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The MYM15 SM that I can’t be bothered to finish


This is a Story Mode I randomly typed up one day, a little after the contest ended. I planned on using every set posted in the contest and introducing them in the order they were posted. It is obviously not finished, and may have a few holes in it.


In one of countless parallel dimensions, there exists a more peaceful, boring Gensokyo where few individuals stand out, even amongst all the youkai.

In this particular Gensokyo, there are less “incidents”, and the humans and youkai are able to go on with their lives much more peacefully.

This is especially good for Reimu, who is usually tasked with getting to the bottom of any incidents plauging Gensokyo…

But when such peace is taken for granted, incidents that -do- occur usually take the land by storm, resulting in a rude awakening…

The story opens with REIMU HAKUREI, who is searching the ” forest” after hearing of an incident involving the spontaneous appearance of several dozen “outsiders” from the outside world all across Gensokyo. It wasn’t totally uncommon for someone from the outside world to suddenly appear in Gensokyo due to the fluctation of “borders” between worlds, and when that did happen it was the Shrine Maiden Reimu’s responsibility to return them back to their own world upon being found, lest they be eaten by a youkai before then. The appearance of multiple outsiders at once, however, was incredibly unusual, and furthermore many of them appeared more than capable of defending themselves against any youkai that would have otherwise made a meal of them.

While all this was happening, Reimu’s associate, MARISA KIRASAME, was flying around in search of outsiders. Marisa had a tendency to get herself involved in the occasional incident despite having no obligation to, namely because it meant being able to find rare treasures and other good things. One never knew what an outsider had on them, be it an object or knowledge from the outside world – both of which were incredibly valuable in Gensokyo. Incidents were usually troublesome to the people of Gensokyo, but this particular incident actually came with a silver lining, being a perfect time to make new discoveries.

After some thorough exploring, Reimu eventually encountered a hulking beast taking a nap in the middle of the forest – SLOTH. This particular “outsider” was reported to have done nothing but sleep, but his mass of muscle and unusually large bulk made in somebody to be wary of. Regardless, Reimu couldn’t just leave the big guy sleeping there, so she prodded him and asked him to wake up. She did this a couple of times, and when Sloth showed no signs of waking up, she started to get impatient. And then…

Reimu gave the giant a good, hard wake-up kick to the hip.


Sloth was a pretty heavy sleeper, but Reimu’s forcefulness got to him, forcing a bit of writhing and groaning out of the giant. It should have made him sit up and stay awake, but nobody gets between Sloth and his sleep! Slowly turning towards his assailant, a glimmer of madness appeared in Sloth’s eyes as he got up, actually intimidating Reimu a bit as she realized that a murderous aura was being directed at her.

“You’re a pain!” Sloth yelled. Having finally found the perfect place to sleep, Sloth was ready to put some effort into destroying the one who dared to wake him up.


After a taxing battle, Reimu stood victorious over the fallen Sloth, who slowly began disintergrating in a manner most unnatural for a human. The battle had revealed that Sloth was in fact not a human, his speed, strength and regeneration really putting the moves on Reimu as she was forced to resort to using some of her more powerful abilities. And that was supposed to be Stage 1! This is gonna be one hard Touhou spin-off game.

As that was happening, Marisa had just finished taking care of a bunch of angry MR. MIME, the likes of whom were outsiders just like Sloth. That job annoyed Marisa a bit as she questioned why she was suddenly attacked out of nowhere, before being interrupted by a soothing, yet suspicious voice…

“This case is not as simple as you’d think.”

Turning around, Marisa saw that the voice belonged to a small angel – LUCEMON. Lucemon told Marisa that the outsiders were not actually real, but rather illusions created by a certain creature that had just drifted into Gensokyo. And while peaceful for now, the illusions will grow more and more violent when the creature sees fit, so it needs to be stopped before that happens. Marisa and Lucemon had already met before in this world, the latter having helped with a few cases, so the former could trust him, and thus they set out together to put an end to the incident.

Meanwhile, BOB ROSS, one of the many outsiders, had just arrived in a human village and volunteered to teach everyone the joy of painting. He proceeded to paint a picture of KUNIO-KUN, gaining the applause of nearly everyone in the crowd. Amongst those people was KAGUYA HOURAISAN, one of the more important residents of Gensokyo whom gave the land some degree of trouble a long time ago, having now settled down for an ordinary life. That life would soon be interrupted however, as several people suddenly appeared from behind the stage to attack everyone: COMMANDER.VIDEO, DORAEMON, NIGHTMARE, ROSALINA, COMMANDER KEEN and TEPIG.

Eventually Reimu, Marisa, Lucemon and Kaguya find the culprit, ZOROARK, and defeat him to dispel the illusions… but Lucemon seems to have other plans.


