Posted by: katapultarr | July 14, 2013

Weekly Tea Time: Recap Episode 13

I always think of the Snowman’s Land theme whenever I see a snow set.

Hello everyone! I know Froy’s been doing these but he came to me personally and asked if I could take over for this week, which I had no problem doing. This at least won’t be boring, since I’m kind feeling perky right now.

First up, we had a set for King Boo by JOE!…and Smash Daddy!? Holy hell, and here I thought pigs would fly before that kind of crazy joint-setting combination ever happened. The last set we had for King Boo that anyone actually -remembers- was from Kupa back in MYM9, and it was very well-received for its interesting take on shielding that got onto Warlord’s Top 10 best attacks list posted around MYM12. The difference between now and then, however, is that a new Luigi’s Mansion game was released on 3DS which I had the honor of Youtubing all the way through (sans anything that didn’t have to do with the bosses), meaning there was a fair bit more source material to draw from – for one, that’s where the new image of the King came from. Onto the set itself, it has JOE!’s magic touch through practically every move having an image along with the casual writing style, plus creative stuff you’d expect to see in a Smady set, albeit somewhat dumbed down, so you can really tell it feels like a joint-set between those two. King Boo is mainly a trap character who is able to turn practically anything invisible using his Neutral Special to give foes an unexpected scare. Reception-wise, the set got 4 comments, three of which hinged on a like while the other was something of a dislike. The main point that all 3 brought up was that there were some good ideas presented throughout the set (mainly the Pummel mechanic which is tempting to rip-off) but they didn’t always come together at times, along with some moves being poorly-worded. There was also a bit of forced-characterization like the dreaded forced-to-dash effect that commonly appears in Kupa sets, ironically enough.

In an attempt to join the established Robot Master movement, Getocoolaid came rolling down with a moveset for Blizzard Man, a Canadian robot from Megaman 4 who’d make TWILT and Rool proud. Maybe. Contrary to his name, Blizzard Man does not specialize in ice or blizzards but rather snow, to the point where he should have been called Snow Man or Ski Man, the former of which would probably sound too universal. The set is simple enough what with the Specials being flow-charty: Neutral Special makes snow, Side Special lets you slide along it, Down Special turns you into a snowball that gets bigger as you roll along said snow and Up Special makes a hill of snow. The set’s sole comment was a negative one, criticizing not only its genericness not also how horribly unrealistic some of the mechanics were. I’m just glad I’m not the one being criticized for an ice set for once; if Geto’s willing to make those, he should totally make Frozone and become the new ice man. Speaking of ice, this set ironically got a like from Khold.

Taking the spot of the contest’s 50th set was Quick Man by APC99, which was previously posted on the Whiteboard. Apart from looking like The Flash and being somewhat slow for someone’s who supposed to be fast (I’d expect Sonic’s speed, maybe), the set is very basic. Establishing any sort of written playstyle and justification of what was written would help me take it more seriously.

Next up, Geto revived JOE!’s Match-Up Mash-Up for a 3rd Round after being left for dead without a Kitaniji x Minamimoto match-up, which most of us expected Froy to do. I was happy to see Salvatore up there, even though I was hoping she’d be able to face off against Mami due to how much they have in common from an aesthetic point of view (anime design, blonde hair, use guns, dress like soldiers, have big boobs, etc), but Bad Girl makes just as much sense from what’s seen in the content of their movesets. Shortly after being posted, I took the liberty of making a Match-Up that basically involves Salvatore pwning the ever-hating crap out of Lady Gaga Bad Girl due to being hot shit. Who the fuck does she think she is?

Following that were a volley of newcomer sets for the hype of SSB4. First was King from Tekken by Z1GMA. From the looks of it, apparently people actually want this guy in SSB4 due to Namco Bandai being involved with the game’s production, even though he has nothing to offer outside of generic grappling and Sakurai mentioning that only characters who can offer something new will be put into the game. The set has a somewhat unique sense of presentation and Z1GMA is even willing to show where various attacks come from, just that how these are used and come together isn’t necessary elaborated as Kalmar states in his comment.

Next was Pac-Man by uhhh, Pacman9. Based on the fact that this guy’s been in support forums for aforementioned character it’s likely he believes that we have the same knowledge on Pac-Man that he does, not just from the original game but all those other random games he’s been in that nobody has ever heard of. There is actually a fair amount of trivia as shown in the stats, which really gives him a statistical advantage over every other character as he takes out props ranging from roller skates to hang gliders and what have you. There is playstyle (in the stat section), which basically just makes Pac-Man seem stupidly overpowered in that he pwns anyone no matter what they do. The set appears to have been edited upon being critiqued by BwT, though missing details from an otherwise remotely interesting duplicate Nspec, along with stuff seeming really alien to those who are unfamiliar with the series such as myself.

