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The Legend of Bazongas – Prologue

Once upon a time, there were a group of eight or so lovely females that banded together to defeat an evil that was thought to be unstoppable (so basically, I’m making this all up, and it really IS stoppable). They managed to put aside their differences to band together to create a strong group of friends that saved the world. It was a long and epic journey, meeting new friends and enemies along the way. How did they do it? Well, I’m glad you asked!


Ah, the sky is so lovely today. You see a bunch of flying Pokemon flying peacefully…hey, what’s that yellow thing doing in the sky? Ah wait, that’s just our good old friend, Son Pikong! He’s seen flying on his flying Nimbus cloud, saying hi to all the flying Pokemon (from the Pidgeys, Wingulls, Starlys, and even the most recent flying types, Fletchlings!) before waving hi to the audience, going, “Pika, pi!” Things were all calm and peaceful, until…

Suddenly, a loud explosion was heard! This scares all the flying Pokemon away, and causes a face of concern on Pikong. Naturally (for Pikong at least), he rushes to where the sound came from with flying Nimbus. The cotton candy cloud drops Pikong near a thick forest, which is presumably where the explosion came from. Pikong readies his trust power pole, and with a face of eagerness, he rushes into the forest!


This is the obligatory beginning stage which teaches you the basics and what not.  It’s a relatively simple level that features pretty easy enemies to beat (including various Pokemon from Ekans, Caterpies, Pidgeottos and other various Pokemon you’d typically find in a forest). It’s overall pretty easy to get through, which shouldn’t take you much more than a few minutes.

Roughly 20 minutes ago though, from the other side of the forest, someone is seen flying into the forest with a robotic hawk. Cue that signature Strider theme, as Strider Hiryu makes his appearance! Hiryu rushes into the forest, before quickly encountering various large mechanical tower, which all seem to be man made. These towers seem to serve some purpose, though probably not for good purposes. They seem to be sucking the life out of the forest. Hiryu prepares his blade as he goes, “Objective confirmed. Beginning mission.”


This is another relatively easy stage, though it is a bit different. Instead of heading to the right to reach your destination, you’ll have to climb to the top of the rather tall towers. The towers are filled with soldiers carrying guns, who will try and shoot Hiryu, though Hiryu can easily dispatch them in one blow with his blade. Once you reach the top of the tower, you’ll soon have to face helicopters (which have about 30% health) that carry even more soldiers, but even then it shouldn’t be too tough. Upon reaching to the top of the tower, and defeating three helicopter enemies, the stage ends.

Hiryu upon reaching to the top of the tower is surrounded by soldiers everywhere. “Quickly, shoot him!” One soldier says, before every one of them attempts to fire Hiryu with their guns. Unfortunately for them, Hiryu manages to easily dodge all of them, and uses his Cypher to cut through all of them. “Too easy.” Hiryu exclaims, before turning his attention to a greenish energy at the center of the tower. This seems to be the source of all the towers Hiryu thought. Hiryu quickly does some quick swipes with his blade, causing the energy to be destroyed. This causes the tower to have so many explosions, that you’d be wondering if this was a Michael Bay film. Hiryu quickly teleports out of there, before all the towers are destroyed…

Son Pikong is seen rushing out of the forest, before stopping in his tracks as Strider Hiryu teleports in front of him. Pikong has a surprised look on his face, going, “Pika pi?!” Hiryu takes a quick look at Pikong before just silently walking out of the forest. Pikong at first follows Hiryu, trying to find out what happened, but Hiryu just goes, “…You are no enemy of mine, but don’t get in my way.” Suddenly, a loud “QUACK!” could be heard, as both Pikong and Hiryu turn in the direction where the sound came from.

Suddenly, a bald short guy (otherwise known as Krillin) quickly runs towards the two, holding a strange ball with stars on it. Krillin accidently tackles Pikong humorously, making Pikong become dizzy from the shock. Krillin quickly gets up and attempts to run again, before Hiryu grabs him by the back of his clothes, and asking, “What on earth are you running from?” “CAN’T TALK. GOTTA RUN WITH THIS DRAGON BALL OR ELSE I’M GOING TO DIE. QUACK!” Hiryu quickly takes the orange ball from Krillin’s hand, and examines it. Krillin turns to Pikong going, “Oh, sorry little guy! Huh…you seem familiar.” Pikong looks at Krillin, noticing the resemblance in clothing with his. Krillin just goes, “Ah, I’m sure I’ll remember you eventually! I’m Krillin! Oh, how about I call you ‘Little Yellow’?!” Pikong looks annoyed with his nickname, but eventually smiles in happiness, shaking Krillin’s hand, having met a new friend.

“Oh, I thought I heard a space duck here.” From the shadows, comes out a young man, wearing a lot of black clothing. It’s Sho Minamimoto, and he seems to be the one who followed Krillin. “Alright, you zetta digits, give me that ball, and maybe no one has to get hurt!” Suddenly, Sho summons all sorts of his Taboo Noise, surrounding the trio. Hiryu takes a look at the Dragon Ball, thinking, “This must be what they are after in this forest…” Hiryu puts the ball away, and prepares his blade, as Pikong prepares his Power Pole staff. Krillin just goes into a fight ready stance, before going, “…QUACK!” Sho laughs and shouts, “Crunch! I’ll add it to the heap!”


A bit harder than the previous two stages, but otherwise, this shouldn’t take too much time. Basically, you gotta destroy all 40 of Sho’s Taboo Noise monsters (refer to his side special). They don’t all appear at once (up to 8 on the stage at a time), but they do get annoying quickly if you don’t hurry up and destroy them. The higher the difficulty you set, the stronger the type of Noise appear.

Upon destroying the Taboo Noise, Hiryu turns his attention to Sho, going, “Something I don’t like about you.” Sho isn’t fazed as more enemies appear from Sho’s side, though they are only seen as black silhouettes, for dramatic effect. “Quit wasting time Sho. We got work to do.” Says a deep voice. Sho sighs, and starts reciting the digits of Pi, preparing to do his explosion attack. Not knowing what to expect, our three heroes suddenly are hit by an explosion that hits all three of them, wounding them.

Hiryu’s right arm seems to be really injured, while Pikong seems nearly out of breath. Krillin fainted a while ago. Hiryu quickly grabs his two allies, and proceeds to try and teleport out of there, which they succeed on doing. “Tch, they got away. Oh well no worries. They’re out of their vector if they think this is over.” Sho smiles devilishly and the screen fades to black, going TO BE CONTINUED.

Just where did our three heroes disappear to? And just who are these new enemies that Sho is allied with and what do they want with the Dragon Balls? Find out next time in Dragon Ball Z!


Son Pikong by TWILTHERO

Strider Hiryu by TWILTHERO

Krillin by Junahu

Sho Minamimoto by FrozenRoy

This story mode is very much still in development, but I do have a solid idea how it’s going to plan out. I’m still open to character suggestions, though I obviously cannot guarantee it. I’m gonna try and focus on “recent” sets, but I might look back into some older sets (like Krillin) for story purposes. I’m probably not going to make a chapter every week or anything (what with Pokemon XY coming out next week and I do have another article that I’ve been writing up) and I’m not even sure if I’ll ever finish it (then again..this is a story mode lel). Anyway, hope you enjoy. This is a pretty basic chapter for now.




  2. That’s certainly a name for your story mode.

    • You can thank tirkaro for that. =P

  3. APC99 here! Think you could introduce my Robot Masters into this?

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