In the human world, THRALL and ERUTUS PROFITEUR are traveling together on a mountainside – the latter being employed by the former as a bodyguard to help deliver a certain item to a client who insisted on meeting face-to-face. The two eventually come to a stop, however, when TOMMY WISEAU, standing in the middle of the road, blocks their path, uncaring about the fact that he’s obstructing a horde of dangerous creatures that could ravage him at any time. It was almost as though he were a zombie…. or on drugs. Suddenly though, he approached the Profiteur by his own volition.

“Oh hi Mark!” said Wiseau.

“If you’re looking for charity, you’ve come to the wrong place! Now move! Time is money!” The Profiteur responded in a uncharactertistically impatient tone. Either he was in a rush or Wiseau was just that annoying – possibly infamously so.

“How’s your sex life?” Wiseau asked. But that just annoyed the Profiteur, who walked up to Wiseau to push him out of the way. But…

“Don’t touch me mother@$%#%*!” Wiseau responded aggressively, having activated his Down Special counter. “Get out!”. Which was then followed-up with by pushing the Profiteur back and onto his buttocks.

“That’s it! Thrall, kill him!” The Profiteur yelled angrily, his index finger pointed at Wiseau accusingly. Thrall then proceeded to walk up to the pitiful man and chopped him in half with his weapon, which sent the top half of his body flying off the mountain.

“WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!???” Wiseau screamed as his last word, which grew fainter and fainter by the moment until it was inaudible to our unlikely heroes. There was no time to celebrate, or even to kick the lower-half of his body off the mountain, however: the Profiteur could hear a rustling coming from his caravan, which was then followed by something being thrown out: a portrait of SPIRIT ZELDA! This was a valuable item, -the- vaulable item the Profiteur was planning on trading to his client for lots of money, and he’d be damned if it got lost or stolen along the way. With this, the culprit jumped out from the back of the caravan and revealed himself to be DOOPLISS. Doopliss chucked to himself over his success, but upon seeing the Profiteur’s eyes trained on him he became terrified… and ran off! The Profiteur naturally had Thrall and his men give chase to the thief, Doopliss being perfectly aware of how weak he was and that he’d stand absolutely no chance of winning in a real fight. He had no choice but to run like hell.


Doopliss is eventually knocked down by a stay projectile, causing the SZ portrait in his hands to go flying behind him and, conveniently, right into the Profiteur’s hands. Turning back in horror, Doopliss realized that Thrall’s army was about to run him down, and that he’d be dead if he just laid there. So he did the next best thing – make a portal and sink into it, a typical villainous tactical retreat.

On the other side of the portal, Doopliss found himself in a dim, dark, narrow castle hall. After calming himself from the ordeal, he proceeded to rush through the hall and through a large set of doors, which revealed a group of ghostly figures sitting at a roundtable – THE OBZEDAT.

“Did you recover the portrait like we asked?” One of the Obzedat asked calmly.

“N-No, they were too strong! Please, just give me another chance – and more power!” Requested a panicked Doopliss.

“You already owe us a great debt for having bound your soul to this earth after that one travesty. Should you request more power, more time, you will surely pay us with your soul for failing to pay the debt on time. Are we clear?”

“Yes, I understand!”

“Very well then.” Each of the Obzedat stepped away towards the walls as the table they were sitting around vanished in a ghostly mist. They then kneeled, and a hallway before Doopliss was illuminated by torches, revealing a stairway that led to a throne occupied by the Obzedat’s leader – DON THOUSAND.

“Lord Thousand.” The Obzedat responded solemnly.

“Doopliss… this is your last chance to redeem yourself. I will provide you with a small army to see the task through, but should you fail or betray us we shall show you no mercy.” Don Thousand spoke. “Provide him with the means necessary.”

On their master’s command, the Obzedat waved their hands, causing several ghostly wisps to form in front of Doopliss and take the following shapes: BATMAN, VAN, WALUIGI, MACH RIDER, PAULINE, SWAP FORCE and TANGELA.

“Now go.” The Obzedat commanded, causing Doopliss and his new “minions” to be banished in a flash of light. The Obzedat then turned their attention to Don Thousand for some discussion.

“That one failed miserably in the past, long before he served under us. It is almost certain that he will fail us again.”

“It’s not my concern either way. I merely gave that fool useless leftovers so I could dispose of them all.”

“True, but is the Spirit Zelda Portrait not essential to the foundation of our plans?”

“That was merely a ruse. Our true plans – those regarding the land of illusion – are coming together perfectly, thanks to the a certain someone misleading the entire flock.”

“You humble us with your genius, Lord Thousand.”

Meanwhile, Doopliss was wandering through the lava-filled outskirts of a castle for some unknown reason, his “minions” surprisingly absent as well – most likely having been used up as fodder during the trip.