Falkoopa (not Fatkoopa) returned with a set for Tingle, a character who should be in SSB4 if they’re gonna put in any more from Legend of Zelda, but not before Viridi. Tingle looks like a nice improvement over Hammer Bro and has decent fanservice, though doesn’t feel as though his full potential is being used to the point where a real set announced for him could be more creative. What really disturbs me though is how heavy Tingle is – he makes your run-of-the-mill 3v1 boss look like Jigglypuff, and might even be more broken than the infamous Gruesome Twosome.

The final set for today was Ring Man by Z1GMA, who held up on his promise to make a set for a Robot Master. It’s pretty much as basic as you can get for a moveset, possibly even more so than a MYM1 set, but as such is nowhere near as dedicated as King was. A moveset is a moveset though, helping us reach that lofty goal of 100 by 1 digit.

In accordance with the Overall Rankings, I’ll update the activity from this week in the form of what sets and comments were made:

Number of Sets Made by User:

JOE!: 1 (King Boo)
Smash Daddy: 1 (King Boo)
Getocoolaid: 1 (Blizzard Man)
APC99: 1 (Quick Man)
Z1GMA: 2 (King, Ring Man)
Pacman9: 1 (Pac-Man)
Falkoopa: 1 (Tingle)

Overall Sets Made by User:

JOE!: 4 (Ho-oh, Spider Man, Pinsir, King Boo)
Getocoolaid: 3 (Shadow the Hedgehog, Volkneer, Blizzard Man)
APC99: 3 (General Zod, Elec Man, Quick Man)
Smash Daddy: 2 (Koffing, King Boo)
Falkoopa: 2 (Hammer Bro, Tingle)
Z1GMA: 2 (King, Ring Man)
Pacman9: 1 (Pac-Man)

Number of Comments Made by User:

FrozenRoy: 4 (Vyse, King Boo,  Elec Man, Spider)
ForwardArrow: 3 (King Boo, Blizzard Man, Vyse)
TheKalmarKing: 3 (King Boo, King, Quick Man)
BridgesWithTurtles: 3 (King Boo, The Six Samurai – Kamon, Pac-Man)

Overall Comments Made by User:

FrozenRoy: 29 (Mami Tomoe, Jinbe, Gruesome Twosome, Ultron, Selene, Koopa Troopa, Lord Magnemite, Shadow the Hedgehog, Hammer Bro, Axel the Dark Hero, Ant Hill Mob, Bubble Witch Marin, Megaman Starforce, Blaziken, Bad Girl, Koffing, Gyarados, Merlina, Dark Falz, Volknerr, Nitros Oxide, Vespiquen, Spider, Vyse, Salvatore the Magnificent, Pinsir, TAC, Elec Man, King Boo)
ForwardArrow: 15 (SwallowMan.EXE, Gruesome Twosome, Ultron, Ant Hill Mob, Bubble Witch Marin, Gyarados, Spider-Man, Sho Minamimoto, Nitros Oxide, Little Nemo, Vespiquen, Vyse, Salvatore the Magnificent, King Boo, Blizzard Man)
TheKalmarKing: 14 (Lord Magnemite, Ant Hill Mob, Megaman Starforce, Zoboomafoo, Koffing, Gyarados, Merlina, SSB Luigi, Volknerr, Spider-Man, Little Nemo, King Boo, King, Quick Man)
BridgesWithTurtles: 10 (Ho-oh, Koffing, Volknerr, Spider-Man, Little Nemo, Vespiquen, The Six Samurai – Kamon, Pinsir, King Boo, Pac-Man)


  1. I liked it unironically. Everyone has different takes on a Robot Master and Geto’s was interesting. I didn’t think it was bad, unlike FA. Not to say it’s one of my favorites, but my disposition towards it is good. I’d never seen the snowball concept before. The only problem is unlike Mach Rider, Blizzard Man doesn’t have a way of making the most use of such short stages. They’re not as long in reality as we think they are.

  2. I made a Blizzard Man comment too! 😛 But yeah, thanks for covering my ass this week: I needed it. (You might be called upon next week, too!). I quite enjoyed the recap. Nicely written.

    I wasn’t sure if I’d keep up the stats, but since you were, I might do so until the User Rankings are up…

    • I’d welcome that since it was fun to speak my mind about the sets and stuff.

  3. Gotta love Tingle and his 99 Weight.

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