Posted by: katapultarr | May 15, 2014

Wanting to Type Up a New Moveset? Then Try This!

Movesetting’s fun and all, but have you ever felt that writing up all those attack headers and inserting all that BBCoding every time you want to start a new set is just plain tedious? Then worry no more! Below is a template I’ve cooked up (or at least had on my computer for a while) which some of you might find useful when you’re wanting to start a new moveset. Simply copy and save the following template onto something simple like a Notepad file, and you’re all set! 






[FONT=][COLOR=][SIZE=2][B]Size:[/B] X
[B]Weight:[/B] X
[B]Ground Speed:[/B] X
[B]Jump:[/B] X
[B]Air Speed:[/B] X
[B]Fall Speed:[/B] X
[B]Traction:[/B] X[/SIZE]



[CENTER][B][SIZE=4][COLOR=][FONT=] Neutral Special – [/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/CENTER]

[CENTER][B][SIZE=4][COLOR=][FONT=] Side Special – [/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/CENTER]


[CENTER][B][SIZE=4][COLOR=][FONT=] Down Special – [/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/CENTER]



[CENTER][B][SIZE=4][COLOR=][FONT=] Dash Attack – [/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/CENTER]





























The above template is something I use when I want to start a new set (save for having the Final Smash after the Playstyle section), but needless to say, everyone’s got a different sense of presentation style. Some of you might order your stats in a different way or just not use numbers at all, while others might not dig using Fonts on the meat of the text, or even using colors. In any case, feel free to adjust the template to suit your own tastes.

So, okay, you’ve got the above template saved on your computer. You no longer have to type all those pesky attack headers or put in the BBCodes, but it seems you’ve still gotta fill them all in individually! Or do you? I’ve actually got a neat trick for that, a way to save heaps of time so you can get started on that set you want to do. See, Notepad has this cool function that, by pressing Ctrl+H, lets you replace any or all specific pieces of text with something else, or even replace it with nothing! Here’s how to do it:

  1. Press Ctrl+H on your Notepad file to open up a gray text box titled “Replace”. This might be common sense to a lot of you, but just in case someone out there doesn’t know.
  2. Ctrl+C (copy) an empty set of BBCodes placed before the specific part of your text/headers you want filled in: in the case of the above template it’s [CENTER][COLOR=][SIZE=7][FONT=][B] if you want the main headers done, [CENTER][B][SIZE=4][COLOR=][FONT=] if you want attack headers done and [FONT=][COLOR=] if you want to fill in the basic text.
  3. Fill in both the “Find what:” and “Replace with:” text boxes with the chosen BBCode set. 
  4. Grab the coding for a color and a font you think will fit the character you’re making a set for and place them in their respective BBCode boxes for the set in the “Replace with:” text box. 
  5. Click the “Replace All” box on the right-hand side, and this should fill in all those empty BBCodes with the color and text you want. Do this for all 3 sets, and you’ve got the presentation for your set all done!
  6. But don’t forget to include your character’s name either! That’s what the Xs all over the template are for: simply replace those with your character’s name, and it’ll be there for the very first header and as the opening word for all your sentences. This’ll also affect the Xs where all those stats are, but I’m sure you can easily replace those with your desired numbers, no?

I’ve found that you have to start and end BBCoding for your base text before applying more later on, such as for the attack or main headers, as otherwise when you preview your set on SWF or want to edit it after posting it you’ll have your BBCoding messed with in undesirable ways – in worst case, the site will actually multiply your BBCodes each time you switch back to BBCode editor from the Rich Text editor to the point where the codes will simply display a huge mess instead of what you want them to. You can’t just place the colors and fonts you want your base text to display throughout the entire set at the start and end of it either, because that seems to mess with the BBCoding as well, sometimes even causing the paragraphs to compress into one uncomfortable mess. I’m not 100% sure about the causes and thus why I can’t seem to explain it well, but point is that I’ve found that the way I’ve set out the template seems to keep all the coding in-tact after you’ve previewed or want to edit after posting it. It also causes The Whiteboard to register all the colors and fonts when you preview something on that, so be sure to try using it if Crashboards turns up or you just wanna be safe. 

Before I wrap this up, allow me to share some interesting colors and fonts you might want to use in your sets:


#ffffff #ff9999 #ffcc99 #ffff99 #ccff99 #99ff99 #99ffcc #99ffff #99ccff #9999ff #cc99ff #ff99ff #ff99cc

#bfbfbf #ff4d4d #ffa64d #ffff4d #a6ff4d #4dff4d #4dffa6 #4dffff #4da6ff #4d4dff #a64dff #ff4dff #ff4da6

#808080 #ff0000 #ff8000 #ffff00 #80ff00 #00ff00 #00ff80 #00ffff #0080ff #0000ff #8000ff #ff00ff #ff0080

#404040 #b30000 #b35900 #b3b300 #59b300 #00b300 #00b359 #00b3b3 #0059b3 #0000b3 #5900b3 #b300b3 #b30059

#000000 #660000 #663300 #666600 #336600 #006600 #006633 #006666 #003366 #000066 #330066 #660066 #660033

White-to-black, top-to-bottom, white-to-pink, left to right, these color codes are all available on SWF’s Rich Text Editor. I’ve put them all here however because you might not always have access to the colors via Crashboards, and also because it’s much more convenient if you can just copy the actual coding and paste it to fill in the BBCode. There are of course sites out there that give you the full color spectrum, though I haven’t really been bothered to go out and look and just used, which by the way lets you make really sweet headers if you haven’t checked them out, just providing you’ve got something like a Photobucket account to put them on. In any case, feel free to suggest any interesting sites for searching out specific color codes.


In my quest for interesting fonts, I discovered that virtually all the fonts on Microsoft Paint can in fact be used on SWF, which is really neat if you want something refreshing or interesting given the current Rich Text Editor doesn’t offer much compared to what it used to. You can more or less see the effects each font would have when used as BBCode, though the above set is set at size “12” and is not bolded, underlined or italicized, so there are more combinations than I’ve shown. There might be more fonts than these around on the internet such as on font sites, but some of those don’t always seem to work and I can say for sure that most of the above fonts have been tested out by me. 

Finally, not included on the above list, are Webdings and Wingdings. Despite turning your text into weird and wacky images, these do in fact work with SWF, and I even have a link to table of what each Wingding font does when you overlay it onto a certain letter. Unfortunately Wingdings 2 and Wingdings 3 do not seem to work on SWF regardless of whether you remove or don’t remove the spacing between the Wingdings and the number at the end, but you still get access to half the symbols shown on that table, and they’re quite interesting to boot: these Wingdings are in turn affected by coloring and size BBCodes, so you can have a lot of fun with them and apply them to the your main headers to make the set look more interesting. 

Annnnd that’s about it. I think I’m done here. Whether or not you already had your moveset template or special way of applying interesting BBCodes, hopefully you all learned something from this article, and maybe you’ll even use the template I provided to shave off 30ish minutes from your movesetting work! 






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