“Like hell I’m going to go through all that trouble again! I’ll just hijack the powerful body of a certain evil, fallen Koopa King I know! Then I can just destroy the Ghost Council and do whatever I want!” As he spoke, Doopliss took out a Pokeball and spun it on top of his non-existent finger. “Good thing I’ve been saving this secret weapon just for such an occasion – go, Pokemon!” Doopliss tossed his Pokeball forward, which released a fierce-looking BARBARACLE that started to tunnel through the ground, taking its ghostly master along with it.

Doopliss and Barbaracle then emerged to find themselves in yet another throne room, this time standing before the almighty ROYAL STICKER BOWSER. He wasn’t your usual Bowser, though – the crown he was wearing atop his head had drained all the character from him and turned him into a mindless beast in exchange for gaining insurmountable power. He was also locked up in tight chains that prevented him from making unexpected Final Boss appearances in future Mario games or stealing the role of main antagonist of this Story Mode.

“Bahahaha! And here I thought I’d have to have Barbaracle grab hold of Lord Bowser to stall for my body-swapping technique! This is gonna be so easy!” Doopliss said confidently as he walked up to Bowser… but before he could perform any weird voodoo magic, a pink, humanoid bear appeared before him in a pink puff of smoke… USAMI!

“Stop! I won’t tolerate any sort of violence between friends!”

“Are you deaf? I’m not gonna hurt him, I’m just gonna take his body.”

“Okay then… go on.” Usami submitted surprisingly easily, slinking back to get Doopliss work his magic. And so, with a start-up lag of 2 seconds, Doopliss instantly took control of Bowser’s body! As for Doopliss’s original body, Bowser’s feral conscious was placed into it, but he couldn’t do Bowliss any harm with his incredibly weak body. Bowliss could only laugh at his former leader’s pathetic attempts to defy him as he effortlessly broke the chains restraining him.

“Mwhahahahaha! This is so amazing! I feel like a god!”

Doopliss stood there gloating at his power for what seemed like forever, but he was suddenly overcome with a sharp mental pain, as though something sinister was invading his mind.

“DOOPLISS… GIVE ME YOUR BODY… THEN WE CAN RULE THE WORLD TOGETHER…” The voice whispered. A mental image then formed in Doopliss’s head, and it was not a pretty one. It was THE LICH… wearing a RACHET AND CLANK t-shirt… with the PSABR logo on it! No wonder Doopliss was feeling so tormented!

“ARRRRRRRRRRGH! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!” The mental damage and profound whispering was too much for Doopliss to overcome, and in no time his mind was completely shattered from the horrific mental assault. His stolen body now belonged to an even greater evil.

“FINALLY. AFTER PUTTING ALL OF MY POWER INTO A SMALL CROWN AND WAITING TENS OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS FOR SOMEONE TO WEAR IT, I FINALLY HAVE A VESSEL I CAN USE TO PLUNGE THE WORLD INTO CHAOS!!” The Lich declared. And as though responding to such, a single member of the Obzedat, of all people, suddenly appeared before the evil American character.

“It’s been too longer, Master.”


“Ah, but you see, Master…” The Obzedat paused, leaving The Lich in anticipation… but not for long. The great evil then realized that massive portions of his soul were leaking out and being drained towards the single member of the Obzedat, causing him to become shocked.


“That very soul you just broke… it owed us a great debt, and the deadline for such expired just now. It was meant to pay us with eternal servitude… but since you just merged with it, that debt has now passed down to you. Therefore, your soul is ours to take.”

“NO, IMPOSSIBLE, THIS CAN’T–ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGH!!” The Lich screamed his last death cry as his soul was completely absorbed as a huge ball of power that then vanished in a ghostly wisp, presumably being transported to Don Thousand. Bowser’s original body had also been absorbed along with the soul, leaving the mindless Bowser to spend the rest of his days in a pathetic, sheet of a body.

“There is a new god in this world. He knew that fool would come here to obtain the power necessary to try and overthrow us. It’s precisely why he was chosen to be brought back from the dead.” The Obzedat proclaimed before fading away. “And now, with this massive amount of soul energy, our plans – his plans – will soon come to fruition…”

Witnessing all that had transpired – but still having been ignored by the main performers regardless – Barbaracle, Bowser (in Doopliss’s body) and Usami all went their separate ways, never to be seen again… maybe.


Back in Gensokyo, while that one incident was still occuring, SHERRY CROMWELL and CHAO LINGSHEN were wandering around the human village, where they saw SHOOT THE RABBIT and BLAZIKEN playing a fierce game of soccer with each other, a game some of the villagers were engrossed with. Sherry and Chao then wandered further towards the outskirts of the village, but they were suddenly struck by a wind that carried posters of THE KING OF ALL COSMOS and K. ROOL aimlessly in the background. Unfazed, Sherry and Chao saw YOUMU KONPAKU standing before them, her swords at the ready. Youmu got straight to the point and accused the two women of being responsible for the outbreak of outsiders, simply because they themselves look very suspicious. Sherry claims that she has no idea what Youmu means, but the latter is insistent of the duo’s guilt and proceeds to charge at them.


