Posted by: agidius | September 4, 2013

Fight! The Fighting Game RPG – A Handy Guide to Setting Up

Hey there, if you’re reading this article, I’m going to assume that you’ve already been over Tirk’s Character Creation article and are looking to start out. That’s great! But I’ll be honest: it’s a liiiittle tricky to get even to the point where you can start making your character in the first place! That’s what this article is for, a beginner’s guide to, well, getting into the interface. So, let’s get started!

First off, we’re going to need to go download a couple of programs. We use Maptool as our catch-all program for handling just about everything there is to do, and you’re absolutely going to need to get it running to start. Hamachi, on the other hand, is our networking software – without it, we can’t connect to eachother. So obviously, you’ll need both.

Maptool(b89): (if that doesn’t work, go directly to the downloads page)

Hamachi:… (and another download page for you, is what you want)

Great! …kinda! After you’re done extracting/installing both of those, there’s a bit of basic troubleshooting to do. Let’s start with Maptool. If it starts up fine, go ahead and scroll down a bit.

Common problem 1: I run it, but nothing pops up!

Try booting from the .jar, see if that helps.

It didn’t help.

Well crap. Okay, check your version of Java. I can’t speak for everyone else, but Maptool IS known to have problems with the latest versions.  I’m using Version 7 Update 9 myself, which you can download there. Install it and it SHOULD work.

It didn’t.

Yeah well I’m not a miracle worker, sorry.

Damn it.

Did you try running from the .jar again…?

Oh hey, that worked.

Good, let’s move on.

When you boot up Maptool for the very first time, you’ll be presented with something that looks like this:

Which is supposedly the “basic setup” that absolutely no one uses because it’s awful. Up there in the Windows tab, at the top of the screen? Get rid of Map Explorer, you won’t need it. Get rid of everything else for the moment as well, except the resource library and the chat. Leave those on. I personally snap the chat to the right-hand side, but whatever works for you. Right, now that you’re cleaned up a bit, you should have something that looks like this:

Perfect. Right, now let’s hop back over to Hamachi.

Hamachi’s interface is a bit simpler, though when you connect to yours there won’t be any visible networks. So, let’s make one!

Choose create a New Network, and fill in the form. I’ve set the name of the server to AgiTutorial, with the password of “fight.” I’ll be leaving this server up for a while for testing purposes.

With a tap of the create button, the network is made! Networks can support up to five people, including the person hosting them. It’s possible to set up branching networks to support more than 5 people in a Maptool server though. Have the host pass the information on to whoever’s joining, and you’re just about connected.

Now, the next step is to get the IP of the person who’s hosting. Thankfully, Hamachi doesn’t actually grab your ACTUAL IP address – it just creates a temporary one for you, for purposes of networking. Let’s grab one. By right-clicking on anyone connected to the network, you’ll get the option to copy either their IPv4 or IPv6 addresses – either one is fine for what we need. For purposes of this demo, I’ll grab Tirk’s – listed as Tirkfun in Hamachi.

Finally, pull up Maptool again, open File, then go to Connect to server…

Hit the Direct tab, paste in the Address and leave the port as 51234 (changing your Username to whatever you want…)

…and we have a connection! If that didn’t work out for you, try restarting your computer before doing anything weird.

There’s still a few things left to cover, but once you get to this point you’ll be able to ask questions one-on-one. Of course, future articles will cover basic things like customizing text colors, impersonation, and managing macros, but that’s all for now? If any steps don’t work, feel free to ask below or in the chat.


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