Posted by: Davidreamcatcha | November 26, 2013

An Idea Forming – The Universal Santa Claus Movement

Who will be under this hat?

“A long time ago, far longer than I care to remember, we proposed a movement that everybody does the same character and we all post the movesets back to back en mass, movement style. Aside from the inherently competitive nature of it, it would help us to better outline the differences in our MYMing.” – MasterWarlord, The Universal Pokemon Movement Nominations

This is an idea that still has plenty of merit, one that has been tossed around by countless people and one that I’m sure most of us would like to see executed before most of us leave MYM. Thus, I am proposing that the idea be resurrected in the form of a movement paying tribute to everyone’s favorite jolly old Saint Nick.

There are two questions that need to be answered right off the bat.


Santa is a legend. Everyone has their own favorite interpretation of him – whether he’s played by Tim Allen, Alec Baldwin or even Bill Goldberg, Santa has a wide variety of versions that are able to be translated into moveset form. It’s a far more better process to choose someone like this than a Pokemon or a single character like the Riddler. With something like Pokemon where the majority of those making movesets are aware of the characters, everyone has their own preference and will inevitably be disappointed when it must be narrowed down to one character.

Even so, the two main factors of why a pokemon would be chosen also apply to old Saint Nick: familiarity and being open to interpretation while still being thematically similar to other sets in the moveset. Everyone has their own memories of Santa, which really can’t be denied – even if you’re not religious, you know of him and what he does. The thematically similar part is just as valid with Claus as well. A Santa moveset, no matter the interpretation, would in some way make use of the legend. Both Tom Hanks’ Santa and John Goodman’s (Robot Santa) would use attacks patterned after toys and Christmas, the key thing here is how exactly they would be implemented into the framework of each set.


The primary goal of this movement is to have fun, and thus it should be more lax then other movements, as a strict schedule and strict deadline is often what causes other movements to be brought down. For starters, there will be no date that you -must- sign up by and there will be no penalty for dropping out at any point. In terms of posting, it would ideally be posted somewhere between the 18th and 31st of December, with a more finalized date to be set depending on the number of people that sign up. And once that day comes? All Santa sets get posted, no waiting for anyone – if you’re late and you want to post an unfinished set, that’s your own fault, but this is not a movement that will be dragged down by waiting for hours for a single person to finish writing Aerials or somebody that thought they could get away with finishing it in an all-nighter the day before.

If you wish to let me know of your involvement, feel free to state your intentions in the comments below or in-thread for those amongst you who do not use the Bunker. If you’d like to keep your involvement a secret, you can PM me as well. I just ask that you inform me if you want to drop off if you do any of these.



  1. As long as it’s Santa-themed, would it be acceptable? Say, Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas in Santa clothing?

    • Stuff like that would have to be within reason. I.E. characters who are dressed as Santa (The Grinch, Jack Skellington, Invader Zim) would probably not be allowed as they are separate characters and would thus draw from other inspirations as well.

      However, characters who are DIRECTLY based on Santa (Futurama’s Robot Santa, Rise of the Guardian’s North) would be acceptable. If you’re unsure about cases like these, feel free to hit me up at any time on here or SWF.

  2. >senior year of high school
    >he doesn’t know Santa isn’t real

    • Ebenezer, how nice to see you here. How’s Jacob Marley?

  3. Bahahahaha. Oh god the raw karma. So perfectly timed.

    Enjoy your turn in hell.

    • Hi, MW.

      Actually, this is something that I’m talking to the mods about that will be perfectly resolved in no time. Because unlike you, I didn’t actually break any rules (I linked this article in the thread, which was the only deleted post I made so that is very obviously the cause)

      And unlike you, I don’t let have enough pride to not let my sets be posted by someone else. Quit trying to turn this into a political debate and stop commenting if you’re not going to be a part of this movement.

  4. Hell sure didn’t last very long.

    • Oh and as for the movement itself, while I’m not 100% sure I’ll be participating, I do like the idea and how flexable it is. Kinda want to make Robot Santa from Futurama (I’ve been on a Futurama frenzy lately, so wynaut?)

    • I very much enjoyed my turn in Hell.

      I’d like to try getting as many people as we possibly can for this, so we can at least say we -attempted- a Universal-style thing. I’ll definitely mark you down as a tentative though.

  5. Indeed, you got banned for posting a link to the bunker, quite a feat. That is how thin of ice you are on. Your politics will have to be further contained within this place now. The issue with not posting movesets myself is about not committing acts of ban evasion, which was the original offense in the first place. Literally everyone is aware of this.

    As far as the movement, yes, it’s about as universal as possible. That doesn’t mean people want to make movesets for him. When these were attempted seriously, nobody had any interest time and time again when it actually came time to get off their asses and work. These things are a movement that inherently demand a large amount of people, a few dedicated people to make it happen doesn’t cut it like any other sane movement.

    Anybody not in Bizarro chat won’t want to do it because of your name. People within your circle will only want to do it in a desperate attempt at relevancy or “trolling” by making the thread more active with their oh so wacky characters and “offensive” joke movesets without playstyle. You can attach Junahu’s name, yes, if he feels like it, but we’ve seen just how well these have gone over in the past.

    • It still seems weird that you won’t log in for this, but regardless, at least I know who I’m addressing.

      I was the one who thought of this, yes, but if it were to get more people involved I would be more then willing to hand the reins to a more neutral party (n88 was the first one who I thought of) if it were to mean we could see more contributions.

  6. sounds interesting. If I can find a santa I like I may participate, put me down as a maybe

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