Youmu is taken aback, somewhat shocked that Sherry and Chao were able to overcome her speed. Before the battle can continue however, several aggressive illusions suddenly appear around the trio: SHY GUY, LION-O, JET JAGUAR, SNORLAX, CLOCKWORK, SCARLET FRESHBREW, ZATCH BELL and ASTRODACTYL. Realizing that she’s not the only one being targted, Youmu agrees to a ceasefire with Sherry and Chao until they can fight their way out of their current predicament.

Meanwhile, on Kongo Isle, BORTH-MAJAR, or should I say Borth AND Majar, are both being confronted by CARTOON DONKEY KONG over a stolen banana horde – a horde which they stole.

“Me stupid, but if me eats bananas then me will get smarter!”

“That’s right! You’ve had pretty poor reflexes as of late, so if we can increase your intelligence even a little then we’ll be unstoppable!”


“Those bananas belong to me and my friends! You ain’t gonna eat any of em!”

“Says the little monkey. You think you can compete against -this- body? And these brains?”

“So what? I’m the hero of this Kongo-Bongo! Banana Slammah!”


Using his infamous giant punch, DK sent the dynamic duo flying to the next isle as though they were a Tropical Freeze boss, which we will of course get to later.


The duo somehow landed on the same spot on a beach, Borth landing first before comically being crushed by Majar’s girth. The latter wasn’t aware that he’d crushed his partner though, the squirms and squealing all falling on deaf ears. Majar did finally get up though, only to see his partner flattened like a pancake… despite the fact that they were in fact on a beach.

“Why you flat as a pancake?”

“You were lying on me, you idiot!”


While the two partners bickered, they failed to notice someone on the sand approaching them… the 6th ranked assassin, HOLLY SUMMERS.

“You must be the 7th ranked assassin… Travis Touchdown.” Holly assumed. (it’s funny because Borth-Majar is Kiwi’s 7th set) “You’re a lot bigger than I thought.” Despite her appealing appearance, Holly’s words fell on deaf ears as Borth and Majar continued arguing with each other.

“Maybe this’ll get your attention.” Holly pulled the pin on a grenade and lightly tossed it a few meters away from the duo, after which it exploded with a loud BANG that snapped them out of their arguing and in Holly’s vicinity.

“And who are you meant to be?” Borth asked rudely.

“Guess you weren’t listening, so I’ll explain from the start. My name is Holly Summers, and I’m the one you’ll be fighting against for the rank of 6th best assassin in the world.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but if you’re gonna get in our way then Majar and I will have to crush you!”

“Very well then.”


Despite having previously been defeated by DK, Borth and Majar manage to overpower the 6th ranked assassin, who accepts her defeat. Pulling the pin on one of her grenades, she falls back into one of her pitfalls and blows herself to pieces, giving herself a burial.

“That was pretty messed up – and I have no idea what just happened or why we just got attacked out of nowhere.” Borth exclaimed.

The scene then cuts to the throneroom of a aztec-like castle, the hallway lined up with a good dozen PIEDMON statues, Borth and Majar walking up to meet their master, King K. Rool.

“So… I take it that you two FAILED once again?”

“That Donkey Kong blew us all the way here with a Giant Punch… but we did manage to get rid of an intruder on the island, if that counts for anything.”

“I don’t care about intruders! I just want the Crystal Coconut!”

“Easy for you to say. That Kong’s real strong!”

“Arrrgh. I’m surrounded by nincompoops!”

“If you want the Crystal Coconut so bad, why don’t you just get it yourself?”

“Don’t you think I’ve already tried that? I’ve sent more minions than I can count with the fingers on both my hands!”

“I mean, why don’t you just go get it yourself? Little wonder you haven’t been announced for SSB4, what with you taking a backseat in favor of all those other random villains like the Tikis.”

“That’s the whole point of my getting the Crystal Coconut! I even got Ridley on board to help me with that!”

“Can’t you just get him to go get the Crystal Coconut?”

“He refuses to. Is trying to preserve himself for when he does get announced…. I think. Last time I saw him, he was just a shadow.”

“Oh. So that announcement about the bo…”

“Don’t. Say. Another. Word. He will murder you in cold blood if you finish that sentence.”

Before the conversation could continue on for another eternity, the trio suddenly heard the sound of a horn resonating through the room… and it was coming from the front door. Standing there was a ROMAN CENTURION, this particular one being a messenger holding out a letter with a suspicious light-blue icicle symbol adorned on the front.

“Your highness! This message was just hand-delivered to us by a group of owls!” Yes, Rool had Roman Centurions patrolling his island for some inexplicible reason.

“Very well. Hand it over to me.”

The Centurion gave Rool the letter, which he then tore open and read aloud.

