Posted by: katapultarr | July 28, 2013

Weekly Tea Time: Recap Episode 14

There are now 2 Ring Man movesets. Anyone want to make a third?

And now we’re back for the Recap! We had to skip it for last week since there was literally nooooooooooooooooooooothing going on then, but the week after more or less made up for it. Now dive in with me as we continue with the alleged ROBOT MASTER MADNESS…

First up was Magnet Man by APC99, one of 5 sets he promised for us before the end of the contest. Magnet Man doesn’t delve too much into magnetism, though his potential easily allows for such, but rather fires his signature attack as a projectile and sucks enemies in with his Down Special. He also has some MYM-esque creative moves like U-tilt keeping the enemy in the air and B-air putting him into a grab state, but otherwise all the other moves are normal. Along with the moves taken from his .EXE version, which Kalmar probably won’t like, the writing can be a bit weird in a lot of areas like with the Specials, making it hard to understand exactly what the move does despite being otherwise very simple. I still think Zod is the best APC99 set.

After some comments made by myself and others, Conren posted Guts Man, which I totally forgot about until writing this. You can easily tell the set was made for the movement (and to add another much-needed set onto our list), as after a genuinely interesting boulder move the rest of the moves are only 1-2 lines long. The Neutral Special sort of reminds me of the time I spent with Warlord and some other guys like maybe Dave and Agi and maybe HR writing a theoretical Special attack for Guts Man’s signature attack, with mine being a combination of Kong’s boulder and Lexaeus’ Rock Spire. There were some other chars too, like Sniper whom I would write the Side Special that would be used for said set’s Final Smash.

Next was Dive Man, made by Z1GMA as a result of the critique I gave him in his previous Ring Man set. It has a mind-boggling amount of detail that somewhat brings Will and Freedan/DFM sets to mind, though not as extreme as the former, as a result of me telling Z1GMA to include more detail in his attacks – it’s still enough to really put me off. I’d like to tell him to lessen it and maybe link some sets for reference, like maybe Spider Man or something, but I’d feel kinda bad for telling him not to do something I told him to do, in a way, since he put quite a bit of work into the set. Were it not for that, I’d say the set be decent and probably Z1GMA’s best, though to be fair his Ring Man sort of grew on me, if just a teensy bit, for the tactical ring.

Afterwards, we were met with a special, sneaky surprise in the form of our old friend from MYM6-8, Koopakirby, posting a moveset for…Ring Man!? Yes, that’s the second Ring Man I was talking about. Rather similar to Z1GMA’s in that there a ring boomerangs and tacical rings, though KK only uses these for recovery and eats up the Neutral and Up Special as a result (which would be forgiveable if the Nspec rings were used in more ways), though to be fair he’s been away from the fireworks for a reaaaally long time. There is playstyle mentioned where Ring Man climbs his rings like a circus performer, but otherwise there’s not much dedicated to it.

Next, I made a match-up between the two Ring Mans posted this contest because APC99 requested it and there were multiple images from the wiki page Khold posted at the top of page 9. It was kind of ironic because I was thinking about the Dr. stuff in a theoretical plot for MYM14’s SM, which will probably involve the Robot Masters to a major degree now, like having them go around to different parts of the world and the heroes stopping them before coming together to meet their master, Ultron, and Spider somehow being involved in their creation. Apart from that, people liked the match-up. I might make more, maybe.

Oh, and before I forget, our very own MasterWarlord put up his own eatery on The Whiteboard and posted his first set in a while, Kudgel. It’s not in the Make Your Move thread, but can be found through the link to The Whiteboard on The Bunker/Plaza or the link on the moveset list. The set hasn’t received any comments yet, but feel free to post one.


Since it’s too much work for User Rankings that’ll probably never be made at this rate, I won’t tally up the sets and comments in accordance with their user’s current score. That, brings the Recap to an end for this week.




  1. Thank you for continuing to cover for me while I am dead. I’ll try to be less dead next week.

    • And I don’t know why it says “Guest”…

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