements

    • Okay, my bad.

  2. No worries. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

    • GI JOE~

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