“Dear King K. Rool. We, of the Snomads, have been aware of your assaults on Kongo Isle and would like to extend an invitation of alliance to join our ranks. Benefits include countless antarctic soldiers at your side, your enemies conquered in one fell swoop and all the icy poles you could ever want. Regardless of whether you agree or not, we are coming your way as you speak. Signed; Lord Fredrik.” The handwriting was surprisingly sloppy, but the note itself was rather neat, being made of recycled paper and containing a transparent picture of a DEWGONG at the center. Having seen the note’s contents, Rool couldn’t help but let out laughter.

“Bahahahaha! This guy sounds like an idiot! What’s he meant to be, a parody of me? But whatever. Nobody’s ever invited me to join an alliance, much less one against those wretched Kongs. I’ll play their game and see what they’ve got to offer.”

Rool then turned to a corner and called out to a shadow.

“Ridley! The time to strive for Smash 4 is NOW!”

With that, the big man RIDLEY swooped out and stood next to Rool, eager about being able to fight as a bos- I mean, playable character in the upcoming Smash game.


We cut back to Thrall and Profiteur, who have successfully arrived in front of a small building in the countryside where the transaction involving the Spirit Zelda Portrait is due to take place. There appears to be nobody around, but something suddenly comes swooping down from the sky: ANNA, the merchant, riding on the vague dragon PUCK. Anna jumps off the dragon, who then flies off into the sky and is never seen again.

“Just on time I see!” Anna exclaimed cheerfully.

“Yes. I have the portrait as you requested, but I had to deal with a few thieves here and there along the way.”

“As expected. That’s no ordinary portrait we’re dealing with here.”

“I brought a bodyguard along, just in case anyone tries to interrupt our transaction.” Profiteur pointed out, gesturing towards Thrall.

“As did I.” Anna proclaimed. The bodyguards in question were soon revealed to be RUBY ROSE, WEISS SCHNEE, BLAKE BELLADONNA and YANG XIAO LONG, the 4 of whom were likely on a mission. The transaction is interrupted regardless, however – by a frantic ISABELLE, rushing from a nearby village right towads the 2 groups.

“It’s terrible! Our village is under attack!” Isabelle called out in panic. The RWBY group appeared raring to go help out, but Anna and Profiteur… let’s just say that there didn’t seem to be much in it for them. Isabelle sensed this, and decided to say the magic words:

“We have lots of money!”

“You have a deal.” Profiteur and Anna said in unison. With that settled, the group moved towards the village… and true to Isabelle’s word, it was indeed under attack. Under attack by horrific monsters: several imps and ogres rampaging about. The village was on fire, and people were being murdered like flies. There was only one thing to do at that time: take action.


Meanwhile, Don Thousand, still sitting on his throne, is seen putting up a 2D screen in front of him through a simple gesture. On the other side of this screen is INTONER THREE, who first appears inattentive but suddenly snaps back into reality upon seeing the screen in front of her. She appeared to be holed up in a gritty workshop, and there were torn-up dolls of IKU NAGAE and GOODRA behind her for some strange reason (don’t worry, they’ll make proper apperances later on!).

“…do you need something, Lord Thousand?” asked Three, unenthusiastically.

“The Obzedat have retrieved the power that once belonged to the Lich. I now require capable soldiers for our invasion.”

“If Lord Thousand wishes it…” said Three, before signing off. The screen faded away from both sides, after which Don Thousand got up off his throne and started walking towards the roundtable where the Obzedat usually resided.

“Intoner Three… her assets are invaluable to me, but conversations with her must be brief lest she rambles on like a nerd.”

The Don slowly looked towards the ceiling and held out his free hand.

“Now then… perhaps I should make the final preparations on my side.”

Once he finished speaking, a mass of purplish, spherical soul energy formed above the roundtable, wisps of energy swirling around it. Then, a transparent, purple staircase descended from the sphere, the likes of which Don Thousand walked across and into the sphere.

Don Thousand enters Polygon Man’s territory, the legacy left behind by the Lich, before a battle ensues, ending with a cliffhanger.




Back on K. Rool Isle, or whatever it’s meant to be, Rool, BM and Ridley were all standing on the beach, waiting for the arrival of these so-called “Snomads”.

“Look – I see a fleet of ships heading towards us!” Borth pointed out, literally. Indeed, much to his word, ships were coming closer and closer to K. Rool’s isle… and they seemed to be loaded with penguins.

“Now that’s an army!” Rool proclaimed, actually impressed that this “Fredrik” guy wasn’t all talk.

The ships came in closer and closer, which was then followed by the sound of a horn. A magic horn, it appeared to be, for it called forth a massive blizzard that completely covered Rool’s isle in ice.

“What the!?” Rool said, shocked. But before he could further comprehend anything, the ships had already reached the sandy shores of his beach. At the same time, POMPY came out of the ocean next to one of the ships. Then, SKOWL came flying off one of the ships and landed next to Pompy. Followed by that, Dewgong came out of the ocean, and then FUGU, who parked himself next to the evolved seal. Next, BASHMASTER leapt out of one of the ships and landed next to Fugu with a thunderous thud that shook the land a little. These 5 figures then bowed their heads to their master, who descended from a a very luxurious ship that stood out from the rest: LORD FREDRIK. This big fat walrus plopped himself down in front of his 5 subordinates, laughing a pompous, sinister laugh as he waltzed towards K. Rool.

“I take it you’re ‘Lord Fredrik’?” Rool asked.

“Aye. That’d be me.” Fredrik replied.


“Would you mind telling me what’s up with the tropical freeze?”

“Consider it our humble welcome. This island already belongs to us, anyway.”

“It does not!”

“Ah yes, you’re apart of the Snomads now. In that sense, you haven’t really lost your island.”

“Well I suppose I haven- wait, I never said I was one of you!”

“So that means you’re not with us?”

“I’m not against you or anything… just don’t quite like the idea of losing my kinghood.”

“You’re not the only one: Fugu over there used to be the ruler of his island until we drove off some of his enemies and took control of it. He’s been grateful ever since.”

“I take it -I’ll- get a position as leader upon joining you?”

“Was planning on it. Been needing to fill the gap left behind by Baboom after he died.”

“Very well then! If it means getting rid of those wretched Kongs and seizing my rightful place as a SSB4 playable, I’ll gladly join your conquest!”

“Well said.”

And so, Rool and his buddies set said with the Snomads to go after DK Isle…

Meanwhile, DK was celebrating his birthday with a special guest his family had pitched in to hire… CHESTER BENNINGTON. These two were, disturbingly enough, actually alone with each other in the same room, because Diddy, Cranky and Dixie had all gone on vacation to get away from DK’s annoying lines. Also, there was Linkon Park music playing in the background. Very, very loud Linkon Park music.

“Hey man, do that thing where you expand dong.” Chester asked in a voice that was surprisingly calm and stable for how stupid his request was. Honestly, who wouldn’t ask a memetic character to do something they’re well-known for doing on the internet in real life? It was almost as though DK was a celebrity… in the wrong kind of way.

“For the last time, no! I’ll impersonate Scooby Kong, or play the kongo bongos, but I’m not gonna do -that-! I got into real trouble last time I did that around a group of people.”

“Ohh… In that case, I’m going to listen to Linkon Park… by myself… in the corner.” Chester turned around, slumping his head in depression, before he walked out of the room, never to be seen again.

“Hmmm, I think I’ll unwrap the present Cranky Kong got me this year.” DK thought to himself as he took a giant, wrapped box sitting at the corner of his room and opened it up. Inside was a life-sized statue of a CHOZO WARRIOR. “Boring. Got this the year before.”

“Man, what a crappy birthday party. Now I think I’ll blow out the candles to my banana cake and hope that nothing else goes wrong.”

But when DK tried to blow out the candles on that cake, a tropical breeze came through to his room and blew out the candles for him!

“Awww man! Now what!?” DK went to look outside, but he was met with a faceful of cold wind, followed by the sound of a horn. The moment didn’t last for long, but when DK went outside to take a look, he found his Isle had undergone a tropical freeze!

Meanwhile, aboard the Snowmads’ fleet.



Back in Gensokyo, Sherry and Chao are walking together, having separated with Youmu, who has gone back to see Reimu and co.

The group find QUICK MAN and CRASH MAN damaged, whom happen to be scouts sent by Chao. They then see RAIN and fight him, but he is revealed to be an illusion at the end of the fight. The group then fight against SHADOW NAOTO and ARMORED TOAD, who are both defeated with some effort.

The group eventually run into LEVIATHAN, who is in the middle of fighting against HEAT MAN, only the latter is losing due to the obvious elemental advantage. Heat Man is glad to see his master and runs back to her side, causing her to facepalm at his cowardice. Leviathan proclaims that “that robot” attacked her out of nowhere before attempting to attack the group. Nobody seems have realized that they’ve actually reached Heaven however, which prompts TENSHI HINANAWI to appear. She expresses genuine surprise over the fact that people have climbed up to Heaven, saying how she was bored and was about to cause an earthquake just to start an incident. She then jokes about the idea that everyone is from the future before a voice responds with “We are.”…but it’s not Chao’s voice. Rather, it’s THE GREAT DUSKNOIR, who has suddenly appeared by Chao’s side.

With Dusknoir at their side, Chao and Sherry reveal that they have indeed come from the future, with the sole purpose of taking over the world. Tenshi finds this absolutely hilarious, thinking that these 3 are just posers, so she battles against them… only to be overwhelmed, as Chao has summoned her army from the future as a declaration of war. Iku then appears at Tenshi’s side, and Leviathan decides to take the Touhous’ side, but the 3 are still unable to do anything against their future adversaries. Thus, they have no choice but to escape and gather more allies to stop his new threat. As they try to run, CHILL MAN appears to try and stop them, under orders from Chao, but Leviathan volunteers to stay behind and defend Iku and Tenshi as they escape.

Iku and Tenshi manage to meet up with the other Touhous; Reimu, Marisa, Kaguya and Youmu. The others are surprised at their appearance, after which Iku tells them about how Heaven has been taken over by enemies from the future. Everyone decides that they have no choice but to take it on themselves since they have no one else to rely on, and head to the mountain to stop the madness.

The group battle against several robots along the way, and eventually encounter a frozen Leviathan who was defeated by Chill Man due to all her water being frozen. Leviathan is freed and joins up with the group, and so does Zoroark eventually… but his illusions aren’t actually that helpful against the machines due to having built-in countermeasures. Reimu and Marisa eventually wonder why Lucemon is not helping them, after which they arrive at the slope of the mountain. Before they can proceed any further, however, the sky suddenly turns a sickly green as a tear in the sky forms… and with this, the DIVINITY OF PRIDE emerges and engulfs the entire land in a black mist, turning the world into darkness. The group wonder whether this has anything to do with the villains’ schemes as they hurry to stop them.


Gomez by crazyal02
Charlotte Evergreen by tirkaro
Night’s End Sorcerer (remix) by FrozenRoy
Funny Valentine by Katapultar
Fate Testarossa Harlaown by darth meanie
Vivio Takamachi by darth meanie

We cut back to DK Isle, which is now completely under Snomad control. DK is frozen in a nice block of ice, which is been guarded by Bashmaster, while Fredrik and Rool stand around the Crystal Coconut inside DK’s house. Several penguins are stationed outside.

“Ah, the Crystal Coconut is mine at least!”

“You mean ours?”

Rool and Fredrik argue over the crystal coconut, but Rool loses the fight and is kicked out. Fredrik is about to use the coconut, but ZANT appears from a portal and tells him to rendevous with everyone else, since the worlds are about to be merged together, reminding him of who gave him the magic horn in the first place. Fredrik has no choice but to comply, taking Bashmaster along with him.

Cutting to a prison cell, MR. DARK has snuck in to free SIDESHOW BOB and barely evades opposition from ARGENT COMMANDER. WEAVEL then appears to assist Mr. Dark as RANDY CUNNINGHAM appears to attack them. Everyone escapes, where it is then revealed that Bob houses tattoos on his back which have time-traveling secrets on them.

Mr. Dark, Weavel and Bob meet up with Funny Valentine, who reveals that his secret weapon: PC-89 REIMU.

He claims that Don Thousand will eventually merge the two worlds, and that when such happens he’ll use the AU Reimu to annihilate the one from their dimension so that Gensokyo will collapse, destroying that world and all those who dwell in it. Valentine wants to destroy Gensokyo so that it can do his world – America – no harm, and wants to do it in one fell blow. He entrusts Reimu to his 3 American allies before going back to secretly work with Don Thousand.

Mr. Dark, Weavel and Bob are tasked with going up a mountain that is said to overlap with the merger of Gensokyo. On the way, they meet BURRITO BISON, an American hero whose willing to help them, and eventually encounter the SHEEP MAGE and a group of SABLEYE who generically antagonizes them before they’re defeated.

Once the group reach the top of the mountain, Bob takes off his clothes and exposes his naked back to the heavens, causing a light to shine down on his tattoos. This somehow opens up a time portal, where THE TERMINATOR comes down from the future, being programmed to defend the group. With this, the future has been opened up for both worlds, allowing them to be merged together…

Now, Gensokyo and Earth are about to merge with each other…

Negi Springfield by darth meanie

Meanwhile, JODIE REYNOLDS has just received a phone call from former President Funny Valentine, telling her to keep an eye on the current President.

We eventually see FRANK UNDERWOOD in a secret government lab, having just finished a call to Sideshow Bob, who happens to be a double-agent working for him. He walks along a hallway, staring at huge experimental capsules containing METROID PRIME and HYDROMB, the likes of which he plans on unleashing when the two worlds are merged. To make things worse, his group are also genetically modifying an army of TYRANNOSAURUS REX that are individually in their own containers, ready to pounce on their prey anytime.

Frank is discussing progress with one of the scientists, but something suddenly breaks through the wall and a sword goes flying through the scientist’s torso, instantly killing him… not fazing Frank in the very least.

The assailant happens to be VECTOR, and he’s come to kill Underwood and seize his army for himself. Frank expresses disgust for Vector’s kind before saying that he can also fight. A battle begins between the two, with Vector summoning several bullets to shoot at Frank. Frank simply summons a wall to defend himself with, however, before shooting Vector in the shoulder with a gun to injure him, surprisingly enough. Vector curses his luck before retreating.

Meanwhile, VIVI is wandering through a dark forest, currently guiding THRALL, ANNA, PROFITEUR and the RWBY group. NATURE’S PROPHET watches them from the shadows, but doesn’t bother interfering with them in the meantime.

A MURRKROW suddenly appears and taunts the group, leading them out of the forest and at the front of a mansion, which is said to be filled with riches. Everyone heads in and explores the basement of the mansion as a group, but they’re suddenly attacked by zombies.

Suddenly, the group is attacked and cornered by a TYRANT, a group of LICKERs, NEMESIS and GANADOS, all of whom manage to overwhelm them. They are then being watched by ALBERT WESKER, who is actually in the same room with Three, along with Frank Underwood. The heroes are then captured, but Anna is shot dead by Wesker.

Misaka Mikoto by darth meanie
Jörmungandr by Katapultar
Magma Man by ChaosKiwi

Those guys up there come in and save the heroes.

Random Trivia and Thoughts

  • The Sloth at the start of the story was meant to be revealed as an illusion, meant to be used as a cover for the real thing which was digging underground so that the heroes would never suspect him.
  • As you probably surmised, a set’s quality can determine how big a role it gets in the story. Though this is usually determined by the character who the set is for. Some characters just -have- to have big roles.
  • Shoot the Rabbit would probably get more of a role.
  • This SM was written before Warlord posted his obligatory unfunny Top 50. If that wasn’t the case, I would have used that as a base for the Snomads and even the story itself.
  • I don’t know whether I clarified this, but PC-89 Reimu is meant to be an alternate version of Reimu that was summoned by Funny Valentine in order to kill the original as to make Gensokyo collapse. PC-89 Reimu would active want to kill the real thing and take her place.
  • Bashmaster is shown to be dissatisfied with working under Fredrik and wants to usurp power from him. Fredrik is eventually defeated and Bashmaster takes his horn from him, making him the new leader of the Snomads. This not only references his boss mode, but also the fact that Bashmaster overtook Fredrik in terms of reception and Top 50 placing.
  • Wesker and Three are revealed to be working together due to their love of experimenting.
  • Wesker killing Anna references two things. First, the Warlordian Ranking image for him that involves shooting a woman with a gun… whom I also thought was named Anna but remembered it was actually Ada, I believe. It also references the fact that Fire Emblem characters can die in-game.
  •  Don Thousand is initially the main antagonist, and is fought in several forms. First in his 3v1, then against Nummeronious or whoever his name is, and eventually DT would regress into his earlier forms seen in ZEXAL, like his giant monster form. His final form was the evolved form of his monster. Vector was meant to fight alongside your team, but he was an AI who could attack you if you got in his way, and he’d even smack you around just to troll you or throw you into DT’s attacks, even use you as a shield. In this battle, if your characters died, they’d actually die for real and would not appear in the ending. Once DT is defeated, Vector backstabs the team and absorbs him, becoming a god and the true final boss as a reference to his 1st placing.
  • Frank is supposed to have some sort of hatred for Funny Valentine, acting as the vice-president who is trying to ursurp power from him.
  • I would probably shaft the bit where Vector and Frank are introduced.
  • An alternate finale would be that the a big election takes place, very similar to how MYM voting works. Frank and Sideshow Bob would be the main antagonists.
  • I would definitely shaft the bit with Chester Bennington. A bit stupid. Was based off the image for him in the Warlordian rankings… or at least the kid in the image.
  • Don Thousand’s goal would involve obtaining the Numeron Code, just like in the original series (or at least I believe), but the Numeron Code is somehow related to Sho Minamimoto and his love for numbers, as Sho would be the main antagonist of a MYM14 Story Mode with the MYM15 SM being a continuity of that.
  • With that, I guess the universe would be reset each time a new contest takes place, but those with enough influence in a certain universe can leave something behind for the new generation AKA SM. Thus, Sho somehow influences the Numeron Code.
  • The Numeron Code would somehow require numerical entities to be activated, referencing the fact that it has been pointed out that all of FA’s MYM15 sets have numbers in their name: Don Thousand (one thousand), Intoner Three (three), Divinity of Pride (similar to “division”), Metroid Prime (prime numbers) and Vector (vector). They would all come together and the code to ultimate power would be revealed. Maybe something like 1,000 divided by 3? Then find the prime number in the answer to that question?

That’s all I can think of for now.



  1. This was actually a pretty great read Kat, and I think it was a lot better/there was significantly more effort put into it than the MYM 12 one. Of course I enjoyed the sections with Bowser and K. Rool the most, and turning the mass newcomer sets into fodder is hilarious in of itself. Also liked that you actually posted your thoughts/intentions, retroactively improved it further.

    • Glad you liked it! Didn’t think people would like it as much as they did given it’s not a finished product, but I’m glad it didn’t go to waste.

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